Cannot separate ignorance from apathy,
no, not here, not now, not when I run
hopes ragged from supposed destiny.

Cannot comprehend these apologies,
no, not in this love without reason,
this unprovoked madness of emotion,
this unforgiving season.

No, I cannot follow, no, I cannot
decipher this fate-like-running,
cannot stay to witness the
descent of all that is meant-to-be
and the return of all that is.
I cannot stay around you, you
and your words like forever and
your eyes like stars.

I cannot stifle these words,
no, not anymore, not for you, not for your
quick wit and invincibility to me, no,
I cannot breathe
one second longer
in this emptiness.
I cannot love you, no,
for I sense the sun on my skin

and it burns.