Wolves Blood

"'Where the deer migrate, the wolf is close behind, And so where the buffalo move, Sioux will not be far from sight.' And that, children, is a part from a poem written by one of our own students that was published quite recently. Celezte, will you Please stand?" Mrs. Morgan asked loudly.

Celezte hated her English class very much, but she couldn't wait for school to be over. Mrs. Morgan is just so annoying, she thought. She smiled grandly and stood, her hands clasped before her. Everyone eyed her, and her friends put their hands over their mouths to stop from giggling. Mrs. Morgan grinned excitedly.

"Celezte, I believe I speak for the whole class when I say that I am very proud of your recently published poem. Congratulations, Celezte!" She cried.

"Thank you, Mrs. Morgan." Celezte replied calmly as the class applauded her. Suddenly the bell rang, and the class swept out of the room. "Have a great summer, kids!" a dozen smiling teachers yelled. Celezte hurried to catch up with her best friend, Starr. A lot of kids had laughed at their names at first, but they liked them.
"Exxxcuse us!" Cried a stuck up voice said as a pretty blonde girl shoved by.

Rocketa glared at Celezte and Starr, then lifted her pretty nose into the air and sniffed.

"People of actual importance are trying to get through." she said loudly.

"Really? I didn't see Brittney Spears come through! Oh, you mean you! In that case, we'll just watch you leave, and stay right where we are!" Starr exclaimed happily.

"See you next year at the senior prom, Rocketa." Celezte said, glaring.

"I'm looking forward to it, you purple eyed freak. We all know who's going to be prom queen in this school." Rocketa said pompously, flicking a strand of golden hair behind her neck. Celezte rolled her eyes. That comeback was getting really old, really fast.

"Come on Celezte, let's go home." Starr said, tugging on her arm.

They walked out calmly, not looking back. Both of them would be glad to rid themselves of that crowd. They turned to see Jody and Darwin, two of their closest friends, hurrying to catch up with them.

" 'Bout time you guys showed up! The great Goddess of the School Grounds has already made her appearance." Celezte yelled, sighing.

"Sorry, but Alchamene had to stay after in Science. She said her moms going to come get her. We left as quick as she told us." Darwin said breathlessly.

Darwin and Jody were identical twins, except for the fact that they were opposite sexes. Both had light brown hair flecked with blonde, and large blue eyes. Starr was Vietnamese, with short black hair and almond shaped black eyes. Celezte was tall and slender, with dark brown hair and violet colored eyes that had a greenish tint to them. They strode towards Windy Hollows, where all of their gang lived in what was known as the rich kids neighborhood. Their talk centered on guys ("And girls" Darwin said,) that had caught their eye over the school year. They stopped by Celezte's house.

"Well guys, I'll see you at Dar's and Jody's Friday for the party, okay?"

"All right, see you then Celezte," Darwin and Jody said in unison.

Celezte hurried up to her door. The whole weight of the entire school year seemed to suddenly slip of her tired shoulders. She would sleep well tonight, she thought happily.

She awoke gasping. She could feel the sweat pouring down her forehead, her back, and her stomach. She kicked of her black sheets and leopard print bedspread. She quickly pulled off her nightshirt, sweat still pouring down her sides. What is going on, she thought, panicking.

The next day, Celezte walked outside to feed her dog, Daisy. She was surprised when Daisy started to growl at her.

"What's gotten into you, girl? Fine, get someone else to feed you for the rest of your life," Celezte said irritably.

Celezte realized she had never noticed how good dog food smelled. Celezte started out for Dar and Jody's, taking a few back alleys as a short cut.

"Well, well, well, if it isn't Violet. Oh, I'm sorry, it's Celezte, isn't it?", a pompous voice called behind her.

Celezte sighed. "Not now, Rocketa, I'm not in the mood."

"Ah, but you never want to hang out. Oh yeah, I forgot, you're not good enough. Hey, and tell your daddy I said Hi!"

Celezte froze. There was only so much a person could take, and talking about her father was the final straw. She'd never felt a rage such as this. She looked at her watch. 9:30. Good. Most people around her would be partying or in bed. She felt the hate rise in her like a red wave. She looked at her hand to see claws . . . claws? Yes, claws that were painted, and she realized that that was supposed to be her fingernails. She felt itchy, like a rash had spread all over her body.

