Music of Butterflies

Author: Coni

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Rating: PG-13

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Summary: Chloe Anderson is a strong girl, but she meets Sky and learns there's more to life than success and good grades.

Chapter Summary: More encounters with Sky on the first day of school.

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Chapter 2

I found out the details of the divorce the next morning, from my mom. I was to stay with her, and Dad would keep the house. We were moving out in two weeks, to a small house already bought, not far. Of course my highly organized parents would have planned this out already.

I also learned that part of the reason for the separation was that my dad had fallen for the secretary at his office. They were already engaged; the wedding was at the year's end. It was Lucille Friel, a pretty and cheery blond lady I'd seen a couple of times before.

I went to school with her name stuck in my head, and when Shannon greeted me I replied blandly with, "Her name is Lucille Friel."

"It rhymes," Shannon observed.

And I pondered that for the whole morning, drifting through my classes, since all we ever do on the first day was discuss classroom behavior and unacceptable conducts, and maybe have a quiz on the summer homework.

I wondered what kind of parents Lucille Friel had, to have given their kid a name that rhymed. Lu-SEEL Fr-EEL. Maybe her friends called her Lucy. But still. Of course, she would soon be Lucille Anderson. And at that moment I realized I was clutching my pen very very tightly.

I was somewhat pissed by the time lunch came around, at the boring teachers that were still thinking summer; the lethargic seniors that planned to slack off and sleep through the whole year, and, of course, at Lucille Friel, a woman I barely knew, and yet to her did I owe the ruining of my life.

Before she came along, I was doing great. Absolutely fantastic. My summer had been superb: no worries, no cares, pretty much all my hard work over with. 1600 on SATs, 5 AP classes sophomore and junior year, plus another senior year. 5's and 4's on all the AP tests. College applications were all I had to think about, the last step to ensure my success, and I'd finish the rest of high school breezily. Until Lucille Friel.

I was so absorbed that I didn't see where I was going after buying lunch. The result was that I ran straight into a wall, dropping my hot dog, a good $2 worth.

The wall said, "Our paths are crossed by fate."

I looked up. It was that guy from the day before, in a white tee-shirt and grinning as if running into me had just made his day. Oh, God.

He said, " I don't think I ever got your name."

"I dropped my lunch," I said, looking dolefully at the hot dog, totally ignoring him. Picking it up, I threw it into the trash can (I am a strong advocate for keeping our environment clean), and prepared to go ask Shannon to share.

"Hey, wait," said the guy.

I turned. "What?"

"Your ketchup is on my shirt."

I then realized that he had a huge red stain on his white shirt, not to mention a good part was soaking wet. I deduced that it came from the soda he was holding.

"Well," I said slowly. "I lost my lunch, and you lost your shirt to my lunch. I think we're about even."

He considered this, and then broke into a smile. "But I still have soda on it."

"That," I told him, "came from your soda."

He stepped closer to me. "But," he said seriously. "You ran into me. You were walking so fast I didn't have time to move. So-" he grinned, looking as if he had made a huge discovery, "I think you should do me a favor."

"Like what?" My stomach was growling.

"Like go out with me on Friday."

"No," I said flatly, and started walking away.

I've spent a majority of my life avoiding guys like that. Stupid, yet thought themselves oh-so-funny, chasing whatever girl looked pretty (not that I was pretty, by any means), no brains, no future.

Now stupid no-future boy caught up and started walking beside me.

"You never gave me your name," he informed me.

"I don't intend to."

"I gave you mine."

"Sky?" I said, then immediately regretted it.

Stupid Sky brightened. "So you did see it!"

To this I had no reply, just walked faster. What kind of name is Sky? His mom did him a favor, I thought vaguely. Three letters, since I was sure he wouldn't be able to handle any more.

"See, I thought I saw you throw away the receipt, and all would be lost, but then I run into you today! I think that must mean something," he was talking extremely fast.

"If I tell you my name," I said wearily, "will you go away?"

"For now, I guess."

"Chloe. Now leave me alone."

"Chloe," said Sky, as if sounding it out. He smiled, and stopped walking. I rolled my eyes, glad to be rid of him, but then he called out, "I'll see you later then, Chloe!"

"Not on your life," I muttered, and hurried to find Shannon.

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