Yes another story, well this is a kind of a first for me, I'm doing action this time isn't that grand and ya'll know me some romance too. So R&R Also I have thought that one of the most important things about a movie is the soundtrack, setting the mood of the fight or the make out session, things like that. So I am going to try to write the songs that you may want to listen to as you read certain parts, because I think it is important to set the mood of the event.

"Hey Trent, the usual please." The familiar, yet so mysterious woman let out a slight sigh as she requested what she had requested so many times before. The light haired bartender gave her a smile that seemed to never get old. His strong jaw relaxing into a smile as he saw her customary mellow, stone cold smile on her face.

He walked over to her with a big grin on his face still very determined to reach out to the dark girl and tell him all her problems, but of course it hadn't worked for three years why would it work now. He smiled down at the shell of a human and could still she that spark in her that she seemed to have lost so long ago. He could read people like that, of course he was a bartender, and it was scientific fact that they could do those type of things.

She didn't even bother looking up to his sympathy, and his caring eyes. Nothing would fix what was wrong, so why even bother? She let her face muscles relax, forming back into what seemed to be a permanent grimace. She let her face fall not realizing how much it had hurt Trent to see her like this. She was so beautiful when she smiled, well in his imagination she did, but of course she was nothing like the girl she was in reality, in the twisted world, Trent called his imagination. She was a very happy person. She had a tan and her skirts were way shorter.

She let her long black strands fall into the face covering half of it, with the thick, silky, mask she called hair. She let it fall down to her face every time she didn't want to be seen or even see anything around. Of course Trent had always faced "the hair" when he tried to get closer to her and he would always let her get away with it.

But not today, he was tired of her hiding away, behind her beautiful curly raven tresses. He was now desperate for just a sincere smile, and he just couldn't wait another empty night of scowls and fake laughs as she was hit on by the sleaziest to the most important men in the bar. It seemed like guys had a bet on which one would get her into bed first. None of them had won, even though she had left with a couple of men, but they seemed to just vanish, without a trace. He would ask her of them the next day but all she did was shrug his question off, and seemed to get even more distant from the persistent young bachelor.

Trent himself was one of the most popular guys in the bar. He had women all over him. He was about the equivalent of the mysterious women that was set in front of him, still waiting for her long island ice tea, heavy on the alcohol. No matter how many ice teas she had, she never gotten drunk, she never gave out a drunk laugh as she finished off her drink which had the alcoholic content of pure vodka. She just kept her mask held tight, still with the solemn look of a dead person.

He gave one last look at the depressed woman as he walked over to make her a drink. He reached down to get the glass and when surfaced back over the bar as he successfully pulled out a fairly tall glass, which he hid behind all the others just for her. He gave her the same cup every time, and he could tell it apart from all the others, because it had a slight dent in it, from her first night here, and which was also a coincidence the cup's too.

That night she had a little less of an act going on, she still showed a little bit of the happy girl Trent knew she could be if she ever found true happiness, and he knew exactly what it was, well that is what he thought.

He looked up to see a very smug mug on a man's face as he looked at a certain point a little ways down the bar. Trent didn't even have to think for a second, let alone look down the bar, to know what the man had his eye on.

But he looked over at her anyway. Of course he did not blame the man for looking at her with such attention, he himself loved they way she looked when she had her hair in her face and he craved to be with her, as he let down every girl who had asked him out, just at the light glimmer of the woman being interested in him.

Of course he never told her what he thought of her, and of course not as freely as the men that had approached her daily, hoping as he did, to be with her.

He had no idea what he had felt for her and why, but he knew that he was tired of not having her and he knew what he was ready to do later that night. He probably would give everything up for this girl, a girl he didn't even know much about. She was just this beautiful enigma that he set his goal on figuring out.

"So what is her story?" Trent's thoughts snapped back from the woman just a few feet away from him and back to the man who watched her like a hawk as it would seem. Lucas gave the scum of a man, an up and down glance and knew that she was way out of his league. He mentally shook his head and realized he seemed to be jealous of the man that was standing in front of him.

This man had the courage to tell the one woman he was afraid to approach, that the man wanted her. Why was Trent so shy around this girl? He showed her the calm cool side of him when his legs where shaking and his knees buckled around her.

She let a light sigh as she began to grow tired of waiting for the tall glass of slight relief. She just wanted to go home bloody drunk, and totally wiped out, maybe she would even have a nightmare free night that night. She scoffed as she told herself this lie. She knew that would never happen, she would be condemned to the damn dreams for the rest of her life, she hated it, but in some way they gave her comfort, and it was just another familiarity to her, she probably would miss the dreams, if they were to go away from the dark world known as her subconscious.

