A/N: Well, this is an odd little poem. I wrote it about how I've been so tired this week, and one thing that I think is the cause of it. I actually sort of scribbled this out, because I thought I couldn't finish it, and then when I looked at it again, I came up with the last line instantly. Odd, isn't it? (Written January 10, 2001.)

Oh, by the way, there's no title for this, because I can't think of any that fit. I was going to call it Keep Away, but I don't think that it does the poem justice.


I sleep the day away;

There's nothing else to do.

Maintaining a constant perimeter

Takes a lot out of you.

It's tough trying to keep them out,

Because sometimes I'm not sure I should

But there are more reasons to keep them away

Than there are to allow them to stay.