Hello inquisitive minds, as you can probably tell from the title, this is about Satanism. Not a lot of people understand or even have the slightest grasp of what it is to be a Satanist, and, being quite proud of my religion I have decided to try and attempt to change this by posting a basic introduction to the religion and then maybe some descriptions of my experiences with Satanism, like the various animal sacrifices that I do, and how I burned my last virgin etc.

Yeah, that was a joke on the behalf of idiots who think that Satanism has anything in the slightest to do with cruelty, especially to animals.

As you can probably guess this is an intro to what I am going to try and do, and also a bit about me. Mainly because I'm too hungry to write too much, so let's get some basic stuff sorted out.


I was sixteen on the 15th of August, I have been a Satanist for about half a year, had a copy of the Satanic Bible for much longer. I was educated at a protestant school in the south west of England, and on my own when I was in year four, about eight years old, I decided for myself that I didn't believe in God, and started creating my own theories upon why and how he couldn't exist. This wasn't a form of rebellion, as we didn't really have religion taught to us in an aggressive way, I just decided that God couldn't exist.

I was never forced to go to church or to believe in God as a child, it seemed just to be accepted by my family that he possibly was there, no real thoughts for or against the matter. So my Satanism isn't a form of rebellion as some may have you believe Satanism is.

I am not a social outcast or a Goth at school, I like sports, I am a big fan of Football and American football and play a lot of sports, but I am not a 'jock', as Americans call them. I hate black metal and other 'Satanic music' this stereotype of black metal as Satanic music is kind of accurate as a lot of Satanists make black metal music or may purchase it I think that they give our religion a bad name. I like all music from Metallica and Pantera to funk and jazz, I am listening to Kool and the Gang right now.

This is just some background stuff to let you get a better picture of me. Please realise that I do not hate Christians just because of my religion, to me it is just like as if a Christian likes a different kind of music to me, or likes a different political party. This essay is intended to educate, not indoctrinate or dissuade people from being a Christian.

I welcome any feedback of any kind, especially flames or something, next chapter (probably up tomorrow) will explain why and how I became a Satanist.

Until then, good luck!