She turned her head to see Trent walking over with what seemed to be the high light of her life. As the simple but almost deadly filled with alcohol drink, seemed to shine with a heavenly glow, she had a drinking problem and she would easily admit that, but it never was a real problem since she had inhumanly amount of alcohol tolerance.

Yep, she could drink with the toughest guys in any biker bar, the ones that probably drank for a living. She usually got looks from the guys outside who had seen her at the bar and had seen her finish the extremely tall drink in less than two gulps. As she got in her car and left into the dark. She got even weirder looks when they saw her walk into the same bar, and repeat the same thing as the night before, without any signs of any kind of car accident.

She let out an almost sincere smile as she gulped down the drink in a mere gulp and swish of her tongue. She felt the warmth quickly take over her body, but it had gone away before she had been able to take the full effect. She looked up to the waiting Trent, stand by for another drink order.

"Um Trent can I get another one?" she pursed her lips together as he grabbed the cup and cleaned it out and began to make the drink again.

Trent walked back to the area where he kept the ingredients for the oh so familiar drink, as he began to he was reminded of the curious man. "So you haven't answered my question." Trent saw the man lean over the counter and quickly let out a smirk as he realized the man had hair plugs.

"I doubt that you need to know." Trent gave out a scoff as he saw the man take offense to what he had said. "What is that supposed to mean?" The man lightly slammed his hands down on the wet counter making light drops spread across Trent's shirt. Trent hated this guy all ready and knew that he would be quickly added to the long list of the men that the beauty had turned down. "Nothing, just go talk to her, I'm sure she would love your company." Trent said it with a laugh, but the man didn't seem to notice as he popped the collar of his leather jacket, which seemed that he had stolen from a seventeen year old woman.

"No body can resist me." The obnoxious snail of a man said as he began to stalk over to the innocent prey of an extreme sleaze ball. Trent almost laughed as the man seemed to trip. But then as he realized that the man had done it on purpose his temper went into over load.

She felt the new presence of a guy coming near, sure that it was just another guy not knowing what he was getting himself into. She heard the loud stumble of what seemed to be a drunk douche bag. Suddenly she felt what seemed to be a hand shove done her shirt.

She quickly looked down to see that her shirt had been infiltrated by a hand belonging to one chauvinistic pig. She looked up to see a particularly ugly face with a fake innocent smile. "Oh I'm so sorry." He gave her an innocent laugh as he seemed to forget to remove his hand from it's "accidental" position down her shirt. She quickly removed it for him, holding back her temper, but letting out just a little bit of her strength.

"Owe, quite strong for such a beautiful woman." She rolled her eyes as she quickly realized what she had done. "Sorry." she stated with out any emotion behind it. The man of course was not turned off though, in fact he was even more determined to get her now, to make her his.

"So where are you from?" He asked, not even hiding the fact that it was a line, and that he was a little too drunk to even approach her. "Why would you want to know?" She gave him another unemotional response, trying to give him the hint that she wasn't interested in him, but he was definitely no Sherlock Holmes.

"Well, I think you are probably the most beautiful woman in this dump of a bar." She wasn't even flattered, well flattery was an emotion and those were never apart of her life anymore, except one that seemed to shadow every glimmer of light that seemed to pop through her life, now she only had two glimmers of hope in her life and one she wouldn't even admit to.

"Well can I get you a drink on me?" He said it like he was giving her the gift of life, by buying her something that might end up giving her liver problems and ultimately kill her, well if she didn't have a liver made of steel.

As Trent heard the man give her the usual line he did when ever this happened. He picked up the mega phone under his counter and turned on the speaker. "Tonight free long island ice teas for our birthday girl, at the bar." He shouted out to the bar, and they simply clapped for her and they would probably scream out her name if they knew it.

Of course it was not unnoticed, the fact that she seemed to have a birthday every night, but once people got drunk they didn't really pay attention.

Trent smiled at himself as he saw the put off face of the guy now sitting next to the "birthday" girl. He had succeeded as he always did at getting guys away from her, he knew he was way too jealous but hey these guys had problems and she did not deserve to be hit on them, and this guy was especially disgusting, probably more than any other.

He looked over at the crowd who was still drinking and have their regular drunken moments. "I can fly, I can fly!" He snapped his head over to the source of the screech of what seemed to be one lit up girl. He saw the young, skinny, spunky blonde standing on a table. She was standing there with an obviously drunk smile on her face. She flailed her arms around her head acting as if she was waving down a particularly screwed up plane.

She jumped up and down on the weak table, having it squeak under her small weight. She started to sing along with the music pounding from the juke box, in the corner. He doubted she knew the words since it was all in Spanish, but she was trying her best, and that is what mattered right, and the fact that she was drunk seems to give her knowledge of other languages.

At first Trent was completely fine with it, in fact she had done it a thousand times before. She was a regular drunk. She always seemed to attract a crowd, as Trent just shook his head and began to ready himself for the big adventure he would have tonight.

He quickly looked up to see the man still sitting there by her, but as he looked back to the cup he had picked up to clean, he found himself double taking the image he just saw.

She looked over to the woman who was now having a great time dancing and taking off a seemingly important part of her outfit, her bra. "I can fly, I can fly!" She shook her head in disgust as watching the young girl making a total fool out of herself, these were the times she was glad she didn't have the effect of the drink that she seemed to be so fond of, alcohol. But she still wished to be free from the guilt built inside her stomach and if that meant becoming a total lower life form, than she would promptly accept.

She sat there drinking the drops that had stuck to the bottom of the glass as the rest was washed down quickly by the desperate woman. She listened to the man blab on, for what seemed to be hours, but when she looked up to see the very tacky Corolla beer clock, she was in disbelief as she found out that he had only been talking about his acting "career" for ten minutes.

She played with her fingers waiting for Trent to come over to give her another drink which was now apparently free, but that never changed, he always told her he would make her pay up one day, she always shook her head, yet still no smile on her face.

She felt the annoying man getting close to her, in a desperate act to make her all hot and bothered, this guy must had too much confidence in himself. He slid so close now, his leg was tightly pressed against hers. She didn't bother doing anything, soon he would just move on to another girl, probably the girl on the table, who was now jumping up and down letting the little she had at the top, flail around like two super balls in a shook up bag.

She wanted to just leave but she came here to do something, and if anything got in her way she would push them in front of a moving car. She continued to tap her fingers against the slightly wet surface of the hard bar. She let her boredom take over herself as she let herself hum, but as soon as she began she immediately stopped, afraid of what may happen if she continued.

Thankfully no one noticed her humming, except for the one man who was sitting next to her. She looked over to him, as he suddenly became quiet. He was now wearing a smirk on his intensely ugly face. She swore that he was sweating when it was about sixty degrees in the bar, and he had an unusually huge pimple on the middle of his long forehead.

He would not stop grinning at her as her heart sank as she knew that he heard her. "Aw crap." The words stuck in her mind as she let them out, not even trying to hide it from the man who was now beaming at her.

She turned back to the bar hopeful that the man would think that the sound he had was a bird or something, a bird that was in a cellar with no windows and a fairly bad smell originating from a wet corner in the far back, they had no bathrooms in the place, enough said.

After a while she didn't care about the stench, the darkness, and the horrible music, it was now just part of something that she had accepted about herself, she was to be here for the rest of her life, searching for something, to get something else, satisfaction.

She wanted this disgusting place to be put behind her, but she never really complained about it either. She just sucked it up and when her searching was done, maybe she would be able to stop coming here and maybe she would be happy for the rest of her life, with him. Who was she kidding, the day dreams, that occurred to her when she was about to break down, quickly pulling her back up, where in the land of improbability, never to happen.

But she knew that in the back of her mind that she had to go on, with what she had made her mission, it was her responsibility. The job had to be done no matter how long it would take her, or how much pain it would cause to her, and those that may be connected to those that her plan had effected.

She clutched her purse ready and waiting, to be quickly to the bathroom and not to see this man again, in the rest of her life. She grasped it tighter picking it up, not caring about the seemingly disappointed look taking over the man's face as she was ready to leave. She would have to find more of what she was looking for the next night.

She waved over to Trent as he seemed to be surprised by what he saw. She didn't even considerate the expression, not being able to wait to escape the clutches of the one man who seemed more persistence the rest that she had to deal with. Had he really just grabbed her chest only a few moments ago? She speed her walking when she began to hear the pound of cheap penny loafers against the chipped tile of the bar.

She was about to reach the door, which seemed to also glow with the light of the heavens. But as the grasp was wrapped around her arm it seemed that there was no such place and which meant there was of course not such a light.

Would she actually leave this early and with out her last long island ice tea. Trent took this in with surprise along with the familiar feeling of regret. The same regret that you get when the dance ends and you have not had the chance, nor the courage to ask your one and only crush to dance. When you knew that they would probably welcome you into their arms. He felt this every night that he had lost the chance.

He would think of her and ask so many questions of himself, about her. Would she come back, would she ever come back, maybe her iron liver would simply give out and she would die of the alcohol poisoning that would surely take out a heard of elephants.

He would probably stay up all night asking himself those questions, effecting his morning job at the docks greatly, making him so tired, not being able to lift the massive boxes without wishing every step that he had fell asleep, maybe dreaming of her.

Then when she came walking in through the door, he would curse himself for worrying himself, and shaking his head, just before she sat down letting out her order.

He looked over at her as she left fighting his feet, to go over there and tell her to stop and to listen to all the things he had to say, and surely having her fall into his much exercised arms, letting her walls of armor fall, and brushing back her hair to reveal a smile, that would certainly stop time it's self.

Or of course have her slap him and just walking away, murmuring something about, being like about every other sleaze ball she had ever met, and maybe even worse, by letting her think that he was just a close friend and wanting nothing else. Of course he did want more and she would realize and she would surely never come back.

Realizing he'd rather have her here physically, but not quite emotionally, than have here leave there forever, never seeing her grimace again, and losing all chances of ever seeing her smile. Yep he had to think more of this, even more than three years.

He looked over seeing her being held back from the door, by the man who had apparently beat him to the punch. She still had what seemed to be a statue like expression on her face. But he didn't have to see any movements on her face that she regretted ever meeting the man, and cursed the woman who ever gave birth to such a creature and let it live pass the age of ten.

The man surprisingly reached into what seemed to be the worse kiss she would ever experience in her life. But even more surprisingly the man ditched her lips for her ear. At first Trent was disgusted to his very soul at the thought oh the relentless fondler put his good for nothing, but lame lines, tongue in her now violated ear.

He looked closely and he in fact didn't slip the tongue into her ear. He smiled in relief but he saw something that disturbed him even more.

She worked the muscles in her face the most they could be worked to the point that they had a grin on her face. A fake one, but of course the man had not realized, he was less complex than an ant, and how can you expect a man like that to ever be able to read a person's emotions.

She grabbed the obviously happy man's hand, that had stroked so many butts of all the girl's that had entered any room that had been inhabited by him. In which he probably took pride in.

And lead him out to the now dark doorway, and ultimately leading to his car and to his apartment, which probably, with her luck, was the home of his wife and four kids. She let out a sigh between her plastered on smile as he opened his nice car to her, and she slid into the, what seemed way too expensive for a slime like this, bucket seat.

She took relief in the fact that her night of looking was over, and pain in the fact that the night would be taking away to reveal another day of searching. Searching until it was over. Over was the one word that gave her comfort. Her search would be OVER, her pain would be OVER. What a beautiful word.

What the hell had just happened there? That question reeled inside Trent's brain for what seemed hours as he saw the fake smile being plastered over her face. The grasping of his violating hand, with her delicate, violated ones. The pushing of the door that would have easily separated her from the man, but instead let them out into the world together, letting him take advantage of her.

He grasped a cup cleaning with every ounce of his strength as he did when ever she would lower herself letting these men take her away from him, Trent. The one that she should be with, why had she done this to herself. He scrubbed the cup with way to much force as he gripped it, accidentally breaking it, in his fury that she couldn't see how beautiful she was.

He didn't flinch as the cup shattered onto the ground, they lost many cups to Lucas's anger, but it only occurred when she was around. He just bent over to pick up the broken shards of the glass and threw them in the trash can, making a slight clatter as the came together with the other shards. Along with so many empty beer bottles. He stared at the door wanting to open reveal, the girl of his dreams, and in the back round a moaning, greatly injured pervert.

"Crash!" His eyes were tore away from the door as the sound of a collapsing table was heard on the other side of the bar, quickly followed by the giggles, of one drunk woman. He looked over at the woman and decided he was not ready to deal with any other woman for the night. "Tom take care of the woman on the table, I think I'm feeling sick." He quickly left leaving the mess to the four month old worker, glad that he had his brother to help him since he had just turned twenty one.

Tom dropped his rag on the table and stomped over to the firewood once known as a table, finding the braless, blonde in the middle of the probably splinter filled shambles. She had not realized the pain she was in, she was drunk and laughing her brains out who would.

He put his hand out to grab the hand of the girl, who had calmed down just enough to notice the kind gesture from the extremely handsome man standing in front of her. She seemed to gaze in awe as she saw the man she had loved from a far, be right in front of her and holding her hand.

The little conscience Tina had left was screaming at herself for looking so stupid in front of the guy she had had a crush since she had entered the bar by accident, on a fairly stormy night, when her car had a flat and hoped to find help in the warm bar. Well she found more than that. She found love.

That night her boyfriend had left her, she thought that was the love of her life. He was hot and poetic. He had a great personality, and he had the most beautiful singing voice she had ever heard.

She almost died of heart break, when she read the note that was left on her night stand. Hand writing that she had never seen before, but words that she had read so many times, wishing the last one was truly the last she would be reading them.

I found someone else, you will never see me again and never come looking for me because I am happy with someone else, and you can easily do better than me, because you are a beautiful woman and should be happy with much better.

She couldn't breathe, as she read the note, it confused her on how unemotional he had been in the note, had she been that worthless to him.

That thought caused her such an unbearable broken heart. So she decided to go for a drive in the obviously dangerous, storm. The storm was the size of the pain she had felt in her heart so she felt a connection with it as it washed over her skin as she rolled down the window, letting the water prick at her skin, along with the cold hard reality.

The trance of pain she was in broke, as she heard the thud of her flattened tire. She gave out a scream realizing the world was against her and she wanted to just die, when she realized that there was a sign flickering in the parking lot that she had pulled over in.

She ran into the bar waiting to feel the warmth of the heater or maybe a light, but this place lacked both of the luxuries, but somehow the place had a homely feeling. In a dirty, smelly, short of way.

The feeling was only made better as she saw the god of a man standing there with his eyes fixed on what seemed to be a girl at the bar. As she saw him smile and looked at the hunched over girl that was now very occupied gulping down what seemed to be the biggest iced tea she had ever seen, she wished to have his attention like the woman had, but she had no chance.

Tina had thought of herself as a Sara plain and short type. Always the smallest girl in her class, in height and cup size. She looked at the woman that had now sucked out every last drop of the drink that had been laid out for her, and felt like the ugly duckling. She could not compare to the soft, ebony, curls, that seemed to fall over the stranger's face perfectly, to Tina's short, spunky, natural, blonde hair, that was now knotty from the rain beating down on it. Her chest, she did not feel like going over that at that point in time. All she really felt was getting the "love of her life" to fix her tire and they would drive off into the rainy night and fall in love.

But as she saw the door swing open from the back she noticed that there was another man of what seemed to be her league, but he was still as handsome and as hot as the last, but it didn't seem that he was interested in the girl at the bar, now this was the love of her life.

"Can I help you?" She gazed at the man as she answered the waitress who was now standing next to her. "Uh yeah, um who's that?" Tina lifted a wet finger towards him. Making the waitress, place a smile on her face. "Another one." The waitress breathed out in a sigh, but of course the drenched woman did not notice, as she was transfixed on the man behind the bar.

"That's Tom, he is so sweet, he has been working here for about one month, this bar used to be his father's and my husband's, now it belongs to his older brother Trent, he's just working here." Tina turned around to gaze at the woman who had done such a great justice to woman kind to bring her son into the world. She gave the middle aged woman, a look and could tell that she had in fact been the mother.

She was one of those woman, that you could tell was the beauty when she was younger, and would be the most beautiful woman in a retirement home, when Tom was not able to care for her anymore.

"Thanks." 'For him.' She thought of how she would approach him but before she could think of anything it was too late.

"Um, are you okay?" she snapped her head up to find the most beautiful eyes to be looking straight into her eyes. She fought for words, words that would sweep him and his perfect body, off his feet. She lost herself though and just settled on a nod, it didn't leave him on the floor, but it was a start.

"So what can I get you?" He said this with a smile, that swept her off her feet, leaving her on her back, metaphorically of course. "Um…uh…my tires flat." She started to starter so she yelled out her answer before she could look anymore like an idiot.

He quickly walked out of the bar and to her side, as she watched every move he made. "Okay do you have a spare?" She nodded and he smiled and told the people at the bar to wait for their drinks as he laid his towel on the bar, soaking up the extra beer spilt from the all ready drunk customers.

"Come on I'll go help you with the tire." He held out his hand and grabbed her hand, sending a chill down her spine, causing her to walk perfectly straight up and stiff, as the sensation of his hand touching her told her brain something that made it unable to work properly. "He's touching me!" She thought in unbelievable happiness. She thought of nothing else until the entered the storm filled air, and her brain was shocked by the cold.

The feeling of cold soon left her as what seemed to be a man's jacket wrapped around her. "Here take this you're going to get sick if you stay in the rain with that on." He nodded his head towards her now drenched blouse, having the material cling to her curves that Tom had to admit made her look beautiful.

Of course Tom was being soaked to the bone from the heavy rain, but he had always been the gentleman type, his step dad and his older brother taught him to be kind and generous to woman. It was quite obvious why his mom had chosen his step father, he was as nice and charming as he had taught Tom to be.

Of course Tom still resented the man for taking the place of his actual father, a man he had never met, but he could not help but love the man like a father.

Well Tom quickly walked over to what he thought was her trunk and quickly pooped the broken trunk up. 'She should get this fixed.' He thought as he reached in for the tire inside the dank, dirty trunk of her junk yard Mercedes. Quickly closing it after he had dropped the tire on the ground, making just a slight splash. The bottom of his pants now heavy with the rain, and his shirt clinging to his cold chest.

"Do you have a Jack?" He yelled to the girl over the loud thumping of the rain. She nodded and quickly joined Tom by the side of the car. "Yeah it's in the front seat." She walked over to the unlocked door opening it and shuffling around for it, finding it under a stack of papers.

He looked at her as she exited from the piece of junk known as her car, still exposing the soaked shirt and the wet mop of gold, that she called hair. He shook his head as she walked over to him with a smile on her face placing the unused piece of cross shaped steel in his strong hands.

He nodded as he wrapped his hand around it. "Which one is it?" She quickly kicked the front tire feeling the rubber totally deflated. He picked up the tire and placed it by the flat one and knelt down by it getting to work as fast as he could.

It seemed like riding a bike to fix flats, he seemed to do it all the time, but in the rain was always a little bit of a challenge, as his finger shook with the cold that seemed to cover his body. Still he worried about the girl getting sick so he got it done in five minutes moving as fast as he could to get the girl home, or maybe back in the bar.

She couldn't take her eyes off the site that was in front of her, he had his shirt slinging to his body and he probably didn't think he would be stuck in the rain because he made the decision to wear a short sleeved shirt, suddenly she felt a pang of guilt for keeping his jacket. 'he must be freezing.' she thought as he quickly replaced her tire.

She was a little bit sad when he had finished the job and now was standing right in front of her, just about to leave. "You want to come inside?" She was shocked by his question, did he want to spend more time with her? No, he just wanted more service, more money. "Maybe I'll give you a free beer or something."

Okay maybe he wanted to spend more time with her, but she didn't believe it, he probably did this to all the girls. She shook her head, sad at her decision, but she knew she had better get home. "Can I get a rain check?" She let a giggle at the irony of her statement. Tom simply smiled down at her and nodded.

He held out his hand ready to shake the hand of a girl he hoped to see again. "If I'm not there just say Tom said you could get one." She shook his strong hand with her small hand being totally covered by his. He worried about crushing the small hand that was in his.

Of course he was always at the bar at the nightshift, but he thought it was a pretty cool line to say to a girl, I mean everybody else said it in the movies, and they looked so cool, hopefully he did too.

"Don't you work here every night?" His line was quickly shot done by her, and he smiled at let out a laugh and nodded. "Sorry I just see people say that in the movies, and I've always wanted to say it." She nodded returning his laugh. "Yeah me too."

He held onto her hand before she wiggled out of it. "Um sorry, better go, you know it's just going to get worse, and I don't want to die tonight, so I guess I'll see you tomorrow night." He couldn't wait, and he nodded.

She walked back to her car and turned around, forgetting something. "Um I guess you want this back." She began to remove his now also drenched jacket. But soon she was stopped as he held her arm. "No it's okay I got about twenty of those things, go ahead and keep it."

"Really?" She asked with a quiet, shy voice. He quickly nodded and smiled. She zipped it up and put on the hood. "Thanks." She said sweetly. "No prob." She nodded and waved good bye as she hopped back into her car.

He stood there with his hands in his pockets, watching as the girl drove off, he smiled to himself as he walked into the much warmer bar. He was quickly approached by his mother. "Will she be okay?" The woman asked and he nodded returning to his job and to his affixation with the girl sitting across from, which was now joined by the crush of a girl that he just helped.

"Will she be so okay?" She heard the waitress say as Tom pulled her out of the ruble that was a sad excuse of a table. "Will you?" She stood up answering Tom's question with a nod. "I'm fine sorry about the mess. I'll pay for the table, I guess it's just…I'm so sorry." She shook her self as she released her hand from his helpful grasp. "It's okay, I was going to turn it into fire wood anyway, you just beat me to it." He laughed, as she tried her body was filled with the urge… to puke.

"Oh shit." She covered her mouth with her hand as she ran out to the dark letting all her meals of the day out onto the parking lot, she scowled at the disgusting pile of sickening vomit. "Oh god." She couldn't stand the smell of her own proof that she had in fact become a drunk.

Her legs gave out to the weakness that came with being a drunk slut and fell to her knees. How did she become such a loser? She wondered that every night as she knelt over the toilet.

She heard the clang of the door, knowing exactly who had come out to check on her. "Damn it." She didn't want him to she her like this, she was supposed to hold it in until she got home, I guess it is just another thing to add to the embarrassing events of that night.

"I'm not that bad am I?" She looked over her head as she realized that he must of heard her. She shook her head turning it back so she could face the parking lot, and not the disgusted look that would be quickly coming from Tom. "You didn't answer my question." She heard him sit next to her. She tried to look away even more but that was impossible since her neck wouldn't twist at an 180 degree angle. "I'm fine." she said with no emotion. Still feeling the pain of the upcoming upchuck.

"Don't you have a job to do, you don't have to sit out here with me."

He slightly felt hurt at the way she was trying to keep her distance. "Nah, they can get themselves drunk, kind of getting tired of that." He smiled at the sky, trying to avert his eyes from what seemed to be a nice pile of vomit. 'Pleasant.' He thought sarcastically.

"Like me?" she asked he felt guilt, obviously she was humiliated and he was just making it worse. "Sorry I guess I'll just go back inside, have a nice night." He got up to leave, only taking a few steps before a once familiar delicate hand grasped his wrist.

He looked down to see her looking up to him, and she had a light tear coming from her crystal blue eyes. "Stay, I need the company."

She wasn't sure if she wanted him to stay, she might just puke all over him, it was unsafe for her pride, for her to stay there with him, but she felt just a little bit more comfortable.

He quickly sat down back next to her, but this time he had her full attention. "I'm sorry I just don't feel so well right now." He nodded. "That is what happens when you have about ten beers and try to fly." He let out a laugh, but she was silenced by her embarrassment. "I told don't worry about it, everybody gets drunk once in a while, you should of seen me." She looked back at him in surprise. "You got drunk?" She asked in disbelief. "Hey I can be wild sometimes, like one time, I got totally drunk right and I was hanging with my friends, well the next morning I couldn't remember anything, but I was in jail and they gave me a fine for streaking up and down the steps of the empire state building."

He had to be joking that wasn't possible, such a perfect person, do such a thing. "Your kidding." She let out her first sober laugh of the night. He shook his head. "No lie, they gave me clothes because supposedly I dropped all my clothes off at a homeless shelter. And just ran to the empire state building, all most got roughed up by a guy named G-Fizzle." He gave out a little shiver as the memory came back with traumatizing effects.

'Wow even when he was drunk he was a saint.' She thought as she looked into his soft eyes and welcoming lips. She didn't know what made her do it but she couldn't back as her lips and her heart pulled her towards his.

He couldn't believe that he had just told her that whole thing about him, she must hate him right now or thing he was disgusting. He looked down in embarrassment waiting her to say eww and just walk away from her.

He looked up surprised to see her still there, and now she was doing something he definitely didn't expect, she leaned in her head as he leaned in his and as the were about to kiss…

Before they could reach each other there was an incredible loud scream that filled the air. They broke apart and before they could begin again, she got a pain in her stomach that was over whelming. "Aw crap." she ran away down the ally letting another loud of vomit pour out into a near by trash can.

30 minutes earlier

The lights passed her in the corner of her eye determined not to look at the man next to her. She hated being in this car with such a lower life form as him, her only relief would be that her job would be done for one night, she could relax for a little while, until f course she went to sleep, only to wake up in cold sweat.

She preyed for her suffering to be over but it seemed that there was no one to answer her prayer

"So what is the name that you would give an angel, like yourself?" If he knew her at all he would definitely not be calling her an angel. "Eve." He nodded in recognition. "Wow, that kind of reminds of this story my mom used to tell me." The statement slightly got her attention, listening more than she had before.

"What was the story about?" She said still with her unemotional, uninterested voice, but of course her mood, did not put off the man next to her. "It's kind of a mood killer, better not tell you, it will probably make you cry or something." Wow this guy didn't know her at all, but that is exactly what she did as she heard the story. She placed her hands on her face resting her elbows on her thighs, she was really tired that night, but not too tired to hear an old story.

"I can take it." She said not raising her attention just her head from her hands. "Well if you say so, it all started…" She listened to the story with a lonely tear in her eye, as he described the couple in the story, and how they met such a tragic end. She let go of her emotionless exterior down for just a second, as a tear fell down as it always did when listening to the story from so many people, so many different endings and only one truth. This guy was so far from the truth, he turned it into some triple x story which sickened her.

"Well we're here, hmmm, that story usually gets girls crying, go figure." Thank god he didn't see the tear that had just reached her lips, giving the salty taste that made her stomach clench.

"Mademoiselle?" His voice come from the doorway that she hadn't noticed was open. She looked out and he had his hand held out, but she wouldn't be helped she just pushed herself out of the old spice smelling car and quickly walked over to the apartment. She had to admit it was quite a good apartment for a man of his "talents."

He walked up to the front door opening it as if he was a gentleman, wearing a mask. Of course she had not blamed the man for acting out of character she had done it for three years. She was not many things, including a hypocrite.

She walked into what seemed to be a plaza of some short, it seemed warm and homely, definitely not her kind of place, but she would easily deal long enough. She let the clacking of her heels fill her ears, driving out the filthy comments that the man had an urge to say to make her hot and heavy, wasn't working.

Soon they made their way to the elevator where she walked in noticing that it was totally silent she had no choice to listen to the man's comments about how big her breasts were, but then she was freed from the derogatory.

"You know you are the most beautiful woman that I have ever seen." She couldn't help but blush. "I think I'm totally in love with you Eve." He was being so sweet, not his usual cocky self. "I think I love you too." He knelt down on one knee, holding her hand in his. "Than will you marry me?" She couldn't help but cry at that moment, the moment she had wished for all her life, the one moment when she would be proved wrong, that she would be loved, but there was something wrong in his eyes.

"What's wrong?" She asked placing her hand on his cheek. She felt so wrong about this proposal, she thought he had the wrong intentions, she tried to stop thinking of it, but every time she'd see that sadness in his eyes, her heart would shrivel in worry. "It's nothing, just please say yes." She shook her head. "I just can't." Her answer shocked the man kneeling in front of her. "What's wrong please tell me?" She pleaded with him, but he gave her the same answer and begged her to say yes, but she wouldn't unless he would tell her what was wrong. They had a stalemate.

That was her favorite version of the story, the one where they were deeply in love, enveloped in their passion for each other, never wanting to let go. Of course compared to the previous version she had just heard, the poet that had told her that story was an American literature award winner. The man who had told her the version was obviously very poetic and romantic, but he was still just like the others, such lower life forms, that they didn't deserve to live another second.

She had thought of his version since he had told it to her three months ago. She asked herself what would of happened if they truly were in love, if Eve and the man of the story were in love, or at least would of admitted it, would they be able to concur their sad and pitiful fate, would the girl in the story be happy now?

Her inquisitive thoughts were interrupted by the ding that came from the opening of the doors of the elevator. "Here we are top floor. No one can hear you scream." She pushed herself off the wall she had been leaning on, the one farthest away from him. She let out a huff as she sulked out of the elevator and on the carpet, she looked around and realized that nobody could be heard screaming, they were the only one on the floor, and it seemed that they were so far up that it was humanly possible to be heard.

They walked over to the lonely door and he opened it with his spiffy little key, and with a clank she was let into his not so humble abode. The room that they had entered was filled with the smell of cologne, no wonder he was so rich he saved so much on not having correct hygiene products. It seemed that he tried to cover up all the smells of something that had rotted with Axe.

Eve traced the apartment with her hard eyes, and she noticed one particular door. A door with what seemed to be a poster of some kind of band. She came closer to the door and realized this was certainly no band this man would listen to, the stuff that had played in his car sure did not seem like the type with skulls on it and what seemed to be a piercing going through it.

As she reached for the handle she was quickly denied access. "Oh um, don't go in there, it is just my maid's, she is a little eccentric." This coming from a guy who had a KISS pinball machine in his living room. He quickly grabbed showing his slight strength and dragged her from the forbidden room. His urgency to get her away from it, only made her want to see the contents even more.

He quickly opened the door to room that didn't seem that would belong to him. She was not surprised, but of course she did not have many emotions, but any other person would surely not match up the man with his appearance and the shape of his immaculate room.

She quickly placed her self on his bed feeling the slight poke of something she had sat on. He placed his hand on the dial of a nice stereo and turned on to what they had been listening to, Some kind of moaning no doubt done by him. He placed his hand on the knob and closed the door tightly locking, worried that who ever may intrude may see what he had been doing to Eve.

As she saw this she placed her hand and gripped tightly at the object that had been secretly in her skin-tight pocket. "I guess we should, you know." The man began to walk towards her with a eagerness in his eyes.

About a second later the air was filled with an amazingly loud shriek of pain.

Will you hear the story? Why is it the only thing that will make Eve cry? Is Eve even her real name? Will Tom get with Tina? Will Trent get over Eve? Who screamed their lungs out? Will Tina ever stop puking at the wrong time? Will hamsters take over this universe? (let's hope so.) Will I ever stop asking stupid question? Ha ha NO! You'll find this out not in the next chapter well maybe, but the rest will be told through out the story so you will just have to wait nuh nuh.

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