It Was You I Was Thinking Of
The cold from the season is digging into me.
Pain has started to touch my bones.
I can no longer feel the skin on me.
Shivering, my vision has become so blurry.
Death is lightly breathing down neck
He has started to whisper sweet nothings in my ear
All I want if for this pain to stop
So I welcome him with open arms
Yet in my darkest hour a small thought comes into my mind.
There was a time when I was warmer and was in your arms
You held me and made the bad things go away
You tool care of me, but where are you now?
I love you so and I don't blame you for my stupidity.
But now I close my eyes from the dark that surrounds me.
I breathe freezes.
I am gone in this castle of snow, but in the end I was thinking of you.