My brother and I had a hell of a time that night. It was a bitter cold November night. We had to walk home from the mall. I had just bought the recent horror movie and could not contain myself at all. I tried a pay phone but no one answered at home. How odd?

To pass the time walking home I decided to entertain myself. I quickly thought of scary things to scare my brother. It wasn't very hard since he is only ten. Then again, man it was FUN! I continued teasing and scarring him until I saw it. Two bright lights came around the corner and strait for us. They paralyzed my brother and I immediately. I braced myself for impact as the strange lights were bearing down on us. My eyes closed instinctively as I braced for impact. In one swift moment the lights were gone. I felt myself to see if I was not just imagining. I looked around for my brother and he was nowhere in sight. The weirdest thing was that the sky almost had a red tint to it. I searched the nearby alleyway for any sign of my brother or the strange lights. I saw neither, but I did notice that I was near my grandparent's house.

I approached the door and reached up my hand to knock. As I swung back my fist the door slowly swung open a bit. I pushed the door open and looked around. It was pitch black inside and nothing could be seen. I quickly found the light switch and flipped it. The light bulb flashed before it blew. At that instant when it flashed I saw a thousand red eyes looking at me. I quickly backed out of the doorway and slammed the door. I decided right then and there to get home and figure everything out in the morning. Oh buddy, was I ever wrong.

When I finally got home no one was there. To add to all the weird crap that happened in the past half hour I decided to stay up and watch my movie. The movie was about a college film crew studying an old witch and the mysterious videotape that was found after their disappearance. The movie didn't help with my paranoia at all. I had a very restless sleep. The strange lights just hovered around in my dreams until I woke up very early the next morning.

The time was about nine o' clock and still, no one was home. That strange red tint was still in the sky. My only explanation was the sun, yet I didn't even see it. Let alone any source of light outside. Not only was my house deserted. My neighbors, family, even the local businesses were uninhabited. I figured someone had to show up sometime. I hoped anyway. I decided to start walking. I live in the center of town, so it took me about an hour to walk to the outskirts of town. I ended up stopping at a gas station to get food. My luck on seeing anyone was nothing. No cars, people, or anything. There was only the world and myself nothing else existed. I stepped up to the door of the gas station and grabbed the handle. Light emanated from the doorframe and I couldn't even see inside at all. Suddenly, the door opened in by itself. I quickly noticed that a quaint, small man in a suit had opened the door. He was red skinned and had these horns sticking out of the sides of his head. I started laughing right then and there. The man stopped me in my tracks when he asked me by name about my humor. I asked him how he knew my name and he told me this.

"Well dear sir, I am the devil's caretaker of course", the man told me. "We have been expecting you for quite a while now. The one in head of punishment thought the past twelve hours would be a nice start on your entering into hell. Pretty good huh? But to cut to the chase, you are naturally here for all eternity. Typing out your death over and over again shall be your punishment. Then you will watch as each copy is thrown into the lake of fire and consumed. By the way, a drunk driver going at about one hundred miles an hour caused your death along with your brother's. The drunk survived, as for your brother, he was sent on to a better place."

I hope this copy reaches earth for anyone that might learn from my experience. I discovered a way to get this to the surface. If you are reading this, my work has not gone in vain. Please get to heaven and make sure to say hello to my brother for me his name is Adam.

Copy Number 95,260,478,167,739