Drifting back into that blissful feeling
Oh God, just by standing next to her elegant frame
Soothes my tainted soul

Let the heavens hear my cry how
Incredible, graceful, happy, and beautiful she is
And I pray through Jesus to Jehovah
That I may never loose sight of her

But all I could pray to have you in my arms
Couldn't match my affection for your mind alone
You're all I ever wanted in a woman
And when I say, "I love you, you're the best."
I rejoice over the smile that appears on your face

So when I kneel down in the dust
And beg forgiveness for my stupidity
When I acted out of character
Cleanse your disappointment
For I want you to know my mind was unstable

All I want if for you to be happy
So please don't ever stop smiling
For to feel the warmth of the sunshine from your face
Would be to know what paradise feels like everyday

Oh, how your laugh turns a rotten day anew
How your vibrant light brown eyes reflects your womanhood
How your smooth, curly hair holds a perfect diamond
How your amazing personality embraces the day

But only if I were able to take you home, my queen
I would wash every tear from your cheeks
Blanket you with the most vibrant flowers
Never having to lift a finger
On the ocean spoiling you

Strike the match upon the candle wick
Embrace the sweet low of a bubble bath
Only me and you in the infinite universe
Staring into no meaning, only feeling
I know tangerine potpourri didn't take us here
So don't mind me when I say
We'll dance latter, now is the time to chill

Holding your hand, naturally
Your soft skin giving me goosebumps
It was never a hard decision
But If only
If only
If only I were to have you in my arms