Chapter One

"Until you are of legal age to live on your own, and inherit your parents funds, you will be living with Mr. and Mrs. Dalton. They are to be your legal gaurdians, as specified in your parents will." Mr. Person, my parents lawyer, said flipping through some files.

I sat there numbly, not hearing a word that was uttered. I did want to think, I didnt want to breathe. I wanted my parents, but that was impossible.

My parents died almost a month ago in a car accident on their way home from visiting some of their cousins. I was alone. My grandparents came in a day later and stayed with me so they could work out all the legal aspects of the death. I locked myself in my room for about a week, until my best friend Maggie pulled me out.

"Madelynn, you will be expected by the Dalton's in a few days. I hope that you will be fine. I will check up on you soon." Mr. Person said standing.

I snapped out of my flashback and stood. I reached over adn shook his hand. "Thank you sir."

"I am sorry about your parents, they were the nicest people I had ever met." he said, as if he was trying to make me feel better.

I could only nod. I walked out of the room, my grandmother following me.

When we got back to our house I hurried up to my parents room and sat down on the bed. I didnt want to leave. This was my home, this was the only thing I had of my parents. Now, I wouldnt have anything.

I saw movement by the door and looked up to see my older brother standing there. "Charlie!" I yelled jumping off the bed and running into his arms.

He hugged me tightly and set me down. How are you?" he asked. Charlie was 20 and in college, he seemed to be dealing with my parents death rather well. He was more concerened for me it seemed.

"I do you expect me to be?" I yelped.

"I know, but Maddie, you just cant wallow up. Listen when you go to Montana, try and start over, you know?" he replied going to sit down on the bed.

"But why cant I stay with you Charlie?" I asked.

"I am in college. As much as I'd want you to stay with me, you know that it wouldnt work." he answered.

"But we could move into an apartment. You have all the money from your trust fund, not to mention our lifestyle." I said motioning to our surroundings.

Our family was rich, for lack of a better word. We went to the best schools, had everything we wanted. On my 16th birthday my dad got me a brand new convertable corvette. I was living a dream. But that dream had now turned into a nightmare.

"I just cant Maddie. Im sorry." he said.

I nodded. He pulled me into a hug and I bit back my tears. "Damn my emotions." I whipered.

Charlie laughed. It made me smile. That was the first time I had truly smiled in a long time.

"Come on, lets get you packed." he said and stood.

I rose and walked down the hall to my room. Charlie came back in a few minutes later with some suitcases. "You will come and visit me in Montana right?" I asked, an innocent look on my face.

He smiled. "Of course."

"Montana..." I said. "What is it like?" I asked.

"Well," Charlie began, "lets just say it is really different from L.A." he laughed.

"Hmmm," I thought to myself as I began packing clothes.

If it werent for Charlie and Maggie, I dont know what I would have done. I wouldnt be pakcing up all my things and heading to Nowhere town, Montana thats for sure. But they were right. It had been a month since I had smiled, laughed, or even had a normal conversation. Even with Charlie.

I slept in my parents room the night before I left. I packed up some little trinkets from their room and even took their pillows.

I took my seat on the personal jet that would take me to my new, home. I closed my eyes and tried to go to sleep. I felt someone sit beside me and opened an eye to see Charlie sitting there.

"I figured I would come with you and check out everything befoer I left you with people who weve met only about 10 years ago." he said with one of his infamous smiles.

I smiled. "Thanks Charlie."

The plane took off and about 2 hours later, landed on a small runway in the middle of the mountains. I stared out my window. I looked back at Charlie, a look of horrification on my face. "I dont have a coat."