Please don't disappoint me,
Please don't again be late,
I know, I know, I fucking KNOW,
I know it is your fate.
Your insolent fate,
It's to be rude,
It's to be stupid,
And, by me, sued,
Your fate's to be you,
My link to my past,
And for me,
To kick your ass,
You're fate is unheard of,
Except by me,
Your goddamn fate is to never see
The hurt you've put me through,
Me and all of us,
You treated us badly,
And why? Because
You're stupid and stressful,
Unsympathetic? YES,
And what's more?
You're worth even less
Than a penny, garbage,
Less than even shit,
And I can never,
Forgive you for it.