Lonely Angel
The day was wet
The sky was grey.
It was noon and I decided
To go to McDonald's today.
I waited in line,
But then something caught my eye.
A little lone girl with hair so fine,
The sweet little thing began to cry.
She was not loud.
She did not scream.
She was ignored by the crowd and
Did not make a scene.
She looked up at me,
In the corner, where she lay.
The workers didn't pay any heed,
"Next up," the cashier did say.
The loneliness inside me felt strange
And soon began to spread.
I dug in my pocket for spare change,
To a man, "you can go next", I said.
I slowly walked over to the child,
As though she may bite.
My heart was racing wild
Was she ever a sight!
Tousled hair and a black eye,
With scars on her face.
And though later I may deny -
She looked quite outta place.
I knelt down beside her
She did not seem meek
Her figure became a blurr
As tears rolled down my cheeks.
"Would you like to get something to eat?"
I tried to sound very nice.
"Yes, yes I would", she replied so sweet.
But her voice felt like cold ice.
We both sat down to eat,
As people give us stares,
I don't care what they think,
Although we do make an odd pair.
I notice the bruise on her neck and I say,
"What happened there? Are you okay?"
She looks up from her meal without a grin,
"Daddy was drunk that day."
It was silent again.
"Mommy left me behind
When she went away -
But don't worry, she promised
She'd come back some day.
"She left with a bloody head,
Daddy gave her that.
She then wish she were dead,
Daddy took care of that.
"I still remember that day
When Mommy died.
Daddy said we had t move away.
I just cried and cried.
"He said it was my fault,
That Mommy died.
But he threw her against the wall,
She never even tried.
"Now Daddy picks on,
For punishment he says.
And he always reminds me
Because I'm the reason Mommy's dead.
"Sometimes when I go to bed,
And all the blood is gone.
I see Mommy come and sit by my head.
She stay there until dawn.
"She never talks, just wipes my tears
And the blood from my face when it does swell.
She always, always holds me near.
The only thing she ever said was, 'I'm your guardian angel.'"
The girl stopped talking and my heart was breaking.
I couldn't speak while I wiped my eyes.
I had to stop myself from shaking
I knew she wasn't telling lies.
"Is there anything I can do to help, anything at all?"
"There's no hope of me living for long,
Mommy says its soon gonna be my call,
Then I'll be up with her, where I belong."
"Well, I must get going," I said to the girl.
"So do I, Daddy will be home soon."
I have the child a hug before I walked out into the world.
It was late in the afternoon.
The next day I turn on the t.v,
I see a familiar face.
It was the girl - she was reported dead.
Her father, the killer, had vanished without a trace.
I set down the remote and began to cry.
Why, oh why, didn't I try to do more?
I could've saved this child's life,
Instead, she's now knocking on heaven's door.
Later that night, I crawl into bed.
A familiar sweet girl that I knew,
Came and knelt by my side and she said,
No I can watch over you."