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Chapter 1: The Not-So-New News: Men are Stupid

You know when your life sucks, when you wake up one morning and you realize that you just might die alone. Yep, that's right, alone. No matter how many times you try to deny that minute fact, it will always haunt your very thoughts.

So maybe you're just exaggerating. Maybe just a little. You're only 16, you have about 14 years to find that poor soul who's decided to spend the rest of his life with you.

Let's start over.

I live with my stupid yet lovable 17-year-old brother in an absurdly tiny town called Hirshton, named after a vain mayor, in Connecticut. My parents live on the other side of the country, California. Out of the deepest darkest depths in their hearts, they thought it was best that my brother and I live alone. There's that word again. See, it does haunt you.

Living with my brother has its good and bad points.

The bad-

1: he thinks he's king-don't bother telling him he's not, it's just not worth it.

2: not only does he think he's king, but he thinks I'm his personal maid. I cook, clean, and wash. Isn't that nice for me?

3: he's stubborn, enough said.

But there are more good than bad.

1: his friends are exquisitely fine. The kind that make you sigh with a giant smile plastered to your face. The kind that make your eyes pop out and your tongue roll out of your mouth while you thump your foot and shout, "A-roo-gah!"

2: he's what we call, "popular".

3: he lets me come along with him to parties.

4: he's protective-this, however, can be a bad thing. But not when Marc Leonetti repeatedly hits on you.

5: did I mention his friends?

"Lee! Hurry your ass up! We're gonna be late," hollers Walker. A few minutes pass and Walker runs to the bottom of the stairs and shouts, "NOW, Lee!"

"Alright!" Lee shouts as she grabs her backpack on the way out of her room.

"Shesh, took you long enough!"

"Well, I woke up late! The alarm didn't go off, it's not my fault," she reasons.

Walker rolls his eyes as he grabs his car keys off the kitchen counter and heads out the door. Lee closes it behind her and is about to walk down the tiny steps leading away from their front porch when she spots a very handsome boy sitting on the hood of Walkers oh-so coveted 1967 cherry red mustang convertible.

Lee's pause causes the pretty boy who's perched on the car to stare at her awkwardly. She pulls out of her trance and treks over to the car.

"Walker, what took you so long?" the boy asks as he hops off the hood.

Walker rolls his eyes as he points to Lee. "Madonna over here."

Lee makes a face at him and says, "My alarm didn't go off, let it go!"

"Whatever," Walker mutters. "Jack," he says to the boy, "this is my sister Lee. Lee, this is Jack Di Lorento; he just moved here."

Jack nods at Lee, while Lee does the same; hiding her excitement. They all hop into the car and drive down to school. The ride would have been nice and quiet, but Walker just had to start talking about Brittany Rawlings; warning Jack of the piranha's catch of the day-basically any tolerable man living in Hirshton.

Brittany is a leggy dirty blonde-because they always are- whose mother is a model. What Brittany wants, Brittany gets. She is most hated and yet most loved-yeah try figuring that one out.

It was as the car was parked tightly into the school parking lot, that Brittany and her clichéd group of minions stood a few feet away. Jack and Walker pulled out of the car, trying not to make eye contact with the devil itself.

Jack pulled his seat forward and held his hand out for Lee to take. As Lee gawked at his hand she paused, wondering if it was worth it to fall for this delicious-looking boy. Jack leaned down and peered into the car to see if Lee was okay. With his hand awkwardly held out, she pulled out of her reverie yet again and took hold of it. Lee locked and shut the car door and as she turned, she nearly collided with Jack.

At first he scrunched up his eyebrows together, the raised his left one and half smiled at her.

"You're weird," he told her and turned to catch up with Walker who was patiently waiting by the front of the car. Lee stood frozen, completely gob-smacked.

"You gonna stand there all day?" Walker asked her, noting her still body. She snickered and moved around the car to walk with them.

"Hey Lee!" a guy from across the parking lot shouted. Walker, Jack and Lee turned around to see who was calling.

Lee groaned and turned towards the front doors; her pace was a little quicker.

"Lee wait up!" the guy shouted.

"No thank you," Lee yelled back to him.

Walker laughed and Jack and him ran to catch up with her. But it was no use, the 6 foot 2 Neanderthal had caught up to them.

"Hey Lee," the guy casually greeted.

"Marc, how many times do I have to tell you to lay off?" Lee told him.

"Lee, come on, you know you want me," he sickeningly said as he winked suggestively at her.

"Ew, no way! Marc, you do this every time. And every time I give you the same answer. The answer is no, it will always be no. Don't ever think it won't be no…my answer is and will always be, forever and ever, no."

"You never quit, do you?" laughed Walker as he slapped Marc's back and condescendingly winked at him as he walked away.

As Jack and Walker caught up with Lee, Jack asked, "Who was that asshole?" Lee sighed and ran her hand through her chestnut wavy hair.

"That, dear Jack, just happens to be my sister's stalker," says Walker as they turn another corner.

"God he gives me the creeps," shivered Jack.

Lee angrily paused. "He gives you the creeps?! What about me? He meets me by my locker almost everyday; he's always calling out my name in the hallways! And you mean to tell me that he gives you the creeps?!"

"Well, yeah," supplied Jack.

Walker burst out laughing as he and Jack entered their homeroom and Lee into her own.

"Men are stupid," mutters Lee, as she walks to her homeroom and takes a seat.

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