Walking back from a fair, near midnight, and through the woods was not the best idea I had ever had, there was a great enough chance of coming to harm even during the day. As I walked I looked up at the moon through the twisted branches above, it was full tonight. Suddenly I stopped, listening hard; I swore I heard a twig snap and that was the most obvious sign that you were being followed. Calmly I pulled a knife out of my belt, concealed it in my long sleeve and stood still. My stalker had noticed I'd stopped and realized I knew where he was, and, with an almost inaudible twang, he sent a crossbow bolt straight at me from behind. I dodged it with ease, but now that I was moving it would be more difficult to predict where the next bolt would aim. Sweat trickled down my face as another crossbow bolt sliced past my thigh, shooting pain through my leg. A spot of warm blood began seeping threw the thin fabric of my pant leg. I spun, and nearly fell over as my injured leg screamed in protest, but caught myself as another bolt whizzed deftly past my left ear. I pulled my knife from my sleeve and sensing the presence behind me, rammed it into a woman's side. She fell to the ground, clutching her wound, dagger forgotten, while I turned once again to face a bulky, sneering man emerging from the shadows and aiming a crossbow. I dodged out of the way of the bolt quickly, and threw my knife at the man. The blade dug itself deep into the man's thigh, and he fell to the ground moaning in agony. I walked up to the now immobilized man, bent over, and carefully wrenched my bloody knife from his wound, wiping the blade on his shirt as he whimpered with pain. "I hope that teaches you not to even dare try taking things from other people without asking," I said smoothly, spat on the ground and walked away, touching amulet I wore beneath my shirt, and wondering yet again how powerful it really was.