Chapter 5:

Once she reached them she was little surprised to see astonishment register on the two boys' faces.

"Hi," she said softly looking a little apprehensive.

"Fé," Alyssa said turning to her, "this is Nate," she said pointing to the lanky sandy haired boy with brown eyes, "West," the one with black hair and grey eyes, "Drew and Callie aren't here so you'll probably meet her at lunch."

"Well?" the boy called West suddenly asked looking at her with a raised eyebrow, "aren't you going to thank me?"

He was quite attractive with his dark hair and grey eyes but she found only iciness in them as they stared at her.

"What for?" she asked genuinely puzzled, "Do I know you? I can't remember..."

Instantly his eyes became a lot colder and Fé felt a chill go down her spine as she looked at him a little scared. Who was he? Did they know each other? Why did he look like he hated her?

His sudden bark of mirthless laughter startled her and she nearly stepped backwards.

"I should've known," he said, "you're such an ungrateful wench."

Fé stepped back in shock.

"Excuse me?" she asked her mouth hanging open.

"West!" cried Alyssa taken aback, "what the hell are you talking about?!"

"Why the fuck did you bring her here?" he spat rounding on Alyssa.

"Relax," Alyssa snapped, "I offered to bring her here so that she could hang out with us."

"Why can't she hang out with her own little bitchy group?" he sneered, "too much of a coward to face them after what happened at Cassie's party on Friday? Or did they kick you out? I bet you spent all week moping around your big house."

Fé stared in shock and confusion. What group? Who was Cassie?What happened?

Fé felt darkness invading the corners of her vision and panicked as she realized she was having one of her minor blackouts.

"Fé!" said Alyssa grabbing her shoulder as she managed to struggle back to complete conciousness.

"Oh stop faking it," Nate said, "if you think that a fainting spell is going to make us symapathize then you're wrong! You deserved what youn got anyway."

"Nate!" Alyssa yelled horrified.

"Listen Ally," Nate cut in shooting Fé a dirty glare, "do you even know who she is? She's the one Callie told you about, the bitch of Weston High. You have no idea what she's like. West saved her life and she doesn't even have the decency to say a thank you!"

Saved my life...? Fé thought confused and hurt by the words they used, what had she done to Callie?

"That's her?" Alyssa said with a look of total shock on her face as she turned to look at Fé, "she can't be!"

"She is," assured West staring at Fé coldly, "don't try and bring down my friends Langdon. I don't take easily to that."

"West, but..," began Alyssa looking desparately at Fé, "she's not like that!"

"That's what she wants you to think."

"You don't understand...," Fé tried to explain blinking back her tears but failing miserably.

"Oh, I do understand," West cut in coldly, "I've put up with your shit long enough and I don't want the rest of my friends to deal with it."

Unable to hold in her choked sob Fé turned and fled a hand covering her mouth as tears flowed down her cheeks. In the distance she could hear Alyssa calling her name and yelling at the others at the same time. But she didn't care not after hearing all that West and Nate said.

God, what sort of a monster had she been?

West watched in satisfaction as Fé fled in tears. For once he had won an argument and he felt good about it. He was still furious at all the things she had said to him in the hallway the week before.

"Well done, West," Nate said giving him a high five, "for once you successfully got back at her!"

A sudden stinging slap brought his attention to the girl who stood in front of him positively livid. Seeing the Nate stood with his mouth hanging open and hand on cheek he guessed that he'd gotten one too.

"Bastards!" she yelled, "do you have any idea what you've done?!"

"We just save you from the clutches of the she-devil," Nate said angrily, "and this is how you thank us?"

"You've probably scarred her emotionally!" Alyssa yelled.

"I don't know what she told you," West said, "but if you've seen the damage she's inflicted on others you wouldn't be so worried. Besides that girl doesn't have a heart."

"You don't even know what you're talking about," Alyssa hissed, "she may have been a bitch earlier but she's different now!"

"You expect me to believe that Fé Langdon, the queen bitch of Weston High changed her entire personality in just a week?" Nate snorted, "please give me a break!"

"If she can't remember who she was she could!" Alyssa said, "I just wanted her hang out and forget her problems. Thanks for screwing it up!"

