Her dreams were dark and disturbing
The images distorted, troubled
She fought away her demons
Snapping, straining against their bindings
She breathed a strangled gasp
As she wandered through unspoken memories
There were shadows in her eyes
Lurking in the corners of her mind
In her sleep she reached for him
For comfort, for light
For love
Take me away, she said
Take me away, just for a moment
For a moment of my life
Take me away
His heart stumbled, tripped and fell
When he felt her touch
His heart ached for her
When tears drenched her skin as she slept
She held on to him
To that part of her as she rode the crest of her fear
He held on to her
To that part of him
As he tried to erased all traces of her nightmares
And together they reached that light inside
And let it shower over them
Leaving only love in its wake