A/N: School I had to write different verses started
with 'I see/smell/hear/etc'. and then get rid of the 'I see' part. This is
how it turned out.
Tiny Bugs crawling along thick brown bark like adventurers searching for a
mysterious prize.
Lush green foliage sprouting out of the branches that surround me.
Rough bark resting under my hand.
Leaves lightly brushing my face, caught in a continuous current of wind.
Birds chirping to each other in a language that is as musical as a piano.
A small stream, trickling over smooth stones that sleep soundly at the top
of a tiny waterfall.
The magical scent of trees, riding weightlessly on the gentle breeze.
A faint trace of morning dew, disappearing in the afternoon sun.
Fresh air, untainted by public pollution.
The zesty flavor of berry bubble gum, my only reminder that mankind remains
just beyond the branches of my tree.