The Dream

Please read and review. Rated PG-13 for frightening scenes, intense moments, and violence.

The dream had come once again. He was, once again, in his bed when, quite suddenly, the curtains were drawn by an unknown force outside of them; then, as the German looked on, everything turned white, then-

Adolph Brennenager awoke with a startled yelp. He felt frightened, but he did not know why. The dream was not particularly frightening in any way. Why had he been having this dream so many times in the past week? Every night something small, but certainly new, came to be a part of the dream. Every night, the dream would become more and more clear.

However, Brennenager had no idea of what would come next in the dream the following nights.

Adolph got up out of his bed. He looked out the window. The Nazis were trying to rally more men to defeat Russia. It would be hard, but the army of Hitler was powerful.

Danke, God. Brennenager thought as he recalled the time he was almost drafted into the Nazi army. He supported the Nazis, but he would not like to join their forces. The army life was a tough life, and he appreciated his uneventful, peaceful life in Berlin.

Well, perhaps it was not as peaceful as he wished it was.

Germany was in a war.

Even though the battles fought between the inferior nations of the world and the supreme army of Nazi Germany were thousands of miles away, the battles still raged in the streets of Germany's capitol, day and night.

The battle for power.

Though Hitler was the Supreme Leader of Germany, there were still men who opposed Hitler.

Fighting against Hitler for political control was suicide. Adolph Hitler had had a very successful way of crushing all opposition. He did it by shooting anyone who tried to stop him.

As Brennenager thought, he finished his breakfast of scrambled eggs and toast. He then went outside with his bathrobe on, and picked up the newspaper.

He began to read it.




That's strange. thought Brennenager. Stalingrad, defeated already? The British losing? And the French underground already crushed!

What's going on here? Are the Nazis making false reports?

As Brennenager studied the headlines, a woman named Petya Shlov walked towards him.

"Interested in all the amazing Nazi 'victories,' Adolph?" She asked.

Brennenager looked up at the female.

She had faded blond hair and gray-blue eyes.

Brennenager thought that years ago she must had been very beautiful. But, now, at age forty-nine, she was already getting older.


He replied quite simply for such a question.

He walked back into his house, though he had nothing to do there.

As Brennenager finished his very late dinner, consisting of a small sandwich, he yawned and got into bed. He hoped sleep would come easier tonight, but he knew it wouldn't, because he knew all too well what he would dream of.

The curtains burst open. The light blinded Brennenager, then, it disappeared. As he regained sight, he saw in front of him the most horrible looking sight he had ever seen. It was a cold, bloody corpse.

Brennenager screamed.

Suddenly, everything was gone. Ah, just a dream, he thought. He stood up.

He walked outside.

As Adolph Brennenager opened the door, he heard yells, which were followed by gunshots.

"English invasion!"

Brennenager gasped. As he turned the corner to look, a bullet hit him in the head.

He fell to the ground.

It was the Allied invasion of Berlin.

And, old men who used to know Brennenager said that the next day, when they found his body buried by other dead men's, he was just a cold, bloody corpse.