Always knew I was a loner
Meant to be alone forever

At first it didn't bother me
Now I realize it's a curse

I keep forever innocence
Although I've been jaded

I'll never understand this fate
But I know it's the truth

People love me and I love them
But it's strictly platonic

Romantic love eludes me
And everyone who meets me

A heart so full of love and purity
Yet a soul so lonely and sad

I know this is how it must be
And that gives me strength to carry on

Maybe in my next life it will change
But for now I'll die a saint


Author's Comment: This poem sort of resembles me, but not with some things. I've always felt since I was little that my life was supposed to be devoted to helping others and having a heart full of love for everyone, but not in a romantic way. I can't think of one person that I've ever had feelings for romantically. Everyone always says I exude innocence, but I know that I'm not (emotionally, anyway.) Maybe they see something I don't. Oh well. But anyway, hope you all like the poem!