in fire we burn, in water we drown, in air we choke, in earth we die.
Why should these things keep us from living our life?
Why should we make these things more powerful than ourselves?
Are we subjects to the masters of nature, pawns in its global game?
Or are we controlling the forces of nature, playing with god's fame?
Why should it matter, whether we are controlled or controlling?
Why should it matter? After all we're all still suffering.

I'll tell you why, in only a few simple words
Why we are here, it is not to torture but to live
That is the purpose, the one reason we are here on this earth
Keeping our species alive and above all else
We must live on. We must continue. We must prevail.

A war is coming between nature and man.
Both sides will lose huge numbers in this epic battle.
Many lives will be lost and many will suffer.
Men will leave earth and find home someplace new
Nature will be defeated, the ground covered in chemical death.

So that is our destiny, our shimmering hope we all aspire to.
And now you look at your life as it is now and realize
That the things you do, the people you know, they will not matter
When all is said and done. So why should we continue to live our lives
Knowing that only this pain and suffering await? We do so because.

Because we know only one thing more than any other thing we know.
And that's that the only way for humans to survive is to keep producing.
And we're good at it, in only a few short decades, we've modified life
So that it can be manipulated and controlled, perfected and refined.
And everyone faces this simple question: when will you enter the arena?

When will you become master of a prodigal race, the ones who will destroy earth?
When will you decide to create life with your biological tools or your scientific means?
When will you mold this young lad into the fighting machine he is bound to become?
When will you realize all too late your fatal and erroneous mistake?
When will you go through the terrible and echoing ordeal that will be your life?

Will you make it?
Will you prevail?
Will you decide to end it?
Will you decide to start it?

…. Will you?