SPECIAL LESSON! Rednal's Lecture on Ways to Improve Writing!

"Nina, wake up." Lyla said, shaking the girl back and forth.

"Go 'way… I need more sleep…" the girl groaned. "And it's Friday, right?"

"Er, no, it's not." Lyla replied, blinking. "It's Lecday."

There was a long moment of silence.

"That day doesn't exist." Nina finally groaned out. "You're crazy. Go kill your roommate or something and go back to sleep." Lyla sighed and hit Nina with a vase. "OW!"

"It's Lecday, Nina. A day inserted into the week by the Headmaster for a special lecture given by him personally. Now wake up, this is bound to be interesting." Lyla ordered, fingering a knife she had gotten somewhere. Nina nodded meekly, and fifteen minutes later the two of them were inside the Lecture Hall that had appeared out of nowhere overnight. Strangely, neither was at all hungry.

Unstrangely, the entire hall was filled with the entire student body. Headmaster Rednal was standing on the stage, a massive digital High Definition screen behind him. The Staff were standing along the edges of the room, ready to deal with troublemakers in the quickest fashion.

"Listen up!" the Headmaster began. "It has come to my attention that a lot of people need to improve their writing skills. This is not something you all need to do; some of you write perfectly fine as it is. However, I want you to pay attention anyways!" he smiled and looked around. "Therefore, today's Lecture will be on ways to improve your writing."

The screen flickered on behind him, showing a poorly written scene on the left and the same scene, written excellently, on the right.

"These two pieces were taken from the same author on two different revisions of their story. As anybody with a brain can tell, the one on the left has poor grammar, bad spelling, and makes little sense. The one on the right, however, is excellently made. The only thing this author did was write."

The pictures vanished.

"There is exactly one way to get better. And that is to practice. You cannot become a perfect typist overnight; you must do it constantly and consistently to get better. I know of two simple ways to actually accomplish writing more."

The screen flickered again, and showed a computer monitor with pages of text on it.

"The first is to simply write stories every day. This is something many people do. All you do is write. However, this is all what's in your mind, which is why I believe the second way is better. The second way is to join a major forum system online and spend at least an hour a day on it. I, personally, use GAIA Online, because of its RP Forums. These allow me to role play in different worlds, where other people are making the rules." He typed something in on the keyboard in front of him. An image appeared on the screen.











Played By:

"What you see on the screen is an example of a form for said Role Plays. For those who understand it, it is asking for information about your character. This is an example of a bad form." Rednal continued. The image on the screen shifted.

Name: Erin Wakalsiar Leafyhairandmelodiousvoice

Age: Twentyteen

Gender: Female

Race: Elf

Rank: Crown Princess

Appearance: Erin is the most beautyful elf girl alive. She has long, flowing, perfect platinum blonde and gold hair, and eyes as bright as the stars and silvery-gold in color, and the most beautyful dresses ever seen anywhere.

Biography: Erin lost her parents in a really tragic accident. So now she has to rule the elven lands all by her lonsesome self. And she is deeply in love with a Human Prince, but her brother doesn't like him at all. The poor girl.

Personality: Perfect.

Rites: Um, she can do everything?

Pet(s): All of them!

Played By: Me!

"Anybody who would fill out said form this way is an idiot." Rednal said flatly. "The name alone is ridiculous. The age does not exist. Her appearance is not really descriptive. Her biography is plausible, but could use many more details. Her personality, Rites, and pets are all things that make no sense. And saying it's played by her isn't helpful. Just to clarify, Rites are the special abilities of characters used in the Role Play I received this from. What's next is an example of a good profile." He chuckled.

Name: Rednal Michael Aquarius

Age: In the vicinity of about ten thousand.

Gender: Male

Race: Seraphim

Rank: Captain (Of the Chaise Royal Guard, if you insist on his full, official title)

Appearance: Rednal has two and a half inch brown hair, which he only combs during official functions that more or less require it. Standing at six feet eight inches, he is fairly tall, and tends to stand out because of his confident aura. His eyes are hazel, but are speckled with gold, a trait inherited from his mother's side of the family. These eyes are what could be considered "hard" most of the time. His outer clothing consists of a black vest (silk over a tough, unnamed, cut-resistant fabric), black trousers, black boots that reach a quarter of the way up his legs, and black gloves. He wears that particular color because he dislikes dressing up, and considers the color practical. The only items of jewelry he wears are a plain, gold ring in his right middle finger, and an amethyst pendant worn around his neck. He never removes the pendant, for any reason. His wings are massive, going out six feet each, and are almost entirely pure white in color. The five feathers on the end of each wing are black, a testament to less-then-pure ancestors, and the very bases of his wings have been charred black. This coincides with the burns that scar his back from when he was young. However, most people never see this, because he is not the sort of person who goes around town without wearing a shirt/coat/other form of torso covering. He can usually be found wearing a cloak around his shoulders. His hands are scarred from hundreds of years of working with a sword, though this, too, is rarely seen. The small amount of Fairfolk blood in him is undetectable just by looking at him.

