Chapter One

A waiter walked though the throngs of people to a table where four beautiful ladies sat. A seat was vacant and he assumed that it was for a fifth member of their party. He looked at each of them as he handed them their drinks. He could tell what people were like by their drinks.

Like the first lady, she was a brunette who ordered a margaurita. She was a lady with a wild side who liked to be placed in different situations. The second lady was blonde and ordered a strawberry daquiri. This lady was very sweet, kind, and yet cautious and wanted everything to be detailed. The third lady had dark hair and had a bloody mary. She is a classic beauty who is always a friend to everyone, even her worst enemy. And the last lady had dark hair and a big K necklace. She ordered a bottled beer. This shows that she is an ordinary person who likes to party.

Each of them were different, yet they all connected. He only wondered what the fifth woman was like as he set a pina colada down. He smiled and walked back to the bar.

"Ok here is the plan, we get her totally trashed, and get her on that plane." A beautiful brunette said and sipped her margaurita.

"I think she will know whats going on, Molly." a blonde replied setting her strawberry daquiri on the table.

Molly rolled her eyes, "She wont! Trust me!" She pulled out a little bag that had two white pills in it. She grinned wickedly and set them on the table in front of the three ladies in front of her.

"What is that? Debbie what is that?" the blonde chirped to another lady at the table.

"That is ecstacy ladies, it is also the way to get Emma to Vegas." Molly said leaning in towards them.

Debbie's jaw dropped and then she smiled. "Well crush it up already!"

Molly crushed it up and put it in a pina colada they ordered for Emma.

"I don't think this is a good idea guys." the blonde said hesitantly.

"Shut up Kat, you are the one who suggested the Vegas trip in the first place." Molly snapped.

Kat clamped her mouth shut. "Fine, I'll go along with it. But if we get caught then it wasnt my fault!"

Molly smiled and waved. The other girls turned and saw Emma striding towards them, looking fit to be tied. She plopped down on a stool and sighed.

"I am so in need of a drink!" she said and brushed her bangs out of her face.

"We got you a pina colada." Britney, a dark haired girl said with a bright smile.

"Thanks guys." Emma replied and took a large sip. She made a funny face and looked at the glass. "Tastes a little different."

Molly's eyebrow shot up. "Well they do have a new bartender..." she paused.

"Not bad different, good different. Almost like they added soemthing to it." Emma replied. She shrugged her shoulders and took another sip.

"So Emma, what made you so stressed out today?" Britney asked.

"Well, my boss told me to do all this stupid stuff that I already did and we have all these new computers that arent formatted right and it was just hell." she replied.

In less than an hour Debbie and Kat were trying to control Emma and keep her from falling flat on her face. Emma had lost all her senses and they were trying to put her in the car when she began singing..

"Right about now, The funk souuuuuuuuuuuuuuuul brother!" She sang.

It was a horrible rendition of The Rockafeller Skank and they all new it.

They had the hardest time getting her to cooperate on the plane, but they had a plan.

"Ok Emmy, you are a secret agent posing as a normal person, your plan is to get onto the plane without looking out of the ordinary." Molly whispered into her ear.

"Ok. Can I bee 003?" Emma replied, spitting on Mollys cheek.

Molly wiped the spit off and smiled. "Yea."

"Rock on!" Emma yelled, holding her hand up in a rock on fashion.( \m/ )

When they landed in Las Vegas, the pill and alcohol had taken effect and Emma was sound asleep. The four friends drug their friend through the airport until they reached the loading zone and saw the limo they rented holding a sign for them.

They piled in and stared out the window in amazement, except for Emma who was drooling on Britneys shoulder.

"This is so different from Nashville." Debbie said.

"Well duh, its Vegas!" Molly replied and stood up and popped her head through the sunroof.

"This is awesome!" she yelled as the others joined her.

Emma felt sick to her stomach and her head was pounding as if it was a base drum. She blinked the blurriness from her eyes and it took her 30 seconds to realize she was lying on a leather seat in the back of a limo.

"What the hell?" she yelped sitting straight up.

She grabbed her head in pain and winced. She saw 4 pairs of legs standing in front of her and she heard yelling.

She stumbled and poked her head through the rood and saw so many bright lights. "Oh my God!" she yelled.

"Oh shit...Hey Em." Molly siad and quickly went back into the limo.

The other girls joined them and the look on Emma's face was classic. It was a mix between hooror, shock, and pain."