Chapter Two

She looked around the large castle and quietly made her way around. Careful not to knock anything over and awaken the sleeping guards she watched each of her steps carefully. By the looks of it she was still in the main hallway. This hall would most likely lead to an intersection which would lead to various other places. On the walls were many photo's of the kings and queens that had ruled this kingdom in the past. Most were very egotisitic looking, their eyes showed that they all thought very highly of themselves. Their eyes...them seemed to follow her everywhere she went. Strangely everyone in the family seemed to all have the same piercing green eyes. After a couple of minutes of wandering around she finally came upon a four way intersection.

"Man this place is huge," she muttered to herself as she tried to decided where to go next. Hearing someone walking out of a room behind her she started to panic. Finding a open door she quickly jumped in and kept it open to see who it was. She recognized him as the person she had danced with at the party but for the life of her she couldn't remember his name.

"So Kai how was that party, anyone worth your time?" someone who looked to be a soldier asked. She looked up and saw Kai walking beside him, the soldier must have been his personal guard.

"Not really all the girls over there are way to prude but actually there was this one girl I'd love to get my hands on," Prince Kai said with a smirk. From her hiding spot she blushed a bit when he said this but had no clue why.

"Oh really what was the wench's name?" the guard asked and was immediatly slammed into a wall. Kai stood hovering over him.

"I'd do well to watch your mouth Bernard. This girl is not to be belittle by your words," Kai warned him and the guard nodded. Once more she blushed then frowned.

Turning around he continued down the hall,"Go to your post the new slave needs to be fed." At this she perked up and looked to see where the guards was heading. Seeing that he had turned right she came from her hiding spot and followed him. As she turned right there was no one there, the guard had simply...disappeared. With an exasperated sigh she leaned on one of the walls and started thinking of another plan. A loud howl came from outside and she looked out at the large window on the left. The clouds parted and a very beautiful full moon could be seen. Leaning back towards the wall something sharp poked her and made her jump. Pulling the object out she began to stare at it.

It was the small silver knife she had used to stabbed Kira with, the blood had dried on the blade. Looking once more outside she began to wonder if she made it okay. Then suddenly a high pitched scream filled the area and she ran over to the window seeing as how the sound came from outside. The small village settled near the castle had their torches lit and she could see people running from hut to hut.


"I said eat your food!" the guard yelled as he kicked Keisuke once more in the ribs. Having been angered by Prince Kai the guard decided to take out his anger on this slave. He had brought in his food but had dropped it all onto the ground.

"Yeah...I'm not eating that shit," Keisuke got that out before another kick knocked him to his back.

"Don't you want to live, better do as I say if you do," the guard sneered. Keisuke laid there for awhile, had he already given up hope? If he kept pissing of these guards any longer they most likely would kill him but...who the hell would rescue him? Another kick to the head awoke him from his thoughts.

"You listening to me boy?!" the guard shouted as he picked Keisuke up by his shirt and tossed him across the cell,"Geezus you're pathetic, you gonna let me toss you around like this? Pathetic." That was the last word the guard got out before Keisuke jumped at him and tackled him. He grabbed a fistful of the guards hair and yanked the his head backwards. Bringing his knee up he slammed the guards face down onto his knee and stumbled backwards from his own injuries. Suddenly the guard pulled out something and a small sting cause Keisuke to look up.

The guard stood leaning against the cell wall breathing heavily. Blood ran from his nose and he had the most pissed off face ever. In his hands was a long sharp edged silver whip. Keisuke brought a hand up to his cheek and felt the cut that had been made, blood dripped from it.

"Now you little bastard, you're dead."


A little child sat huddled in the corner of her home, she was hidden underneath several rugs. Her mother had woken her up in the middle of the night and was going on about something in the village. Her mother had sat her in the corner and tossed several things on her and told her to keep covered and to stay there. After that her mother left her.