Biography: Rednal was born into a warrior family, one noted for turning out excellent warriors with alarming regularity. At the tender age of eighteen (which, incidentally, is how old he still appears to be), he began formal training with several sword instructors. His life before that was unremarkable. Academics were something he learned readily enough, but was never overly interested in. His skill in combat, however, was quickly noticed and the boy was immediately sent off to a remote academy for the best teaching available. Spending over five hundred years there, he worked and mastered weapon after weapon (this is plausible, considering just how long he was there), until he finally attained the sort of skill he wished. His teacher gave him a weapon that was very fitting; a hilt that could become any sort of weapon he wished. This inspired Rednal to another two hundred and fifty years of training, during which he created and mastered his own style of fighting. Returning to the capital of Chaise, he enlisted in the Royal Guard with a very long letter recommending him. Over the course of another one thousand, four hundred and twenty five years or so, he proved his worth time and again by unhesitatingly volunteering for the most dangerous missions. Most of this he did to test himself. When he finally reached his two thousandth birthday, Rednal was awarded his current rank, for "Loyalty to Chaise, Exceptional Talent, and the Fact That We Think He'll Do A Better Job Then The Old Guy". This raised many eyebrows, but nobody really complained. Rednal had, to his displeasure, become the role model for a good amount of Chaise's male youth; everybody wanted to be like him. However, he accepted the promotion, and enacted swift changes to the Chaise Royal Guard under the watchful but fairly approving eyes of those he was sworn to protect. Things went from there with him calmly serving his country with everything they requested of him.

Personality: Rednal Michael Aquarius is an extremely cool-headed person. That is part of the reason he holds the rank he does. In any situation, he will most likely remain calm and think things through rationally, allowing him greater insight into some situations. Namely, those where others would be angry. He is usually aloof, as he is not the most sociable being, but he performs his duties to the best of his abilities and will do as his superiors command. He has a soft spot for kind females, and will occasionally go out of his way for them. He is also not fair, especially in combat. His personal philosophy is to do what it takes to win, unless what you sacrifice isn't worth the victory. If this involves doing something completely unfair, he will not hesitate to do it. His psychological weaknesses are fairly few, because he usually just doesn't care, but he cannot stand to put children in danger.


-Light Mind Guarder

-Light Body Guarder

-Light Spirit Guarder

-Light Mind Warrior

-Light Body Warrior

-Light Spirit Warrior

-Light Body Healer

-Light Body Shifter

Pet(s): None. He makes friends with animals fairly easily, but he does not, has not, and never will wish to be the sole owner of one. The closest you could get to this would be any steed he would ride.

Played By: Rednal

Headmaster Rednal looked around.

"This profile was sent in to a user on GAIA Online who was very picky about Original Characters, which is what this is. He even said, in fact, that he probably wouldn't accept Original Characters. I was accepted with this profile, which he called 'Kick Ass'." He smiled thinly.

The screen scrolled down somewhat.

"This profile is full of information. It gives a very accurate description of his looks, a plausible biography, and a realistic personality. His Rites are effective for his station. For the RP, it was stated that few people had more then six. If you can count, you will note that this character has eight. It is not shown, but I had a very reasonable explanation for that, as well. It took about forty five minutes for me to complete the entirety of that. When you can put that kind of time and thought into making a profile that will have even the most narrow-minded people saying 'Wow', you will be a lot better then you probably are now."

He nodded in satisfaction.

"Now, if you should choose to role play, do so literately. Use complete sentences. Add in proper punctuation. Make paragraphs. As you do so, you will gradually become perfectly accustomed to writing and responding to what other people think. This will vastly improve the skills of most of you out there."

Several staff members, including the girl with white hair, proceeded to the front of the stage and stood there, gazing at the students.

"When writing, it is not the brightest idea to write more then a few chapters without an additional file detailing all the important information. If you intend to continue a story until it is completed, you should type down all the information about the characters that you can. What they look like, every quirk of their personalities, things like that. Refer to your list constantly, and change it as needed. However, try to keep it much the same, so that your characters do not change more then your plotline indicates necessary. For each of the staff members in front of you, I have a massive profile all about them." He set a hand on James' shoulder. "For example, this guy here is my favorite character. He is a little troublesome, a strong fighter, and can be considered a leader." He shifted his hand to the shoulder of the white-haired girl. "She, however, is not a fighter. One of my favorite characters, this girl can not throw a punch to save her life. But as some of you witnessed, she is the best person to be allied with, because she is actually invincible. That's her only ability. Besides being cute now and then."

The girl laughed.

"Writing down profiles for your characters, major plot points, and things like that can help keep a story on track. It will also encourage you to think about who they are, and thus allow you to portray them more accurately." The screen flickered off behind him. "All of you now have a homework assignment. I want you to write a complete profile for a character of yours and send it to me through e-mail. You have computers, I believe. Oh, and the rest of the day is yours." The entire building, staff and all, vanished, leaving the students out on the grass.

"…That was interesting." Nina said, blinking.


Doing the homework and sending it via review will result in you being added to my ban list.

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