This is written for no one in particular. Just a boy in my head.
There's a myth that most, if not all, bisexual men are just semi-closeted gays, or they just haven't "made up their mind yet" Well, that just not true. Bisexuality is a beautiful thing. And it's real

I've seen you around
You sit on your own
You're not like the rest
I see them look down on you
You're different
You're not quite like us
But you're not like them either
You exist in this beatiful realm
Between our two worlds
You're the bridge
You walk through this planet
Day in and day out
You walk through the prejudice
The assumptions
The pressures
And you keep your truths
There's a barrier
That thick, steel wall called gender
You see past it
You see so clearly
You see
Be yourself, Bisexual Boy
Please stay true