"What is this, some kind of joke? I know you didn't have a tail a moment ago! Okay, this is sooo not funny anymore Celezte . . ." Rocketa said, turning Celezte around to face her. She gasped as she stared eye to eye with a large bronze wolf. Celezte licked her new fangs, eyeing Rocketa. The girl was no longer in any control anymore. Her body now belonged to the wolf. She leapt at Rocketa, a primitive snarl bubbling from her throat.
Moments later, she looked up to see another wolf like herself, but taller, much stronger white dog wolf.

~Hello little sister.~

What the? She had heard a voice in her head, she was sure of it.

~What . . . what am I? Who are you?~ she asked, surprised at her new telepathy.

~Why, this is your first time? But you can't be younger than~sniff, sniff the white wolf said.

~Yes, I'm 17. Why? ~

~We usually have our first change at 10. You're very late, little girl, very late. You are what you are. Why don't you share the little bitch you've got there,~ he said, gesturing towards something she was standing on.

Celezte looked down. She yelped and stood on her hind feet, horrified. A girl laid there, her throat and stomach, torn open. But it was not Rocketa! She looked down at her hands to see that she was still holding bloody entrails in her claws. She threw them down in disgust, but her mouth began watering at the smell.

~I . . . I didn't mean to kill her . . . I never really wanted to kill anyone! ~, she cried, confused.

She jumped as a white, furry paw grabbed her shoulder. She looked up to see the white wolf standing there, shaking his head.

~I understand. I was like that too with my first kill. But it's the nature inside of us, and you must learn to face it. But you must be careful from now on. ~

~Why? ~

~Let us just say that you're lucky that the first male wolf you ever met was me. ~

~I still don't understand, ~ she sighed out, shocked and confused. What was his point? What was he getting at?

~I mean, you're lucky that I have a mate. Male wolves, well, they can't control themselves very well. My mate, Thorn, is a she-wolf, but I had to fight to marry her. Males will fight to when wolf bitches because there are so few of them. Just watch your back, kid, okay? ~

She nodded her head, and then turned to go home. She trotted off quickly, a million thoughts spinning n her head as she glanced back at the ghostly white wolf hat stood mauling the girl's torn body. She shook her head, its all a bad dream, its all a bad dream, she kept saying to herself, watching yet another wolf, a gray female, joined the White wolf. She noticed how the gray female eyed her, unimpressed. She shivered at the look of those cold, yellow eyes. She turned, still trotting, and nearly ran into a very big wolf dog. She skidded to a halt, surprised.

~I. . .I'm sorry. . .I wasn't watching where I was going. . . ~ she stuttered, confused. The dog wolf smiled a move that had included his lips back to reveal huge canine teeth.

~That's okay. Not a problem. But . . . uh . . . where would a pretty little poodle like you be heading at this hour? ~

The dog said, sliding up closer to her. He licked his lips, eyeing her attentively. Her fur rose in defense as his fur brushed hers, a clear sign that he was, well, hitting on her. She didn't know how she knew this, but she knew.

~Back up pal, I'm no poodle. And if you don't take my word for it, you might end up like my friend back there. ~ She said, her ruff rising as she growled warningly.

The dog laughed, then threw his head back and howled. Several nearby yips and barks answered the howl. She looked around as other large wolves appeared 5 in all. A small red female stepped forward.

~Hey, ~ the red bitch yipped, ~who's the new vix? ~

The black wolf circled Celezte, smiling. She sat on her haunches, baring her teeth at him.

~This, Lyla, is your new pack sister. And your only pack sister, since Thorn left. ~, the black wolf said, lying down to watch her.

He was apparently their leader, for he was the biggest dog wolf in the so called "pack".
~I'm not joining any pack, pal. Move and let me go,~ Celezte snarled, saliva dripping from her ivory fangs. Lyla shifted her weight, looking to see what her leader might do to this new and unwilling pack mate. Celezte could feel that Lyla could not challenge her. She was too strong. A chuckle came from the big wolf's throat.

~You know what. I like you; I think you may have some serious leadership qualities. That's why I'm going to make you the new alphatia, ~ he said loudly.

The pack gasped, and Lyla looked very upset.

~But Dante! You said that I would be alphatia! ~ Lyla said, looking very cross.

