It was raining outside. I believe that's all I remember when we Mr. Coles came to our home that night. It was raining and it was dark. It was the first time that he'd visited since the riots had broken out. I was only 10, but I knew what was happening sure enough. I think that everyone, no matter they be in Boston or Israel knew the fight that was happening not five hundred miles away. I do remember, when Papa and Mr. Coles retired to the office, that Audrey, being the loving older sister, took my hand. ''Twill be alright, Sally, 'twill be alright.' Ever since then I believe that Audrey has never taken my hand in such a loving manner. She is different now, but that was many years ago, before the war came to divide us. 'Love will drive man to ruin,' I think a knowing poet once said. His words have never rung more true. Lies, deception, glory and treachery has driven this country more toward the path of destruction since his death than it has ever been before. Because of me. God forgive the sinners, and God forgive the traitors, but may God never forgive me for the wrong that I have done to my love and has shown the world that my sex, by example of me, is no better than a two faced monarch. When Eve doth persuade Adam to eat the apple in the garden, it shined an unholy light upon every living creature that may bear resemblance to her. I am guilty, I admit it, for all the wrong that was created by my saving. But had I not done as I had, there is really no limit to what treachery could have been done. Would not only my John have died? But what of Arnold himself, Washington, his aid de camp? What of the others, Arnold's wife and infant son? Three of the names are those of 'Arnold', and three of the names bear witness to treachery. I don't remember that night well, but I sure enough remember just about all of the than I really wished that I did. I wish now that I had never met the gallant soldier, and I wish that I had never heard the name of Benedict Arnold.