The girl tried not to move like her mother had told her but it was getting hard to breath under all these rugs. A loud scream from outside of her home sent chills through her, she recognized that scream. She removed one of the rugs so that she could see but was still hidden. She saw that her front door had been ripped apart, standing now where it used to be was something out of her nightmares. The creature stood well over six feet and in it's hands was her mother, or at least what was left of her. Her head lobbed to the side and blood was everywhere.

Cringing back into her corner the girl started to shake hysterically. The creature growled and in the next second her mother's head fell to the ground with a thud and started to roll around. She wanted to scream but the girl knew that would be her undoing. Unknown to her the creature already knew she was there. It tossed her mothers lifeless body aside and turned to look directly at her. It's face resembled that of a wolf she had seen one day in the woods. The only thing was the wolf looked calm, peacable and would not attack unless it was threatened. This thing that now stood infront of her was a different matter, it's teeth were razor sharp, each of it's canines were stained with blood. It had a sort of human resemblance, it walked on two legs and it's arms slid back to it's side as it's nose started to sniff the air once more. Catching the scent of it's prey once more it grinned, or at least attempted to.

As it walked towards her the girl looked to see if there was anywhere she could run. She was ten years old and was the fastest kid in the village but against this thing she most likely had no chance. The creature was standing right infront of her now, it's foul breath traveled towards her, the smell was enough to make her run but she stayed there, waiting, hoping that someone, something would save her. The creature then lunged at her with no warning and she let out a scream as it's mouth opened, ready to finish her.

Just then screams from the villagers could be heard but they weren't screams of dispair. They were attack screams, she looked to the left where a large mob of people had caught the creature's attention. It snarled and looked around as if wandering what to do, it gave the girl another glance then to the villagers. With one last howl it raced towards the raging mob. It leaped into the air, flying over their heads and landed behind two unsuspecting villagers. They shrieked as the creatures claws dug into their skulls and tossed them backwards into the houses.

"Get it!" the leader of the mob shouted, it was chaotic. The villagers carried only pitchforks and sticks, how was that supposed to defend them against such a formidable creature? A group of the three villagers charged the creature, one of them plunging the pitchfork into the creature's leg. It didn't cry out in pain however, it ripped the item away from it's flesh and jumped on it's attacker, goring him. The leader of the mob was tossed backwards and landed at the base of a tree.

"Damnit, we can't stand a chance against this thing, we're all going to die here," he began muttering and started to slowly back away.

That's just like you peasants, giving up and abandoning your own," a voice came from behind him. The villager looked around and saw a group of about twenty men on horseback.

"Prince Kai! You've come to help us!" the villager shouted.

"Get this right old man, I am here only because I do not want this thing running around my soon to be kingdom. I could care less what happens to you. Move out!" he shouted as the horse charged towards the creature. The other ninety on horseback surrounded the creature and aimed bow and arrows at it, they stood now in a circle around the beast.

"Fire!" Prince Kai's voice shot throughout the night, the arrows flew straigh towards their taget, piercing the creature's flesh. Prince Kai leaped off his horse and pulled what seemed to be a small dagger from his pocket. He flung it into the creaures eye, the creature turned around and the dagger lodged deep into his eye. With a cry of pain the creature swung at Kai sending him flying backwards into a tree.

"Prince Kai!" the soldiers ran over to help him up.

"Is it.." Kai barely got out as the creature let out another cry of pain. They watched as it stumbled away towards the nearby woods.

"Sir, what now?" one of the soldiers asked. Kai slowly got up with the help of his men. He held his left side and flinched, the ribs there had been broken.

"Call for a hunting party, tell them we've bagged ourselves a werewolf."


Jumping to the side of the cell he waited for the man's next move. The guard was covered in bruises from his fight but Keisuke also had a few of his own. He pushed himself of the wall and raced towards the guard who raised the whip and brought it in his direction. It hit Keisuke in the face but he counterattacked sending a quick fist to the guards face.

"Damn you kid, just give it up already! Even if you manage to beat me you'll never get outta here!" the guard shouted.