~Wait a minute, wait! What is an alphatia? ~, Celezte said, looking at them, confused. The pack only stared at her, sniggering.

~Apparently, you don't get out much kid. An alphatia is the top bitch wolf, and an alphino is top dog wolf. That would make you Dante's mate. But we could change that,~ a young blonde wolf said, stepping up to Dante, growling.

The blonde wolf was a little smaller than Dante, but they were equally built. Dante stood, stiff legged.

~Was that a challenge, Reno? ~ Dante questioned calmly. Reno looked Celezte up and down.

~Oh yeah, that was definitely a challenge.~ Reno said, looking her in the eyes.

~I am no ones mate. ~ Celezte said, standing to run.

Reno and Dante snarled at her ferociously. She sat back down hesitantly, not wanting to quarrel with these two huge dog weres. Dante looked at Reno, coolly facing his opponent.

~Now Reno, let's not have a repeat of the alphino challenge. Back off, before you get bitten. ~ he said matter-of-factly.

Reno didn't look very confident compared to Dante. He looked back at his pack mates, then at his towering leader. A yip from the back of the line turned all their heads, startling Celezte. She looked up to see the white dog wolf standing there, the slightly smaller Thorn at his side. Even Dante was dwarfed in his presence.

~Hello, Michael. Have you decided to join up with the pack again? And I see you've brought Thorn along as well,~ Dante said, the hate clear in his voice. Thorn snarled at Dante, seeming easily provoked.

~Is there a problem here, Dante? Why don't you let the child go home. She has done nothing to you and will never do anything with you, ~ the white wolf, Michael, said clearly.

~Of course, we were just about to allow her to go home. ~ Dante said. Celezte slowly stood, not trusting Dante or his friends. She quickly turned and dashed up the street, realizing that the morning sunlight had nearly touched the horizon.

"Celezte! Celezte!? Where you out late or something last night, it's time to get up!" her mother yelled upstairs at her.

Celezte groggily sat up, holding her head. God, I feel like I have a hangover, she thought, holding her aching head. I must have had a bad dream, she thought, looking around. She rolled over in her bed and froze as she faced a bloody piece of cloth. Her heart started pounding as she slowly picked the torn white shirt up. Yes, she thought, smelling it. That is definitely blood on there. She sniffed louder and realized that not only that, but she could tell who's blood it was. It was a girl's, and her mind skipped to Rocketa. She sniffed again. No, this was not Rocketa, it was someone else. She dropped the shirt, shaking, eyes wide with horror.

" .God." she said slowly.

Her heart began to pound in her chest as she threw the shirt into her trashcan and took her sheets off her bed so she could wash them. Then she went downstairs to breakfast. And for some answers from her mother.

"Mom, do we have any hereditary diseases in our family that I need to know about.", Celezte casually asked her mother, "you know, before I kill somebody or something." Her mother froze. a piece of bacon half way to her mouth. She slowly put her hands down and wiped them off on her paper towel.

"So it's finally started? I'd hoped that you wouldn't take after your father, but I suppose you have a pretty good idea of what's going on. Your father was a wolven, and it would seem that you are, too." her mother said sadly, "Dad told me before . He wanted you to know when it started happening."

Celezte looked at her mother. How could she cut to the bone so viscously, like a beast rendering prey? She nodded her head, picking at her scrambled eggs and toast. She knew there was only one person she could talk to. Starr. Starr understood everything and anything Celezte ever had to say. Yes, she thought, I'll talk to Starr about it. She glanced down at her hands, wondering how her small body could hide such power.

Celezte walked up to Starr's room, admiring the Victorian staircase. She sniffed the air, and realized that she could smell Starr. Weird. She'd never done that before. Celezte walked into the room and was greeted by a flurry of rushing people. She immediately saw Alchamene, with her fiery red hair and deep green eyes. Alchamene leapt up, smiling.

"Celezte! Oh my God, you came!" she yelled happily, running up and hugging Celezte.

Jody, Darwin, and Starr watched, knowing how the freshman girl idolized Celezte. Celezte grinned and hugged Alchamene, who was named after Hercules' mother in Greek mythology. She looked around and saw Brian sitting in a corner, smiling at her. She walked over and hugged him, then kissed him on the cheek. Brian leaned back and smiled at her. They didn't have a real relationship, but the black haired Brian and Celezte were very close. She smiled and sat down beside Starr