Ok so before when I said that the rest of the story would be in 3rd person. I lied. It was originally gonna be... but I decided I preferred to leave it all in 1st person. Okie sooo this is - in a way - like a second prologue but I'm gonna call it Chapter One. because I want to. So ya. Please R&R and I will accept useful suggestions, tips, comments, blah blah blah.


Apart from my brothers and my mother, the only family I had was my Uncle John and Dina, my cousin. Even though she lived a few hours drive away from me and she and I were complete opposites, she still managed to be one of my best friends. She was everything I was not. She was popular, stunning, outgoing, flirtatious and so unbelievably girly. But she knew what it was like not having a parent and although she was a complete airhead and she wore stupidly revealing clothes, I could talk to her in a way I would never do with anyone else. Besides, she never completely gave in to all that slutty crap. She wasn't conceited or vain or any of those other things I hated in some people.

But as much as I loved her, she could sometimes be the most annoying, stupid, foolish idiot on the face of this earth. She came up with the worst ideas ever and always seemed to get you to go through with them. And this day, the day my story begins, was a prime example of that.


"Dina there is no chance in hell that I am even stepping outside of this room looking like this," I said in horror. "This has got to be your worst idea yet!"

There I stood in front of a full length mirror looking like my worst nightmare. Dina had practically forced me into a denim skirt, a hideous small pink halter-neck top and had actually put make-up on my cosmetic hating face. She had even tried to highlight my hair but luckily she hadn't protested when I threatened to beat her to a pulp if she so much as touched my natural hair. I liked it just fine the way it was. I didn't need any color added to it, thanks.

Dina stood behind me with a mischievous grin lighting up her face. "Oh yes you are missy! It's too late to change now. We'll miss the party!" She pouted at my disgusted expression and added "It's not like there's gonna be anyone you know there! And for once I wanna be seen with a normal cousin instead of one hidden behind excessive clothing that's like five sizes too big for her!"

I sighed and shrugged. "Fine! But when you come visit me next, I'm gonna make you dress up as a bear," I grumbled and Dina raised her eyebrow at me and giggled.

"You must stop with the stupid humor Carma," she said and I sighed. She obviously thought I was joking. I followed her reluctantly out of the door and before long I was outside her house chewing my lip anxiously.

"I can't believe your making me do this Di!" I moaned as we began walking.

"Will you stop with the moaning? You look hot! You should be thanking me for actually showing the world your true self!"

"It's hidden beneath layers of fake make-up! And anyway, it's what's inside that counts," I protested.

"Don't tell me you believe that completely stupid quote. Guys go for the hot ones. And at least being hidden behind a layer of make-up is a step up from being hidden behind huge, unflattering boys clothes," she answered smoothly and I sighed in defeat.

"I feel horrible. I mean, people are going to see me in this hideous state?"

Dina just chuckled and put her arm around my neck. "Carma dear. The only time you look hideous is when you dress your own way."

I glared at her but then smiled slightly. "Your working wonders on my confidence level, you know?" I said and Dina just laughed and picked up the pace.

Any other person would probably have taken insult from what Dina said but I had known her since I was a baby and I knew this was just her way of trying to look out for me. She just did it in a slightly harsh way. I don't think she ever truly realized that sometimes her comments stung.

I chose to ignore the fact that I was probably walking to my doom where I would be mocked and get mouldy fruit and pieces of cheese thrown at me and instead I began humming slightly to myself. Dina had always hated it when I did that. I could se her twitching in annoyance but she didn't say anything and soon enough we reached the house where the party was being held. Dina dragged me to the door before I could do something stupid like run away and dung the doorbell. A few moments later it was opened by a girl a little older than me.

"Hey Dina! Come on in," she said and Dina pulled me inside.

A load of people were talking, laughing and having a good time. One guy came and hugged Dina and then grinned at me.

"Hey Carma! Long time no see. New look? I almost didn't recognize you there for a second," he asked with a raised eyebrow at my outfit.

"Meeeeh. It's a long story. Blame it on your stupid girlfriend," I answered with a small smile. Darren was very tall. He towered over my 5"4 frame and I cursed my height mentally. He was extremely good looking but he was also a pretty cool guy. Dina and him had been going out for almost a year now and for the first time she actually seemed head over heels for someone. I'd met him twice before and both times I had been wearing my usual scruffy clothes. He actually looked pretty shocked to see I was really female instead of a male in disguise or something.

Dina giggled and looked extremely proud of herself for some reason I had trouble discovering. She then turned to introduce me to two girls who had approached us behind Darren. "Girls this is my cousin Carma. Carma this is Helena and this is Tina."

