So I haven't written anything for a while but I've been busy! School work, home, work, things like that. So I thing that I have written some thing that is some what good and if you don't like it tell me if you like it tell me and any thing else you have to say TELL ME!

Just One Little Cut

As I lay
Feeling the blood pulsating
Through my vines
I feel the unnerving
The need to set it free
Just one little cut
Doesn't have to be big
Just one little cut
No one will know
Just one little cut
But were shall it be?
Just one little cut
No one needs to see.
Where shall it be?
On my arm
On my wrist
No one shall see
I know
Be hide my knee
Just one little cut
And my blood will be free
Be hide my knee
There's a vain there,
But I don't.
I let the
Need subside
I lay in wait
For the gleaming
Ocean of light
Greets me
For a new