"What does that mean?" Nate asked fnding her choice of words odd.

"Nevermind!" and with that she stomped away to look for Fé.

West and Nate exchanged glances.

"Don't worry," West said, "she'll probably have to find out the hard way. Once Fé humiliates her she'll come back and it'll give us one more good reason to get back at the bitch."

Fé sat quietly under a tree at the far side of school. She had stopped crying. What was the use of shedding tears anyway?


Looking up she saw Alyssa standing before her with a apologetic expression on her face.

"I'm sorry," she whispered sitting next to Fé, "I hadn't expected anything like that to happen. I can understand if you don't want to talk to me..."

"No," Fé said biting her lip, "it's not your fault, I must have been such a such a bitch to them. They hate me."

"You're not a bitch," Alyssa said, "what you were is.. well... you can't remember so it doesn't really matter but right now I can swear that you're no bitch."

"I should have expected a negative reaction," Fé said miserably, "Ally, if you had just seen the things in my room you would've known it wasn't really a down to earth person."

"Don't think like that," Alyssa said.

"The wall was covered with posters of Britney Spears, the shortest heels I had were four inches high and my closet were full of clothes that covered less than a bikini," Fé said flatly

Alyssa looked horrified but curious at the same time.

"I really have to see you room," she said with a chuckle

"I'm planning on redecorating," Fé said, "you can help me. But brace yourself to see the room or you might get a cardiac... a cardiac..."

"A cardiac arrest?" Alyssa said helpfully.

"Yeah," Fé replied gratefully feeling a little embarrassed, "that."

They sat in silence for a while and nearly jumped when the bell signalling the end of the period rang. As they walked back to the school building Alyssa looked at Fé.

"The others are really good prople you know," she said, "once you explain they'll probably apologize."

"I don't really blame them since they didn't know," Fé said with a frown, "but I'm angry they didn't give me a chance to speak up," after a pause she added, "you know what? I'm going to ask them what sort of a person I was."

"You sure," Alyssa asked, "I don't think they'll have a very pretty picture in their heads."

"Don't worry," Alyssa said, "I'll probably meet my old friends Cassie or someone whom West had mentioned and get their version of me and when I go home I'll check for a diary or something and piece them all together."

"Very smart," Alyssa said raising her eyebrows, "it'll be like creating someone's profile."

"Profile?" Fé asked unable to understand. Great, she thought another word I can't remember.

"Uh... it's like creating a character sketch of a person by putting together data about him or her. You know, stuff like height, weight, hobbies..."

"Data?" Fé asked helplessly.



They had reached the classroom now and Alyssa turned to Fé. "Ready for Calculus?" Fé nodded and Alyssa pushed open the door.

The first thing that Fé saw was West sitting right at the back his grey eyes regarding her with an unreadable expression.

West watched as Fé glanced at him before looking away. He looked at her coldly but a there was a nagging feeling at the back of his mind that told him something was wrong.

"Ms. Langdon?" said

Fé focused on the male teacher in front of her, he looked at her a little kindly and beckoned her. Alyssa had already taken her seat.

Felling a little nervous she went towards him fully aware that the eyes of the entire class was trained on her.

"I'm ," the man said, "your Calculus teacher."

Some of the people in the class sniggered while the other's looked just plain confused.

"Mr. Harper, she's only been absent for a week!" West said loudly, "I'm sure she remembers you, it's not like she has amnesia or anything."

He saw Fé flinch but he was enjoying putting her down. What had happened to all the insults and degrading comments?

"Actually I do."

West looked up in surprise and he stopped sniggering laughing at the serious look in Fé's eyes. He glanced at Nate who was now frowning.

Something told him he was in deep shit.

A.N: West was soooo insensitive right? I was about to make it less harsh but I felt that it would suit his 'I-am -bitter-at-the-world' personality better this way. I re worte bits pieces of this chapter so if you got confused by anything just let me know.

I'm happy a lot of you found Fé's amnesia believable. I've tried my best to make it realistic but if I screw up somewhere let me know. I have never dealt with or met anyone who had suffered amnesia so it's all my imagination though I have to admit my 12th grade psychology textbook was a great help.

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