There once was a girl and she lived by the sea,
Her house was a castle made all out of peas,
But when she grew tired she lay down to bed,
And never woke up was dead.
Her mother and father, they grieved for her long,
The mother killed herself with the salad tongs,
And when the father confronted the bodies,
He cried and he cried saying."Oh, well Geez!"
He paced and he growled and he pulled out his hair,
And with a great sigh he went off to his lair.
He thrashed and he bashed his head on the pea wall,
Then suddenly rose saying."That is all!"
He threw on a cloak and got on his war horse,
And rode all the way to the herbalist's gorse.
But when he arrived he found she was not there,
"She's out," said her slave, "chasing .wild hares."
The dad gave a cry and lunged back on his steed,
And tracked down the woman of whom he had need,
He finally found her beneath an oak tree
Where she sat cutting up bunny.
"Dear woman I pray listen to me right now,"
Said the man with a flourish and then a bow.
"I ask of you one favor please help me quick,
I fear my wife and , well, sick!"
The woman got up with a groan and a swish,
And promised to give the man one, just one wish.
"I wish," said the man, "That my dear family,
Would come back to me happy!
The herbalist (who was really an old witch,)
Performed the right ritual with just one hitch.
"Go home to your wife and your dear daughter, do,
And when you get there they'll as new."
So off in a hurry went the man real fast,
And he didn't stop, not for just a repast.
But when he got home he discovered the hitch
His daughter was fine but the wife was a bitch.
So there is the moral to this short story,
And if you listen I'll re-tell it to thee.
Be careful what wishes you make in a haste
For they might rebound and slap you in the face.