What If

I were a solider?

Would you love me then?

Knowing I'd never come home

Dead, for something I don't believe in

Would you love me then?


I miss you so

You could never know

What If

I were a prince?

Knowing I would have to try to slay a dragon

Death, Hated to me for nothing

Would you finally love me then?

I love you

I swear I hate you, I would love you

And hate you!

Would you love me if,

I became famous?

Millions of dollars thrown my way

Anything and everything at your beckon call

How about all of that?

Would you love me? Finally love me!

Standing behind you

I promise to love you


Until the day death claims me

If I were nothing

Just a common man,

An average Joe, Nothing important

Would you love me then?

I would love you always

Miss you forever,

Incomplete with out you,

Empty hole were my heart should be

When would you finally love me?


Do you see me"?

Loved you to the end, never saw a life

With out you there!

Breathing deeply

you have to understand'

I forever love you,

Would you ever love me if,

Everything you ever wanted

Would you love me now, I would love you forever and always!

I swear I would never hurt you,

Does that even matter to you?

Fuck you! have I EVER mattered?