You turned your back
When I needed you most.
You slapped me in the face
By the words you chose.
You walked in the door,
Not saying a word
I spoke to you,
But have you even heard?
You're away every day,
Working, hard at work.
Thinking every day is hell
And every boss is a jerk.
You arrive home to face me
And your other child.
If you see one thing outta place,
You just go wild.
You complain about how messy it is
To come home to this place,
When me and sis are constantly busy
Trying to clean every space.
You are a mom,
Never partied or got high.
I couldn't really care less,
When you always make me cry.
You don't seem to love anymore
Always running, always on the go.
Never spending time with me
Or asking me whats on the low.
Walk in the door, call your boyfriend,
Turn on the T.V, waiting for to show
So you could tell us what we did wrong this time,
That's how everyday would go.
I never get up the courage to tell you
Exactly how I feel.
We need the money you say,
But is that truly real?
You need to save for bills
For the television and the house,
When all you do is spend, spend, spend
On all your brand new clothes.
It sounds selfish when I say it like that
But what am I supposed to do?
The more you work
The farther away I get
From you.