Dark clouds that hung moodily over a sulky sea
Her staggering face before him
She stood alone,
Waves gathered in foams around her feet
Behind her, groups of dark clouds
Shadows of the last rays of sunlight
Her hair whipped around in the air,
Tangled in her right hand
Shielding her beauty from curious eyes
Her beauty struck him hard
Emotions seemed to radiate from her
Hesitation showed in her face, in those eyes
His eyes shifted and his heart stopped
And the dream of her slid through his fingers, cool and slippery
One woman he could ever loved with an intensity
A focus that shook him to the core of his very being
He would love again
But not like this, never like this
It was never suppose to be like this
The sun had vanished into the horizon,
Stars winked wickedly in the deep blue sky
The moon a pulsing blue orb
He wished for sleep
To disappear into blissful unconsciousness
To slip into a dream
To dream of love
To dream of her
Because to him
She is love