A/N: This is a short Realistic Fiction story I thought I would write because I was sitting in Mr. Burling's Geography class and we had to write down the definition satallite and it sounded like it would make a great story, so here it goes. {Please submit your Reviews!}


When a new girl came into town in my sixth grade year, she became obsessed with

Me, I don't really have an idea why, but she did. Yeah, I liked her, but I was

Too afraid to say. We are best friends you might say, but that's because she started to cling to me like a satallite in the seventh grade. Now it's the

Eighth grade and I want to tell you how I overcome my fears, you never know,

It might help you...

Intro or Ch.1?: The obsession.

My name is Mac, no not short for Makenzie, it is short for Macordie [Mae-core-dye]. I have no idea why that's my name, and im not Arabic either, Ha Ha.

The obsession started in my sixth grade year, when I seen her walk into

Into the front doors of my school I gulped and said, well you don't want to know what I said, well anyway she wasn't in my class, let alone in my pod.

She seen me in math 2 class and that's when the shit started.

She was able to pick anywhere she wanted to, and she had to sit right next to me. She liked me for god probably doesn't even know! Im a loser and still... she liked me. Now lets speed up a little to seventh.

In my seventh grade year, she went everywhere I went, she clung to me like a satallite! I guess it wasn't SO bad, she was pretty much the only friend I had.

She likes everything I like, RPG's, writing, and every thing I like to do, so I guess that's another factor.

By eighth grade I couldn't take it anymore. I HAD TO DO SOMETHING. I didn't know what I could do. Every time I tried to think, she would start talking to me, when I wasn't, your probably thinking she didn't talk to me then, but no she still would.

Well after this, you'll be hearing the story of my eighth year...

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