Once upon a time, there was a pretty little princess that was going to become queen of the Diamond Kingdom. The crowning was supposed to take place on a sunny Sunday morning at the beach. The little girl was afraid due to a curse an ancient wizard had cast on her and any offspring she might have; which foretold that at the very moment the crown touched her golden long hair, Poseidon, God of the Sea, would swallow her into the deep darkness of the ocean.
It was Wednesday night, and like every night, princess Thibitia, put on her pickle-color creamy substance on her perfectly pale face, covered herself with her pinkish silky blanket and fell asleep. On her dreams, she saw herself entering a dark cave and grabbing a shiny golden list that was suspended in the moistened-lavender-air.
Next morning, she woke up with the warmth of a ray of the sun caressing her pale cheek. She opened her eyes and found in her hand the list she had seen in her dreams. Amused, Thibitia opened the list and read:
"If you want to break free,
Do not dare from this curse to flee.
I invite you to be my guest,
And fulfill this dangerous quest.
Find the things you see in the list,
And you will get your precious prince." She kept on reading.
"You must find:
- A giant's Nike
- A golden feather from a phoenix
- True love
Confused, she went to her mentor for some advice. He introduced Matthew to her, a servant who knew the Diamond Kingdom as the palm of his hand, and wished her good luck and off they went on the adventure of their life.
Their first stop was at the giant's island. The only way to get here was by boat. So, Matthew rowed while Thibitia powdered her nose. He looked at her with those innocent eyes; it was evident he was falling in love. Once they arrived to the island. The giant saw them and said: - Yo, Yo, dog, wassup? How ya feelin? She stretched her hand waiting for a kiss as a response and said:
- Princess Thibitia from Diamond Kingdom. And pray thee, do tell me
who art though?
- My bros call me Rob but I like to introduce myself as CD, you know,
as in cool dude. U feel me brother?, u feel me?
- I shall ignore thy state of mind and proceed with my maze, which led
me to thy door.
- Yo, yo, yo, back it up, back it up, dog! Tell CD what u want and CD
will see what he can do, bro!
- I can't understand a word he says, -she whispered to Matthew.
- Would you just give her you Nike? -said Matthew-
- Wow, wow, wow, u want my Nike? CD's Nike? U ain't getting it for
free, dude!
- How much? -Asked Matthew.
- Mmm, 60 bucks, dude. U ain't getting it for better price anywhere,
- 20 bucks is ok?
- Fine -he said grumpily. -But I'll keep the shoelaces, -he added. Thibitia smiled with joy and Matthew sighed relieved.
That night, Thibitia and Matthew had to sleep on the boat, but she was terrified with the idea that Poseidon was hunting for her in the waters below. Consequently, Matthew was forced to have a sleepless night in order to maker her feel safe.
On Friday morning, they went straight to find the phoenix feather. They rowed and rowed until they got to a big giant tree in the middle of the sea. As soon as they arrived they heard an evil voice, which came from inside the tree. They didn't hesitate to go inside, and once there, they found a golden phoenix wearing a leather coat and smoking a Cuban cigar. Words came out of his mouth:
- Who's there? Speak.!
- Princess Thibitia from Diamond Kingdom, who art thou?
- My kingdom, my rules. I'll ask the questions. What brings you here?
- I need one of your golden feathers to break the curse an ancient
wizard hath cast on me.
- My feathers? Why my feathers? What do you know? Have you been
talking with cousin Ed?
- What?! -Asked Matthew confused?
- Good, because if that was the case I would have to kill you. -He
starts laughing hysterically. Matthew and Thibitia looked at each other and joined in the laughter with a puzzle look on their faces.
- Any who, why would I give you my feather? -Asked the phoenix
- Because I'm cute and nice. and Matthew would be your slave for a
- What?! That's insane! -Exclaimed Matthew.
- Well, it's a tempting offer but I don't need a boy like you.
- So, what do you want in exchange for the feather? -Asked Thibitia.
- Only real princesses have the one and only, the greatest of the
greatest, the shiniest of the shiniest, the incredible,
magnificent, and rarest of them all: The pink diamond ring! His eyes glowed as he described the glorious jewel.
- Ok! Whatever! They grow on her back yard anyway! -said Matthew
- My ring? My precious ring? Art thou in thy sane state of mind?
- Your ring. or. your life. -said Phoenix threatening her.
- Fine, have my ring, and give me thy feather. When the exchange was complete, Matthew and Thibitia left. They rowed and rowed across the lonely ocean, until they reached Diamond Kingdom. They ran upstairs to Thibitia's room in the palace and spread all the items they had collected, on her bed. They checked each and every object against the list, only to find out one was still missing. The most dangerous, the most painful and the most beautiful at the same time. True Love.
- Holy god!
- What?
- We forgot one!
- What?! We checked and checked! We double-checked! We know the list
by hard!
- Erm. there were only 3 things on the list Matthew.
- Oh.
- The crowning is tomorrow! Alas! I shall never see the sun again! My
glorious days are reaching their end. Never forget me, Matthew, do
not let anybody forget me! On Sunday, all the people form Diamond Kingdom gathered around the Diamond Palace to see the crowning take place. Thibitia knew what her destiny was, but she confronted it anyway. Matthew knew her destiny too. A tear ran down his cheek.
As soon as the crown touched her golden hair, Poseidon emerged from the depth of the seas. But when Poseidon was about to grab her, Matthew threw himself before him in a desperate attempt to save her. At that moment she realized. Matthew was the last item on the list. Her true love. With this thought Poseidon disappeared into the vastness of the sea and Diamond Kingdom was safe once again.
Matthew and Thibitia kissed each other and flew through the skies in their diamond-covered corvette while the people cheered happily.