· Prologue ?

? Spring, 1645 ·

Everything in those times seemed so strange to me. Nothing ever seemed right. After my mother died, and Father got remarried, nothing ever again was right. Nothing. It was both the best and worst times of my life. It was good because I had my uncle near and it was bad because my father was farther then he had ever been before. Everything in my life was hectic.

I had made several friends and yet lost even more. But one relationship stood strong; the one with my best friend Micah. Everything I will explain in the story. But I want you to always remember something; never give up your friends, they will always be there for you, if they truly are your friends.

When my uncle handed me this book I loved it. And I hope you will carry on the tradition. It is from an old legend of the Brae. It is said that if you carry on the tradition of writing down your experiences in Brae that it will bring good luck. This of course interested my uncle. He is a very superstitious man. He would throw salt over his shoulder and knock on wood just for good luck, I didn't learn this until I lived with him. Or maybe it was when Tim told me when Shelby was a week old. Of course none of the superstitions that he held about Shelby were true, or at least as far as we know they haven't come true.

I started my learning in Brae on my fifteenth birthday, and I started on the long process that has just ended. It ended when I got married, to my true love. That was hard enough to sort out. But then I had to sort out what different spells and different powders were and the different levels of Brae. And then though in what was happening with my family, it almost drove me crazy, then I had to put on the front of Bridget Elliot, and bury all my feelings inside myself. Most of the time I just wanted to curl up into a ball and fade away. But there was too much that the people that cared for me put into me for me to give up. And even though I wanted to just go away and never come back there was always something holding me back, something that kept me from going insane. And now I know what that is but you will have to find it out for yourself. I don't want to give away anymore secrets so I'll start to explain my story: