"Damn it Eve, you are getting on my last nerve." The voice of Sabu welcomed her to the new. When Eve opened her eyes Sabu's sweet scowl in front of a dark and cloudy morning sky brightened her heart. So she sat up and pushed her off her stomach. Cat fur sticking onto Eve's hand.

"I mean is it some kind of pass time for you to make me lose my patience until eventually I explode." Eve shook her head and just leapt down from the roof. Not trying to escape the nagging, because she knew it would follow her where ever she went.

"Oh Sabu don't you ever get tired of nagging on poor sweet Eve." Eve walked into Sasu's voice to find him sitting on the couch. He winked at her before she noticed the four other people in the room.

She walked quickly past them, before anybody could say anything, but when she reached her door she wiggled her knob to find her door locked.

She slumped onto her door and let it hold her up. "Who locked my door?" Michael raised his hand and he seemed almost proud of it too.

"I knew where the key was." He nodded smiling. "Though I have no idea how." He scratched his head and went back to a cup of coffee that he seemed to have stolen from her coffee pot. She walked into to the kitchen, to the coffee pot.

"Empty" she stated waiting for no explanation, just making herself a new one. "We finished it all. Sorry." She looked up in cupboard where she kept the grounds and Serena was right they had used it all.

Se turned to the group that watched what she would do and instead of yelling at them as she knew they expected she walked past them and walked to the keys on her night stand and swept her hand across the table, but nothing came with. Just a whole bunch of nothing. "Where are my keys?"

Sasu jingled the keys between his fingers and smiled. "Now if you would please just sit on the chair and we can get started." Sasu smiled and Eve did what she was told. But not with a smile. "Thank you."

Eve took a second to look around the room and they all sat there. Even Emily's new little friend who looked like she was permanently attached to young Emily's lap. But Eve shifted in her chair as she felt the little girl's cold stare penetrate her skin and some how tickled her soul. "What the hell?" She thought out loud. The little girl giggled inside keeping a straight face.

But when Sasu gave her a stern look she stopped immediately and apologized to no one imp particular. But when she lifted her head she smiled and between her lips came a little hum. "Hey Sasu I feel weird I think I need to go to the wee wee." The little girl looked to old to need company, but no less did she hop up and walk over to Eve to grab her hand and lead her own way to Eve's bathroom.

"Thank you, Eve." The girl rocked on the toilet and still hummed her little song as she smiled up at Eve. "Can you please not look at me while you pee please." But the little girl still looked at her.

The look in her eyes made her seem like she was waiting for something. "What?" Eve huffed, sensing the little girl's curiosity. She smiled at Eve. "Why do keep smiling?" She laughed at Eve and Eve's spine felt a tremor run down it.

"Evee, you are the prettiest when you smile." The little girl fell silent after she said that. Only using her mouth to hum the repeating tune. Eve just watched her as she washed her hands and left as the little girl followed her back out. The little girl running back to Emily. Wrapped in her arms as soon as the little girl hopped on Emily's lap. They almost looked a lot like sisters. Especially with Eve's picture of Emily with her curly blonde hair.

"Okay today is the first day of training and like old times Sabu will be taking care of your training." Moans filled the room. "Just like old times." Sasu sung in a happy tune. Poking a little bit of fun at their sad faces.

"Okay first you guys have to change. I have sweat suits for you to wear in the closet over there." Sabu pointed out the black doors on each side of the room. "You need to be as flexible as you can be." Sabu gestured to Serena's heels. So she slipped them off and put them in her hand.

Then she stuck out her tongue at Sabu. Sabu smiled. "Twenty push ups for Serena's insolence." Shocked Serena couldn't believe things have gone to the old ways so quickly. The others didn't seem so surprised.

With out another word they padded across the hard word floors and all grasped their door knobs, and before they couldn't even open the door a crack something flew out. Blowing the doors open.

Serena fell down to the floor and hit her head hard against the wall. Her eyes blurry green colored. "What the..." Before she could finish the thought. Eyes snapped into her head. Pure black eyes.

Michael only stood there for a second before something flew over his head and into the wall. When he turned around demons lined their walls. Red eyes contrasting with their dark scaly skin and their blinding white teeth.

"Shit." He turned to see Tina backed against the wall. Her eyes wide with fear. "Tina!" He yelled but she wouldn't budge from the wall. He was the only one standing against them and he felt like shitting his pants.

They smiled at him and for a second his thoughts stopped. "Run!" He screamed at the top of his lungs, but no one listened they were all trapped in their own little world. Emily now in one of the actual closets. Hiding with the little girl in her arms. Still humming the goddamned song.

Before another thought could reach his mind an arrow shot past his head. A shriek that brought agonizing pain to his ears filled the too small room. "One down four to go."

When he turned there stood Eve a crossbow held between her hands and ready to shoot. Her shirt torn from probably her own personal attack. Mike felt a nick at his ear and air that rushed by him too quickly for him to even think about it as a threat and then another shriek.

She only took a few moments before there was only one pinned to the wall, and by what seemed to be a signal she pulled down her weapon and stood against the wall. What seemed to be Eve's retreat bringing a smile to the pinned demons face. A dramatic change from the fear that was covering it a moment earlier.

"No more to protect you boy." The demon, which seemed to be a boy, reached for the arrow in his wing. To Mike's horror it ripped out with no pain shown. Just a sudden flap of it's wings was it back in the air.

It liked it's lips to taunt him, and it worked and his body shriveled in fear.

It's flapped him into shock and he didn't move. Even though his head told him to run for his life. He stood a look on his face like a little boy, and it seemed to make the demon very happy.

He didn't even notice when it took off from the wall. It even took him a moment for him to realize when it was taken down. Only a stick left on the ground. When he moved out of the shock he moved towards and found it to be a spike from a heel.

Tina still stood there in a position after one would be in after throwing a heel spike. She blinked but that seemed to be the only thing she could do. Until a strong hand shook her and she looked around the room for a reason she was in that position. Sabu just smiled at her. "Good job." She whispered as if she was about to give her a gold star, but nothing came.

"You owe me new shoes Tina." That's when it all came back to Tina.

When she saw Mike was in danger she ran over to Serena's shoes and by some weird power, which she thought was instinct she broke off the heel, and flung it as hard as she could at the demon. Sending it to it's screeching death and her mind into a short time pause.

"Shut up Serena she saved your butts." Eve said as she walked back into the room, from a door that connected the two training rooms. Serena just gave Eve another dirty look and huffed to the closet to retrieve the clothes that she was so rudely interrupted while getting.

Mike walked over to her and held out his hand. Awkward much.

"Thanks for saving my life." She only lifted her hand a little before a terrible whistling sound filled the room.

Sabu had it hanging out of her wrinkled mouth. "Time to start training." Everybody lines up in front of Sabu in their suits moments later. The little girl playing in a corner with a lollipop that Sasu had given her. Humming the same song.

"First we will stretch out. and then we will work on the dummies." They looked to one of the windows to the side of the room and they could see Eve training in her own personal room. They had not seen her stretch at all, but now she had been handling a long sword, every swipe looking like a blur of silver light.

Eve stood still as her hands moved towards her target, a white tiger. That was now jumping around the room. It's claws not given many chances to even swipe at her. But her bare stomach still bled from a wound that may have been caused earlier.

They both stood on opposite sides of the room. The tiger still pure white, but Eve bleeding with a few nicks on her arm. Blood trailing down her bare leg. Eve took a quick stance, preparing for the next attack. The white tiger's back was up as it was ready to pounce. The moments before it jumped seemed to be some kind of calm, but as soon as the tiger leaped in the air the calm was thrown into a stretch of suspense, and then a piercing whistle blew and they all turned their heads to Sabu.

"Forty push ups for not paying attention." But as they laid down everyone looked to the window and there stood Eve no new claw marks on her top half. From the angle they couldn't see her legs though it didn't look as if Eve was expecting anymore attacks. Her body was relaxed and she didn't have a sword in her hand. Sasu stood beside her.

So they all turned their attention to upping and downing with their arms realizing their Thanksgiving was going to be the Thanksgiving they expected. Especially when every girl rushed to the bathroom between the last set of pushups.

Michael finished before realizing he was alone with Sabu in the room. He looked completely around the room looking for them, when he realized that they weren't there. "Where did they go?" Sabu just shrugged and smiled at the group of girls standing outside of the bathroom taking turns.

They went through a five hour training session leaving them all in a tired condition waiting to pass out. Especially the girls who came back to the room with a miserable frown covering their faces. "Stupid womanhood." Serena growled under her breathe as she walked into her place.

Now they sat at a nicely made table in Eve's apartment. Eve no where to be seen after she had disappeared to the roof.

They all salivated as they watched Sasu walk in with a turkey the size of the dog that lay by Emily's feet, and they just couldn't wait to dig in. Sasu sat it in the middle of the table right by the honey baked ham that had just appeared a few moments ago. "Dig in." Sasu said and they did just that.

Michael took lumps of potatoes, and Serena had so much turkey she thought she would burst. Tina had enough ham to feed a whole army, and Emily had so much green bean casserole she thought she would be seeing green. But of course they didn't complain.

"Oh my, I haven't eaten like that since, well last time Sasu cooked thanksgiving dinner." Mike laughed and they all nodded in agreement.

"Remember when Emily had her first thanksgiving, oh my god she threw half of it on the wall." Tina laughed and Emily blushed.

"Yeah me and Tina spent most of the night giving her a bath to try and get all the stuffing of her face." Serena continued and Emily's face looked like a beet. But a blush that she was happy to have.

"Hey you guys had the easy job…" Mike complained. "Me and Derrick had to clean the whole room." He laughed, but when he did the room became quiet. Suddenly everyone in the room had a question on their mind.

"Hey um Sabu." Serena asked and Sabu looked up from her dinner that she suddenly seemed to concentrate very hard on. Her lips pursed together holding back something.

"Where is Derrick?" And for one second they all thought that Sabu's face had fallen, but it must have been a trick of the light because her smile seemed to be one of the happiest person ever.

"He couldn't make it." She said going back to her food and taking a deep breathe in the process. The air seemed a little lighter as they began to go back to their food. "Oh that's too bad." Serena said and smiled at them all as if it was a signal to just be happy again and it worked. Except for one person who just wasn't quite convinced.

'He's dead!' Michael's thoughts screamed at him and the thought made his stomach tighten closing off his appetite. "Why not?" He asked, words pressed by the need for someone to prove his thought wrong. He looked around and the air went stiff again.

'Why can't I ever leave things alone?' He scolded himself making him withdraw his question. "Never mind." he said and the air went back to normal, but he still couldn't help the pain he felt in his gut. He tried to suppress it, but all he ended up doing was excusing himself and going outside the balcony to get some fresh air.

Once he got out there he filled his lungs with the New York air and lifted out a cigarette from his pocket and lit it with a lighter. 'He's dead.' Whirled in his head over and over again only a little quieter as he welcomed the smoke into his longs with hard sucks on the death stick.

"If you wouldn't mind not smoking I would really appreciate it." He heard Eve say above him, when he looked up she stood above him looking off in no particular direction, just out.

She was still in her work out clothes and her body was covered in bandages. Her hair in a high ponytail whipped by the harsh air promising another storm. He quickly put out the cigarette on the metal railing. "Hey Eve." He said.

She was silence for a long time. "Hey." She said finally and he turned back to the scene playing bellow him. A man was holding the hand of another man and an old lady carried something rolled up in a blanket as the cars whizzed by them.

"Are you afraid of them?" Eve asked, and Mike looked up at her again and she still didn't seem like she moved her gaze anywhere. Her body stiff, and her eyes seemed so unseeing, like she was a statue.

"Who?" he asked still watching her, wanting to see her act as if he noticed her a little. "The demons." She said it and he knew she had, it was just she didn't move. So he guessed she didn't see when he nodded not able to lie to her. But she grunted in what seemed to be understanding.

"Well you better get over it." She stated and hopped down from the ceiling and walked past him and he just couldn't help watch her hips swing back and forth, but then he just had to get something out.

"Where is Derrick?" Mike asked and she stopped. She didn't turn, she didn't look. She didn't even jump, all she did was…shrug and walked back inside. Her perky pony tail still as she walked inside all the way into the sanctuary of her room.

When she was gone he turned around and lit another cigarette finishing it with anxious puffs. 'He's dead.'

Emily still sat at the table now enjoying a piece of pumpkin pie and laughing at jokes to the best of her ability, but she never really heard a word they had said. She was in her own little world.

Thinking of a day in an era that she remembered like it was yesterday.

Emily had just starting to put up decorations for Eve's birthday party. It was going to be a surprise from her, Sabu and Sasu. They were taking a day off training just for Eve. Smiles on their wrinkled faces. Though, something in their eyes wouldn't stop bothering her.

The room was so close to being done. Emily now stood on top of a shaky ladder, taping a whole lot of balloons in one place. All of them different colors. But her damn blonde hair done in curls wouldn't get out of her eye sight. She pushed them back aggravated and quickly lost her footing. She wobbled around for terrifying moments, and then finally she fell.

She felt relieved when she only felt soft carpet under her. She looked back and found that the coffee table almost hit her head, but she was so lucky it didn't. She laid down on the carpet trying to calm her heart from the almost death experience. Thank god she mouthed from the floor and sat up on her palms. She looked around for somebody who might of seen her embarrassing fall, but she didn't see anyone.

So she stood up and wiped herself off and walked back to the ladder to put it away, but something had caught the corner of her eye.

A silhouette was standing in the door way. When she turned to see who it was her breathe caught. She blinked making sure it wasn't a dream, before running to the door and opening it, still not able to believe he was there standing before her.

"Hey Ems." Derrick said as he brushed the curls out of her face and surprisingly stayed there as she jumped on him for a hug. Feeling her cheeks pinch with the biggest smile she ever smiled. Derrick's arms incasing her with a strong grip. "I missed you Ems." She nodded into his chest in agreement.

At some point he decided to put her down and take a look at her. "Wow you have grown a lot." He sounded amazed, but Emily's eyes were still adjusting to his yellow highlights. She couldn't resist touching them.

"Cool huh? I got them done by a friend who always does my hair, she is really cool. She did my hair for free." Emily took a handful of her own hair and thought of the possibilities. Black with metallic blue streaks she thought and when she looked up at Derrick he had a smile on his face. But it wasn't lighting up his dark blue eyes like every other time he smiled.

"Next time I come around…" His voice kind of gave out between the sentence, but Emily just thought it was some kind of cold. "Sorry, next time I'll take you okay?" Emily nodded stupidly and jumped in the air at the thought of Sabu's face. Priceless!

Emily was so distracted by the thought of her hair being like Derrick's when she couldn't help feel his mood drop to depression.

She looked up and gave him a concerned look but his eyes were covered by his hair and she couldn't see the blue of them, but she felt so sad. He must have noticed her staring, because he looked up into her hazel eyes and smiled.

Then it hit her, a random thought. 'Eve will live, and you will…' the thought was stopped before she could finish it . For a second it felt like she had just entered her mind after leaving for a break. And when she did she was suddenly wrapped in Derrick's arms and he kissed her on the head.

He held her out at arms length and smiled at her as if his face was being fought over by two very different emotions. His smile bright and uplifting, and his eyes depressed and downcast. What the hell was going on?

But before she could even suggest a thought he turned without even a wave as if he turned back he would just do something he didn't want to do. So Emily just watched and let him leave.

Now that Emily thought of it she hadn't seen him since, and she never met the girl he talked about. She got her hair done by this girl she knew at school who was this really cool popular chick. Melanie was her name. Surprisingly she was one of Emily's coolest friends even though she was quite high on the high school food chain and Ems was the exact opposite.

Melanie even already had a job being the secretary for some social service lady. Melanie thought she was pretty cool, but she was always so stone faced Melanie would say. Soulless even.

Emily turned to see Eve walking past her into her room, without a smile or even a glance. 'Soulless' Emily repeated in her head as if it would connect to something, but as Emily shut her door the slight connection broke and she went back to half paying attention to everyone's conversation.

'Why did Michael leave?' Tina asked herself trying her best not to be caught staring at him out on the balcony, but every time the corner of her eye would touch him, it would linger probably making her eye look possessed or like it was trying to escape her head, well she guess it kind of was. It wanted to look at him, but her head wouldn't let it.

"Hey Tina." Someone called to her. When she turned her head she saw Serena was looking at her funny. And to add to it all Tina gave her a big dumb look and said, "huh?" Serena's head shaking, her face smiling.

"Nothing." Serena said winking and motioning to Michael on the balcony and Tina pretended that the idea was ridiculous. Shaking her head and wording the word no. Serena just smiled skeptically and turned back to the conversation. And now Tina had no choice but to prove her wrong. She did not have a crush on Michael.

"May I be excused?" Tina asked Sabu and she nodded. Tina pushed back her chair and walked over to the sink and put the dish and walked over to the balcony. Mike didn't turn to look at her, but he put out his cigarette on the railing.

"Hey" she said and he turned his head to smile at her. She smiled back before she joined him on the railing.

"Thanks again." Mike said as he flicked the bud over the railing. Tina followed it into some guys coffee. She cringed and looked at Mike to see if he noticed, but he didn't he was still looking out to the now storm cloud filled sky.

"Thanks for what?" She asked looking at Mike with such intensity that she thought she might burn holes in his head, but he still didn't seem to notice. Figures.

"Saving my life." He laughed and finally looked at her with a peculiar smile on his face, and then it seemed he was caught. He finally gave all his attention to her, and she blushed under his eyes. He laughed at her and she felt her cheeks get hotter and anger built up in her stomach.

"Why are you laughing?" She demanded and he laughed even harder when she got in his face. Her face steaming with confused anger. "Stop laughing at me!" She yelled at him, and he did. Then she felt everybody staring at her from inside.

"Sorry." She whispered to them and closed the door to the balcony so they couldn't hear her talk, but before she turned back to Michael she caught Serena smiling at them.

She turned back to Michael and he was staring back at the sky completely silent. Not looking at her at all. Had she done something wrong? "I'm sorry." She apologized and another laugh came. She looked at him completely confused and kind of scared, but when she did look at him it seemed like he was laughing at something ironic and sad. Shaking his head his eyes shut trying not to face her, or something else.

"What is so funny?" She asked in a voice she tried to keep calm, but even she could hear the shaking of her nerves. Her face blushing under the circumstances. He looked at her and for some reason someone was looking out for her, because it began to rain. Her face felt cold again and his green eyes didn't seem so intense on her skin.

She soon found her skin red hot when he grabbed her hand in his. "You're so beautiful in the rain." He was about an inch away from her face now and she his green eyes even more intense than ever, as if they cut through her shield of downpour. She was completely speechless, until anger shot through her when he began to grope her bum. SMACK!

Birds flew out of their nests into the rain and everybody inside had looked out to see what had happened. They would have seen Michael holding a hand to his face, and Tina walking with lava red anger on her face. Her body shaking from the lecherous act that had just happened to her.

"Tina, go inside!" Mike yelled at her apparently out of shock from the smack, and she heard terror in his voice so she had to turn around to see what it was. It was another one of them flying over Michael. She couldn't move as it waved at her.

It looked down at Michael and probably saw that he was going to do nothing so it taunted him as it floated down with grace and elegance, standing in front of him, a beautiful, wicked smile on it's green scaly face. Soon masked by that of a beautiful woman, with coal black eyes, wide as they scanned Michael.

From the back Michael didn't look scared, but he didn't look like he was going to fight her either. Tina felt her legs shaking fighting to move, but somehow she couldn't stiff by some weird instinct.

Then something else took over. The feeling she had at the club seemed to vibrate her body with some kind of weird pleasure as she walked over to the couple. She stepped in front of oblivious Michael and took the little bitches head into her hands, and looked right into the black abyss known as the eyes.

It only took a moment before she was looking at all her sick memories, all with smiles on her face, but after a while she come onto one that she looked so sad, grabbing her head in pain and Tina felt satisfied. So she grabbed onto it and pulled to the front of all of them and pulled back into her own mind first muttering the unfamiliar words. When her eyes flew back to the front of her head, and a huge headache burst from her mind, she looked down to see the demon on it's knees, choking on it's own depression.

"Get off of the balcony." Sabu yelled to them, and Michael jolted out of shock just in time. The shankae threw back it's head as they jumped through the doorway. Once inside Sasu slammed the door shut. "Everybody get down and cover your ears." Sabu yelled and they didn't take one second to listen. They made a second carpet from their bodies and covered their ears, but the screams seemed to penetrate their hands, and dissect their minds with some kind of exploding effect and they felt pieces of glass tear at their skin and cringed as blood trickled down their body as some pieces stuck to them with violent teeth.

They closed their eyes, trying to push out the noise, but they didn't have much success, so they began to prey for it to stop, but when it did they were confused.

They slowly began to sit up one by one, and when they did they saw Eve standing in front of the shattered glass door, looking out at a pile of jade dust. Flying out to the wind. Eve walked back into her room ignoring every look In the room, and shut her door behind her. Silence following after.

They all stood when they got their balance, and walked back to the table, Michael and Tina avoiding each other's eye sight. "You know what I say we go to a bar tonight." Serena suggested as they all sat down. They all looked at her funny.

"You know to celebrate us meeting up after like years. We deserve to have a drink." They all nodded. "I know just the place." Serena smiled and they all enjoyed the rest of their food and went off to get ready to go.

Emily was kind of put out, because she knew she wouldn't be able to go out, but she really couldn't wait to have the whole apartment to herself.

"Can me and Emily stay here by ourselves?" The little girl seemed to read her mind as she asked Sabu. Sabu nodded, "I don't see the harm in that." She smiled at them and they smiled back.

Soon eight o' clock came and they all met at the apartment, even Sabu and Sasu were going. Emily looked at them with their short skirts and tight shirts. They all stood waiting for Eve to come out, but for some reason she was taking the longest time.

Finally when Eve walked to them they all looked at her with some kind of awe.

"Finally, god what were you putting on a tub of make up." Serena snarled at her. Tonight she was going to get Trent back from the slut.

Eve's legs were tanned under a jean skirt and her shirt dipped down her cleavage. Her back covered by a jacket, and only Michael knew why. He scratched his own neck in self consciousness.

Eve walked past them with acknowledgement and walked to the elevator without a glance though she must have known they were all staring at her. But she didn't seem to care as they listened to the elevator doors open and shut as she took to her car.

They followed her driving off in their own cars and Emily watched them as they left into the night.

"Can we watch a movie?" Emily nodded as the little girl hopped on the couch and went to the collection and selected her favorite movie. A Little Princess. Of course it was kind of a shock to see it in Eve's house but she slid it in and pressed play all the same.

"Come on Emily I'm going to go see a movie you want to come?" Eve poked her head into Emily's room and saw the little five year old cuddled in bad crying. Eve padded over to her and wrapped her arms around the little girl. The only shoulder she really had to cry on.

"Emily I hope you know that dog dying was not your fault." Eve wiped away her tears with her thumb a ring shining in Emily's eyes. Emily gripped it and played with it a couple of seconds.

She looked up asking where it had come from, and Eve just smiled. "It was a birthday present." She smiled and a thought shot through Emily's mind. She hopped out of her comforters and ran to her drawer. She pulled out a piece of construction paper folded in half and covered in glitter.

Emily gave it to her and Eve looked at in happy surprise and for a second it look like she was going to cry. She wrapped Emily in two small arms and walked her out to the living room.

It was Eve's eleventh birthday yesterday and Emily couldn't give it to her yesterday because it seemed that Eve was in her own little world and when anyone tried to talk to

her she would bite their heads off. Emily wondered if it had anything to do with Derrick leaving yesterday. They had all thrown him a party to say good bye. Emily, Sabu, Sasu, and Serena. But Eve had sat up in her room at the top of the stairs not letting anyone in. They all had to cover for her when he asked about her. He had gone up there once when we spilled the beans and then left.

Well the next day, Emily had felt so bad as she found out one of the dogs on the block had been killed by it's owner. She was even more saddened and depressed by the fact that she was the last true human being the dog had seen. When Emily looked into it's eyes she thought that it should die.

Emily was depressed and it was odd to see Eve so the opposite. "Come on Ems, let's go." Emily took her hand as they walked out of the house and walked to a mall about a mile away. When they arrived Emily knew Eve would drag her into the knew horror movie, but that day she surprised Emily.

"Two tickets to A Little Princess please." She paid for the tickets and took Emily inside. Bought their favorite candy and bought a huge soda and went to watch it. Eve fell asleep half way through, but Emily watched it from right in front of the screen. Like only little five year olds could.

The little girl curled up into Emily's arms and watched as the movie played on, the little girl enchanted. But Emily couldn't let go of the feeling that Eve had changed for the worst. Eden laying at her feet.

The bar was empty that night, but it might have been that They had gotten there so early. When Serena looked down at Trent from the top of the stairs her face steamed seeing him talk Eve up like she was some kind of goddess or something.

Serena looked around and saw that the only good looking guy was Trent so there was no way she was going to get distracted, not that she would care if any other guys were there. She only cared about one.

She heard uneasy footsteps enter behind her, and reminded herself that she didn't have only herself to think about tonight. She had another mission tonight.

She looked behind her and Michael held the door for Tina and she saw how sweet Tina was for him, and she wasn't known as the match maker for nothing.

"Thanks Mike." Tina muttered and Serena though it was so sweet, and ironic. Like one of her romance novels where the shy girl goes for the outgoing perve.

Serena watch them walk by her stalling for time to collect herself before she approached Trent. His smile melted her shoes to the floor. When she walked down the steps and finally reached the bottom she hated how her heart jumped when she felt his gaze caress hers.

Her eyes flirty. Trent's looking like a little boy in a nightmare. Of course she didn't notice when her heart was beating so fast, she had to concentrate on not tripping over herself, but she got there looking cool and collected.

"Hey Trent." She smiled sitting in front of him. Biting her lower lip, a devious smile placed on her face. Her feet shaking in her boots.

"God." Eve said as she drunk her bit of the alcohol. She had no desire tonight to help Trent he could tell Serena that they were going out all she wanted, but she wasn't going to go along with it. She already spotted somebody that she could tell was going to walk up to her right now. God have mercy on his soul.

"Hey can I get you another drink?" She looked the guy up and down and she admitted he looked decent. Much better than the man she met the last time so she let him sit next to her. He smiled at her and she didn't roll her eyes. She just let him raise his arm and ask for a drink from Tom.

Tom smiled at him, but Eve felt his scowl try and burn her back, but she felt nothing. She looked up at him and received her beer with a cold stare and drank it all in one gulp. She wasn't going to hold back to not gross this guy out. With her experience he wasn't going to leave just because she drank hard.

"Wow you can drink." Hello, captain obvious. She scooted away from him once he got to the point of breathing down her neck. He was nice, but touchy. Well after all the hitting on and about five long island iced teas he finally sung a little tune in her ear and they got up and left for his car.

She walked into his car and walked into his apartment just like every night since she had to take care of the people who just decided to invade her life. But she knew this was gonna be the beginning of her old routine starting up again.

Tina sat at the nearest table to the bar, generally keeping to herself. Trying not to watch the massacre happening at the bar. Mike found a girl who accepted his fondling skills as a cute quirky habit and laughed every time he did it as if he was the cutest thing.

"Gag me." She said to her Virgin on the beach. God why did she have to give up alcohol again?

"Now that wouldn't be fun." She turned her head up to see the smiling face of Tom. Who looked like her knight in a tee shirt from where she was sitting. Maybe he would sit down and talk to her about her screwed up day.

'I have to train with a devil in a disguise of an old woman, and I got attacked by six demons after a night of getting stuck in a club full of them.' She'd say and then he would wrap her in his arms and let her sigh into his arms. 'Oh and I found out the guy I loved was actually one of those demons.' He would give her some pure alcohol.

"Hey what's wrong?" He sat next to her and it felt like something was going right that night. She looked at the cracks on the table looking for somewhere to start. "Nothing."

He gave her a sad smile and got up. "Well I guess if you are okay I'll talk to you later." He walked away from her not waiting for her to tell him the truth. He probably had to go off and take care of some kind of alcohol emergency. Anything was better than hanging out with some sad girl who was sad for no reason.

"Smurf? I said Cocker Spaniel." A quite beautiful brunette laughed and her breasts did this cute little dance on her chest as she did. 'Not to self make her laugh more and more.' Mike smiled as he thought. Looking at her breasts were enjoyable. She liked it too.

"What's your name?" He asked the breasts as if some woman was so bored to name her breasts. "Clara." She answered with her southern bell voice and it seemed to bring the image of her as a cowgirl that was also quite stimulating for him.

"What's your name stranger?" Cowgirl lingo. 'I love it.' He laughed in his head. "Michael, but my friends call me Mike, or dumb ass. Which ever suits the occasion." More laughing and jiggling.

"I used to have a boyfriend named Mike." Oh crap. He thought 'Alert, drunk broken heart. Alert, may bite your head off at any moment!' He smiled at her casually and looked at the empty beers set in front of her. Why didn't he notice them sooner.

"He just broke up with me tonight." She picked one of the empties and looked through as if amazed by the fact that everything turned brown as she looked through it.

"Well in man language. I caught him in his office with my secretary." This fact made her laugh, but Mike didn't look anymore he lost all enjoyment. "No wonder she was taking the longer lunches." 'I wonder if she'll notice me if I'm gone?' He asked himself with a face that didn't match his thoughts. Smiling like a stupid idiot.

"Well I have to go." He said calmly to her, but she wasn't listening she was seeing the world through a beer bottles point of view. He got up and walked over to the middle of the room which wasn't to far away. He turned looking for a new familiar face. Didn't find one that was attractive. Even Eve was gone and Serena was busy with some poor guy trying to do his job. Even though Mike didn't get why he stuck around she was wearing some baggy green sweater. Nothing to look at.

So he turned to the only person he could. Tina looked at him with wide eyes as he sat down next to her. "Hey." He told her practically that this was a last resort with the huff that he made as he sat down. She mad it clear that she knew with a huff and her head on the table.

"What's up Little Tink?" He asked her actually concerned. She turned her head to face his sincere smile and she frowned. She looked for a second and went back to looking at the table. "Don't call me that, please."

"What I always called you that when we were little kids. You always fit the part." He ran his fingers through her pony tail and she just hit his hand away. She sat up trying to prove to him that she like she used to be. "I'm not little anymore, anyways I'm older than you." She stated.

"Oh what two years is supposed to make so much difference? Well I was just worried about you seeing as it seems your the one that is taking all of this so hard." He practically yelled at her, but nobody looked away from their drink.

"Oh I'm sorry if I'm over whelmed by the fact that we have to fight a whole army of demons all of a sudden. God what do you people think it's going to be a piece of cake." Tina yelled back and by the way Michael looked wide eyed at her she realized it hadn't hit him until then that it wasn't a joke.

She gave him a smile and stood up and began to leave. "You're not sad because of that, you're depressed because you met the guy you loved and learned that he was one of those bastard demons." How he knew that he had no idea. But he knew it was true when she turned around and slapped him hard and fast across the face and ran out to the storm outside.

He looked around to see if anybody noticed and nobody had heard them. Sabu and Sasu were some where else thank god. So he ran up the steps and ran after her. "Tina, wait!" He yelled and he didn't see her anywhere. Then he heard a little girl's cry from beside him and saw her curled up on the floor in the rain. The sight was so pathetic and depressing.

He ran over to her and bent over her to see if she was hurt. But she wasn't. Her face was just scrunched up in cries and her eyes were already red with tears. A picture he had seen so many times. He sat her up against the wall and tried to wipe her tears.

"I'm sorry, I don't know what I was talking about." He wiped at her eyes trying to get her to cheer up, but she kept crying. She grabbed his hand after the second time stopping him and letting him see something her break down.

"Please don't tell anyone." She begged and he nodded of course. She didn't anything to hurt her anymore. He stood up and pulled her up with him. "Come on Little Tink. You think you can drive?" She nodded and separated from him walking to her junked up car. Him walking over to his Black Mercedes as dark as the night that he cut into driving back to his place. The rain drops exploding on his windshield.

He about twenty miles away from his apartment when he heard the slightest sound of flapping wings. He happily thought it was a bird, but then it became louder and louder. He tried to ignore it, but then it sounded like a dragon's wings and then he saw a figure.

"Not now." He said as a large green glimmer rushed across his windshield.

his heart stopped making him lose control of the wheel and his car went out of control. He looked for traffic, but he was lucky the road was empty.

He tried to take control of the car, but before he could even grab hold of it he came to a violent stop. His head banging against the wheel. He didn't get knocked out, but he knew he shouldn't be driving for the next few hours.

"Shit!" He banged on his horn. The sound cutting through the silence. He reached for his cell phone and called a phone number waiting for a tired voice to come up on the receiver.

"Michael?" A groggy fee male's voice came to his ear and he smiled.

"Hey Rach, could you come out and get me. I was in a car accident." Soon he was giving her directions and waiting for her to come for him. His heart pounding in his chest. Finally realizing what kid of trouble he was in.

"Emily!" The little girl yelled at her. Shaking poor sleeping Emily awake. Emily had fallen asleep on the couch during the movie and was having her usual dream.

"I found something funny." The little looked at her and held out her hand for Emily to take it. Soon the little girl was taking Emily into a room she hadn't been in. But when she looked around it looked like Sabu's. It was kind of simple. It had a small gray bed that looked comfortable enough and a night stand that had all their pictures on it.

One even had her and Sasu at their hometown. Before Emily was even born. They looked exactly the same as they did now.

It made Emily smile to see them smile like brother and sister, she realized they hadn't smiled like that for a long time. She pondered that for a second looking around the room. Then Emily spotted what she thought the little girl wanted her to see.

It was a gray filing cabinet that looked kind of out of place in the corner of the room against a white saggy carpet. She walked over to it and bent down where the little girl was sitting and picked up some files that were pulled out.

She picked one up labeled with her name and opened it. She looked at her own baby picture for a second before looking at all the papers held inside. It looked like an amount that she could not achieve in one lifetime. She lifted her birth certificate knowing everything on there. She was born July 28, 1989. In London, England. She started to go through the papers and saw all her awards through out her life and smiled every time she came upon a picture of her getting older. Realizing how much she missed her blonde curls that would always get in her face.

She started to look through pages that she didn't quite understand their purpose. A newspaper clipping of a mother who had tried to kill her baby. She read a little into it and it said that the mother tried to choke her child after quote 'realizing it killed the man she loved.'

Emily turned the page quickly creeped out by the clipping. She soon got to the end of the endless stories that she didn't even remember and reached a picture. It was a chalk drawing signed by a little scribble Emily couldn't make out, but then when she focused on the charcoal drawing she didn't care.

It looked perfectly like her, but the woman who was in the drawing had long none colored hair, and her lips were brought together with stitches. Her eyes wide in horror and Emily tried to look away from them, but it seemed they were captured in the drawing, trying to escape.

You could actually she what she told you through her eyes. 'You're going to die.' It waved coldly across her mind. Then she caught something at the bottom of her eye. The woman's chest was revealed and there laid the scar that burned Emily's chest.

Emily reached for the drawing's scar with one finger and her own with her other. But before she reached them both she heard Sabu walk in with Sasu. She pulled it together and stuffed it hopefully back in the right place in the filing cabinet. Noticing that everybody had their own file.

She quickly ran out before Sabu had walked in the door. Sabu smiled up at Emily who made sure she was as far away as possible from Sabu's door. Sabu smiled at her. "Did you do anything special tonight Emily?" Emily quickly shook her head and Sabu walked back into her room with Sasu.

"Hey little girl, come on we gotta go." Emily was glad to see Serena and ran out of the door to the elevator.