"Oh what's that? Is that fear I sense?" Keisuke laughed as he leaned himself against the cell wall breathing heavily. He didn't know how much longer he could stand against this guy. Just then as if his prayers were being answered another guard appeared.

"You there, stop playing around. We've been called to go out as a hunting party," the other guard said as he opened the cell door.

"Hunting party, for what?" the guard in the cell walked out and followed the other. Their voices became faint as they walked away.

"Thank...god..." Keisuke mumered as he dropped to the ground unable to move anymore.


"Are you sure she went this way?!" Kouri shouted as he and Kaze walked through the woods in the darkness of the night. Both made no sound as they continued their search, well no sound walking anyways.

"How should I know? I'm just looking around we've really got no other plan," Kaze told him. Hearing some voices he grabbed Kouri and dragged him into hiding. With the voices came torches and people carrying those torches.

"This thing was easy to bag, I thought werewolves were supposed to be strong," they heard one of them say. The two of them looked at each other hearing this.

"No creature can stand up to Prince Kai though, he threw that dagger right into it's eye. Now come on let's get the body back to the castle," the man said. Looking at them Kouri and Kaze saw that behind them they were dragging a body with them. It was to dark though and they couldn't see who it was but it was pretty clear that they had killed a werewolf. They had killed Kira. They looked to where the men were headed, it was a large castle on the top of a hill.

"Let's go," both said and ran after the guards. Vengence in their thoughts as they raced through the night.


She was walking through the hallway when she heard a voice entering the castle. Looking down from where she was she saw a small group of soldiers carrying someone inside on a stretcher. A hand reached from behind her and wrapped around her neck, her attacker dragged her down the stairs towards the group of soldiers.

"I found a spy sir," her attacker said in a husky voice as she was dropped next to the man in the stretcher. She kneeled to the ground and coughed at not having been able to breathe.

"Lady Giah?" the voice sounded surprised to see her, looking up her eyes met with Prince Kai's. He laid in the stretcher, a hand over his right side,"What are you doing here?"

"You're hurt?" she asked trying to change the subject as quick she could. He tried to get up but flinched and laid back down.

"His majesty saved us all from a werewolf and was hurt in the process. Seems he broke his ribs and the healer around this kingdom was killed," one of his soldiers reported.

"I can help, my mother insisted I get medical training for some strange reason," Giah said that before she even though about saying it. Why was she helping him?!

"You Lady Giah are truly a gift," Kai said with a grin and for some strange reason...she blushed! She turned away real quick and called to the soldier standing up and gave him a list of things to bring her.

"The rest of you back off and give me some room to work would you?" she muttered as the guards slowly backed away. All the while Kai's gaze never left her. With a sigh she went to examine him, with his shirt off the bruise was cleary visible and lodged deep in his side was a claw.

"What the hell," one of the guards said,"Eh excuse my language Lady Giah."

"Seems we're also going to need some needles, do you have any?" she rolled her eyes while she asked. These guards were getting on her nerves.

"Yes we do, they're in the dungen," the guard pointed to a hallway.

"Why would there be needles in the dungen?" she inquiered and turned to Prince Kai.

"Well, we have to make the prisoners talk somehow."


"It's pretty much in shambles we should be able to get in easily," a voice whispered from atop a tree. Two lone figures stood watching the movements of the castle.

"Yeah alright, remember just the hunting party. Don't get anyone else involved got it Kaze?" they jumped of the tree and made a dead sprint for the castle.

"Fine but if anyone else gets in my way I won't be responsible for me ac-whoa!" Kaze said then tripped landing face first on the ground. He immediatly jumped right back up,"What the hell was that?!"

Kouri bent down to get a closer look at what it was that had tripped Kaze, it stuck out of the bushes and once Kouri got a good look at it he jumped backwards,"It's a frigging body!" Both moved as close as they could to get a look at it, Kouri went to pull the bushes away and gasped.