I hate this world
No I will not answer the phone

Im to sick and tired
no I wont bitch and moan

I think I will just sit back and remember better times
when I was younger and I was free
it was always an adventure with my best friend and me

Don't worry when im gone because life is always going to go on
I was just to sad to live this life anymore

I will miss you Hanna you will always be my girl
sure you broke my heart
but I will remember how you made me happy
when I was cynical and thought the world was crappy

Pat my best friend
we had some kick ass times
getting drunk and really high
playing video games was fun all the time and who knows why

we got in trouble but we still stood tall
and supported each other to cushion our falls

my family sure was fucked up and led to many sad times
but you know what you made me see how love can conquer all

in my darkest hour I sit here waiting
worrying on what I will miss out on
the good times I will miss
but at least there will sad times I will never have

I love you guys and I want you to forget me
and the piece of shit I came to be

Live on and be strong
it sure hurts right now
but someday you will feel better
and the sooner the better you don't want to live sad for what could possibly be forever like me

remember to stand tall and never give in
live your life like mine should have been
put your minds at ease
while I pray to god if he's there
you will find peace