Shotgun Abortion


Throwing it all away!

This Pain!

I can't stand this pain

It forever rains upon my life

Nothing to dream for

"They Say"

One must lose it all,

To finally understand

That you must cherish

The little insignificant things

I can't make it make it back

Fallen to far from grace

The Top

is a long way from the bottom,

I see no light,

At the end of this barrel

Its eyes stare at me, cold and black

A death gaze

they beckon to me,

to end this pain

it could end now,

In a spectacular display of

Fire, Blood, and Brains

An explosion that would end it all

and in one final moment before the infinite end

I Stop

Remembering the good times

Killing our brain cells with buddies

The sound of melodies played with some wood and strings

The Times

that I never wanted to end

Who am I?


How can it be me that ends it?

the pain of a world

without me

is far worse,

than one with me.

My pain is not that bad,

Tossing this

Final climatic

Damming Destructive Device


Pick up the keys,

To my salvation.

And leave

Basking in the warmth of the suns rays, welcoming me, back into the day,

A day I will,

spend among those who matter the most