. Catherine Zeta-Jones: Mrs. Cox (Cow)
. Michael Douglas: Mr. Cox (Cow)
. Dawnette Knight: Gerald (Pig, I changed the gender of the character,
instead of being a she it's a he)
. Detective Rodney Wagner: Rex (Basset hound)

. Horses: Lucy and Margaret
. Cat: Robby

It was a quiet and warm night in the "O' Riley Ranch", the owners were already asleep as well as most of the animals. All except for two old horses and Rex, the basset hound. The wind was blowing really hard, and you could hear the cracking of the tree branches and the sound of the river which was located at the other side of the farm.
Rex was secretly listening to Lucy and Margaret's (horses) conversation. Apparently someone was threatening Mrs. Cox and nobody knew the stalker nor the reason of the threat. But Rex knew that as the detective of the farm, it was his duty to find out what was going on. Tomorrow morning he would visit Mrs. Cox and talk to her about the whole situation, but first of all he needed to consult what he just heard with his partner, Robby. Everyone in the farm thought that his relationship with Robby was a bit weird as usually cats and dogs don't get along. But his bond with Robby was special; he was his best buddy and they did everything together, he was like Watson and Sherlock was himself. Rex ran to the stable, where Robby usually slept, and licked him all over his face waking him up. Half awake and half asleep Robby asked Rex why he was disturbing his sleep. Without letting him finish his sentence Rex explained him what he overheard. Robby told him it was late and that he would figure out what to do tomorrow.
The sun was already out; the roosters had woken up the whole farm including Robby and Rex. They were on their way to visit Mrs. Cox. They found her in the middle of the filed chewing grass and talking to Mr. Cox. Rex and Robby interrupted Mrs. Cox and asked her a couple of questions. Mrs. Cox tired of hiding the whole business about the threads decided to confess everything to the dog and the cat. She told them that Gerald was the stalker and that he should be blame for treating her like that. Apparently Gerald was angry at Mrs. Cox because she made the owners of the ranch realize that the pig was responsible for stealing the food of the supply room. Since then, Gerald hasn't stop stalking and threatening her. She also said that she didn't wanted to tell anybody because if not the animals would think that she couldn't be trust or that she couldn't keep a secret from anyone. Robby and Rex decided to put this whole situation an end.
After leaving Mrs. Cox with Mr. Cox, Robby and Rex stopped at the mud pond where Gerald usually rested. They found him talking to a female pig which Robby and Rex didn't knew, she probably was new in the ranch and Gerald was trying to make a move with her. Interrupting them, Robby jump in, and with a very unpleasant face he told Gerald he needed to talk to him. Making a lousy excuse, Gerald told the female pig that he had important business to take care of and that he would return as fast as he could. After leaving the mud pond he turned his face to Rex and Robby and asked them what they need from him, they never visited him and it was a surprise for him to see them both. Rex explained him the whole issue about the stalking and the threatening. And before he could finish, Robby told the pig that if he didn't stop doing it he would find a way to pay for what he did. Gerald knew they where very serious on what they said, and promise to stop it only if Mrs. Cox would apology first. Making a deal with Gerald, the cat and the dog left the mud pond and talked the whole thing with Mrs. Cox.
Before sunset, Robby and Rex had already solved the situation. It was just a matter of time till a new situation would arrive. Knowing that they did something good for the animal kingdom they went to sleep.