Flower in the Rain: Chapter 18: The Ryann discussion

The clouds rolled on lazily. She stared at them. Seeking in them the comfort and solitude she wishes she could find in reality. She sighs, releasing with her the pent up anger and stress she withholds and struggles throughout the day. She shuts her eyes and the problems away. They'll find her again.

Some way, somehow.

"You ok?" he utters restlessly in her ear, she nods listlessly and lazily never even opening her eyes to see him "what you think thinking of?"

She doesn't speak. Her chest moves slowly up and down as she tries effortlessly to gain the hold of herself. That same home she had lost earlier. She feels the wind blow against her hair. The strands slowly dance to a tune against the wind. She doesn't bother to hold them down. The grass beneath her is soft, comforting, and lulling.

"A lot of things.." she mumbles, she feels him near. She feels the shuffle of his clothes as he lays next t her. She hear the shallow breathing of his lungs and the low hum he produces from a song she can't quite remember "Ryann and everything he stands for is getting on my nerves.." she says quietly and as if she could imagine, he nods his head in agreement "why can't he go away?"

"That is the unexplainable, my dear"

"Someone will find out soon.."


She opens her eyes and stares at him "huh?"

"Sylvia was watching you the whole time Ryann was there.." She groans and closes her eyes once more.

"I don't want to think about it" she tells him giving another sigh "he reminds me of a bug. I am the bug zapper. No matter how much effort I give into driving him away, he always comes back"

She feels him shrug right next to her "you can't say..maybe he just feels remorse"

She growls low "he doesn't feel anything" she says, "He's a conniving, evil, hate able person. He is the villain of my entire life. He might as well be the spawn of Satan himself!"

He chuckles softly "Satan was one of god's angels. Something that good developed into this evil entity because god casted him out of heaven. I'm not being a bible nazi –but yea. Maybe Ryann is like that. He was on your good side. You both were in love. But then something happened and you casted him out for what he has done"

"He was the one who casted me away because I killed his child"

"Well, lets just say that –ok. The child didn't die. But it lived. And it was conceived. –do you think Ryann would still be with you?"

She thought "Well .."

He went on "I mean, were talking about the guy whose reputation was as a matter of fact was getting handfuls of girls pregnant and leaving them after the child was conceived. He was the type that was only in it because he was thinking about his libido. Or as Freud would say ..his ID .. you base Ryann around the Freudians theory and you can decipher from that –that even if you conceived the child he wasn't going to stay around much longer."

She sat up "So referring to Ryann to Freud, Ryann was a sex-crazed anomaly –who thought that his purpose in life was to have sex, want sex, and will do anything in his power to have sex –even if it ment raping someone?"

He shrugged "You can say.." she laid back down as he continued "..or if not he might just the out seeking revenge. I mean, you were the first girl to ever break it off with him."

"I only did that because it was the right thing to do"

"And what happed after you broke up with him..?"

She sighed "He went out with that one cheerleader ..the red headed one… the new girl who had came in from Florida"

She went on "I didn't care though .. I went of to new and better things"

He looked at her straight in the eye "..But I do have a feeling that Sylvia feels the gap between you and Ryann"

She shrugs "I don't know. It's obvious that I don't like him .. and that it perfectly normal to despise an ex"

"But, isn't it creepy for him to still be hanging around our house? –I mean it's like he has a motive to still be around there after so ..long"

Anna stands up and dusts herself off "I can't think of any, but I'd like to talk to Sylvia"

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