A tower. It begins to fall. I scream in terror, as my best friend trips on a stone. She is screaming too, now. She isn't getting up, she can't get up. I have to do something. I must break free of my fear for my own life, to save hers. A strength so strange consumes me as I drag her away. She lies so limp and dead, I pray she's not. I can still hear her voice screaming as it rings in my ears. The tower has fallen. People screaming. Tears flow like rain. I am paralyzed with fear for my friend as I stare into her blank eyes. I hold her close as the warmth begins to fade from her body, her lips turning blue with cold. I visit old memories of when we used to paint our nails together. Annoying e-mails was also a custom. Spending hours on the phone together was not unusual. And now, it is gone. I cry out, "Why did she have to die?! Why couldn't it have been me?!" I begin to fall into despair as I huddle close to her cold body and pray that she'll just sit up and say, "Gotcha!" But that will never happen. She is dead. Only, just now I begin to feel a strange rise in my spirit. Her lips are no longer blue from the absence of life. Her eyes open with the sparkle they always had. Her skin no longer cold to the touch, we cling to each other and let the tears flow. Mayhem surrounds us. It circles and winds around others. The dust has now settled, and there is a feeling of brokenness. But I cling to my God and my friend to hold me steady. But I will be fine, for I have made a difference.