I studied them and noticed that Helena and Tina were identical twins. They both had slim, tall frames, blonde straight hair, blue eyes and a cheeky smile. The only differences I could see were that Helena had a cheekier smile and a mischievous glint in her eyes whereas Tina looked more serious and thoughtful. Also she had a scar above her left eye that showed she had had stitches at some point in her life. But anyway, they were both extremely pretty and although I usually don't get drawn in by the whole appearance thing, I couldn't help but get a tiny bit jealous.

I smiled at them all and waved nervously. "Hi."

Helena waved cheerfully back at me and smiled. "Hey! Welcome!" she said happily and I grinned back at her, immediately relieved at least one of them liked me. I wasn't lacking self-confidence, I was just worried I'd be unaccepted here just like back at home.

Tina waved at me and held her hand out for me to shake which made me raise an eyebrow and chuckle slightly. I shook her hand and then looked at Dina with an expression that seemed to say 'now what?' She just shrugged and smiled reassuringly at me before grabbing Darren's hand and pulling him into another room. I frowned at Dina's back and sighed. "Greeeeaaaaat. Just leave me here with a ton of people I don't know Dina. Thanks a bunch!" I muttered under my breath and jumped when I heard a laugh from next to me. Tina was still there and she had heard what I said.

I smiled sheepishly and she waved for me to follow her, which I did. She took me through to a room with less people in and sat down on an empty chair. I followed suit and sat in one opposite her.

"You look like you don't want to be here," she said with a grin and I shrugged.

"Well, to be honest I'm just not used to this. I mean. this isn't how I usually dress. And I never go to parties. ever." I answered.

"Why not?" she asked curiously.

"Oh well, I'm sort of a tomboy. so I usually hang around with people who are big opposites to you all and those are the party people," I said, wondering what her reaction would be.

To my surprise she just nodded with an understanding smile and said 'aaaaah' in a knowing way.

I laughed at her reaction and she grinned at me. I leant back into the comfy chair and we began chatting about ourselves. We discussed our homes, our schools, our families and our friends. I found that she completely understood my family problems and was very sympathetic about it. I was enjoying myself so much that I didn't realize how quickly time was going and before long Tina was leaving.

"Sorry. Me and Helena have to get home earlier than most. It's our dad's birthday," she said and I nodded. "Make some friends okay?"

"Not likely but I'll try," I answered and she grinned and gave me a hug.

She was about to leave the room when it opened and a guy walked in. Tina immediately gave him a huge hug. "Bye Pace! I'm gonna miss you," she said into his chest and he laughed and patted her on the head.

"I'll come visit you soon," he told her.

I started wondering what was going on, but I turned away and pretended to be very interested with the chair Tina had just occupied whilst humming quietly along to the music. A moment later however, I was interrupted by someone sitting in the chair I was currently staring at. I looked up at the persons face and saw it was the boy Tina had been speaking to.

He was looking at me curiously with deep brown eyes. His light brown hair was extremely messy and he looked quite tired. "Hey there," he said to me and I cocked my head slightly like I always did when I was curious.

"Hi," I said simply.

"I haven't seen you around here before."

"That's 'cause I've never been here before," I said with a small smile and he grinned back. I shrugged and said "I'm just here with my cousin, Dina. She upped and left me with a bunch of strangers to go somewhere with her boyfriend."

He tutted and gave me a sympathetic look. "That sounds like Dina alright. So your Dina's cousin. She told me you were gonna come."

"Who's party is this anyways?" I asked.

The guy grinned and leant back in his chair. "Mine!" he said. "Well. technically its mine and my sisters. but whatever. This is like our going away party. Were moving away from here tomorrow morning."

"Ooooooooh!" I said understandingly.

We sat and talked for over an hour and in that time we got to know each other pretty well and had a great time.

"Wait a sec," he suddenly said. "I don't know your name."

I smiled before leaning forward and sticking my hand out for him to shake. "I'm Carma Corsette! Nice to meet you," I said.

He leant forward and took my hand in his and shook it. "I'm Pace Adams. Listen I gotta go check my sisters handling stuff. It's been great talking to you. Have a nice life 'cause I doubt we'll see each other again."

I watched him go for a moment before staring down at my hand which was still suspended stupidly in mid-air. I pulled it to my chest quickly and stared down at it curiously. I started feeling warm and fuzzy and my hand seemed to tingle where he shook it.


For anyone who wants to see what she's like when she's her normal self, that's in the next chapter. Although I'm pretty sure most people will be able to figure out basically what she's gonna be wearing and stuff. As for her appearance, you shall have to wait and see. I'll update soon!