Take your torches, brandished high

Take your guns and fire away

Take your knives and cut them deep

Take your lives and throw 'em away

Nothin here is what it seems

Nothin here but children's dreams

Lets wreak havoc

Bash away

Destroy another child's dreams today!

This world might be cold

And cruel

And unkind

But no worries, here's your piece of mind

Take those daggers, buried to the hilt

Take those arrows, and let 'em fly

Take those poisons, drink 'em up

Don't take your time, hurry up and die

Everything is dark as night

Don't bother to put up a fight

We're just savin' your kids a little trouble

March 'em here, on the double

We promise it'll be quick

We promise it'll be fast

We promise it won't hurt that much

We're sure it'll LAST

Take your lives

Hand them over

Who know what you might do with 'em?

We're just saving the world

One child's dream atta time!