Chapter Two: Watcher Orin

"Told you that you are dead," said the guy. Nia just stares at him. 'Why does he seem so familiar? He looks to be around my age. . . maybe I've seen him before.'

"Had to see for myself," was all she could say, still not getting over the fact that she was dead.

There was a moment of silence and then the guy moves to close the two oak doors. It closed with a loud bang. Nia look around the "lobby" and noticed that it was filled with a lot of different people-adults, teenagers, children, and babies. 'If they were dead, wouldn't they be like in the Sixth Sense. . . wait, that was ghosts. . . never mind. . .'

"Follow me," he said, interrupting Nia's thoughts. She followed him up a long staircase. Finally, after what seemed hours, they got of the staircase and entered a hallway. In the hallway, there were doors on each side, torches along the walls, the walls were painted a crème colored, and there were beautiful chandeliers hanging from the ceiling.

The guy stopped in front of a door and said, "Here."

"What's this?" she replied.

"Your room," he answered simply.

"Room. . ."

"To sleep in," he said with a hint of annoyance.


"You have to stay here until you are charged."


"You are so stupid," he said, not bothering to hide his anger. "You have to stay here until the Elders decide where you go-either back to Earth, Heaven, or Hell." He then starts to walk off.

"Wait," she yelled to the guy when he was all the way down the hallway.

He turned around and yelled, "What now!"

"Who are you?"

"I am your Watcher and the names Orin."

"Orin. . . how weird. . .'