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\f0\fs24 \cf0 Hey! Wowee-zowee, is this really the second chapter? Because it seems like by now I should be on the fifth at least... But, oh wait! I'm a lazy slob! Thanks to everyone who reviewed. I love you all. Everyone else needs to die a slow and painful death. Unless, that is, you review the second installment. Repent, sinners! There is time!\
Moshi Moshi, Mushi Mushi!\
Rumble turned slowly to see a looming figure behind him. It was a tall teenage boy with white hair, black spikey bangs, and sharp, pure black eyes. They shone like two evil black beetles and were as deep as a bottomless chasm, (i guess that's pretty deep...) He was dressed in a blood red kimono and held a long shiney katana in his left hand. The boy snickered again and raised his sword.\
Gazing up at him, the tiny spirit yawned. "Hmm... death bores me..." he mused. This seemed to further enrage his attacker who brought the blade down with a wild yowl.\
A bright blur leapt from the woods and whacked the boy in his stomach. He fell back with an Oomph! and Rumble's saviour swung her stave into a sheath on her back. She was short and well-rounded, with orange pigtails and wide, mischievious eyes. She had two pointed cat ears and a long striped tail and was wearing a mini-skirt, go-go boots and a bright yellow tube top.\
"What do you think you're doing, idiot! Picking on defenseless kids! Are you that weak!" she berated the attacker, flashing her pointed white fangs. The boy didn't say anything, only rubbed his stomach and pouted sullenly.\
'What's going on?" came the cry of Tentomushi, who, closely followed by her sister, came running through the fields. "I heard a yell and came running."\
The cat-girl turned to her. "This pathetic cretin was attacking this poor little kid. I saved it."\
"Umo..." Kemushi stammered quietly. The girl was too busy gloating to notice that the demonic boy had risen behind her and grasped his sword.\
"Make a fool out of me will you?"He swung at her again and caught her off guard.\
With a cry the girl fell back and whirled around, swiftly drawing her stave. She countered his next blow and cooly forced the sword out of his grasp with a flick of her weapon. "You just don't learn, do you, Yaiba?" she asked him.\
"How do you know my name?" he asked, scrambling for his fallen katana. \
The girl gave him a look that seemed to ask "how dumb are you?" "Um... hello! We went to grade school together!" Yaiba, a little slow on the uptake, still hadn't grasped it.\
"I'm Keiko," the cat- girl said, turning back to the sisters but keeping an eye on Yaiba. "I hope he didn't hurt you," she spoke softly to Rumble. \
He was about to say "Nah, I'm fine." but thought better of it. This could be fun. The little spirit burst into tears and sat back on his huge tail, bawling like there's no tomorrow. Tentomushi knelt beside him and patted his head.\
"There there, little one. It'll be okay." She glared at Yaiba, who was still combing his tiny brain for some memory of Keiko. "What drove you to do such a cruel thing as to attack this child?"\
He blinked and looked at her. "Eh... I was bored?"\
At this, Rumble stopped crying and smiled. "I can relate." All three of the girls sighed and rolled your eyes.\
"Next time, finish him off, would ya?"\
Later, back at the hotel, the two new-comers sipped green tea around the dinner table. "So, do you think we could stay here?" asked Keiko, taking a bite of her honey rice balls. \
Kemushi shrugged. "It's okay with me. We got plenty of extra rooms. Tento-san?" The elf answered with a smile.\
"Then it's settled!" the cat girl crowed triumphantly. Yaiba cackled insanely. Once again the girls stared at him.\
"I'm all up for the dastardly villain thing," Ke-chan started, "but could you sorta tone it down? You're uh, creepin' me out a little."\
Yaiba blushed and looked down at his plate. "Sorry."\
"Then it's settled!" Bip exclaimed, shoving another rice ball in his unnaturally large mouth. "The Mushi Mushi cast has been created!"\
Hmm... Yet another short and strange chapter... I suppose this could be my trademark. Anyway, little Bip is wrong! There will be one more permanent character added to the Ryokin. And I'm not sure everyone will be so happy about him. (*cough cough* ke-chan *cough cough*) Who is this controversial cutie? Find out in the third annual Moshi Moshi, Mushi Mushi! }