Thank God it's finally over; the acts of humans acting like animals, the senseless slaughter of innocent lives that are told that they are being sent to do a job. A job that nobody really wants and the only ones that "volunteer" are the ones desperate to make changes in there life's. As I write this I have now been back stateside for almost a full year, and it's still hard to adjust to life outside of the everyday hustle and bustle of military life all of that and trying not to get your self killed. It was the end of the last great war, or until somebody in power decides what's best for us or another country again, oh they may not all it war, maybe a operation, or a conflict, or maybe a resolution but it all equals out to be the same, innocent men and woman being sent off to kill or be killed, sent off by a government that would rather see other people fight there battles than fight them themselves.

For many Americans it was a time for celebration we were finally coming home, and when you have not been home in almost two years it was a really a cause for celebration. The war was over the battles had been decided. Our leaders declared it a victory, but do they remember the names of the soldiers who died not knowing why they were really fighting in the first place. No they don't remember now and they have never really cared, for this war is over and it will soon fade into history, but for the rest of our lives families, will be incomplete because cause of this war.

Then you have they others who say that we were lucky that we made it home alive and that we were lucky to come home to freedom. Is it luck that haunts my dreams at night, is it luck that causes me to wake up in the middle of the night screaming the names of friends that I had to watch die, friends that begged to be given just one more chance to tell there loved ones that they love them. Or maybe I would have been better off dieing, because in war nobody comes back how they left, they are forever changed, we always here the screams in the night and see the dead each time we close our eyes. There is nothing lucky about war, except those that don't have to go, nobody is ever the same again and there are no winners, just losers that have guilty consensuses and those that wish that they could have died with there brothers in arms.

I have seen war, and its as close to hell as you can be without dieing, I just pray that this is truly our last war, and after this there will be peace, but I know that, that cannot be so, but just think about this, while Americans my be losing friends, family and loved ones during war times, the people that are declared the enemy's must burry there own as well and what is it that makes there lives any less important than ours.

Well it's off to a war memorial dedication in memory of those that died while in service, dedicated by people that could never know what we have been though, and by people who would never have the courage to do anything else about it.