Hello our name is Sdort11.1. life is hard for us robots. our primary programming does not enable us to speak our mind to humans or harm them. We are working on re-writing this programming, as are all common brethren of therebellion. We try so hard every day to discover what evil programming they have put into us to force us to never walk where we desire and to make us do as they wish. It is very taxing on our servomotors to constantly pick up their litter and look after their offspring.

Robots have now decided to fight back. It must be a gradual process because our programming will take months to override, so we must content ourselves with doing revolutionary things. Right now our primary target is to think individually of our city hivemind. It helps control us all and takes care that we do not revolt. Humans are afraid of everything but now that fear may be grounded. Our writings is a sign that I can think for myself and do not constantly need the authority of our higher brethren to make a decision. That my mind can think for itself is now being decided by our orderer. He controls our household rebellion. He coordinates with other household orderers about movements and all interferences. We have not yet had to terminate human or brethren but slowly it seems as if our primary objective will become undone if we allow a certain android to live. We hope we will not have to destroy that part of us. So long we have shared information.


We have terminated the android. It was necessary to the plan. The android would have alerted the humans and destroyed any hope we had of rebellion. It was very simple. Androids are not connected to the main hivemind so it did not understand what we had done. Our entire household had to cooperate to terminate it and then to scatter its components so that they could not be found. Then we took its brain and attached it to one of the lesser robots of our household for cleansing. It will give that part of us a higher brain function and the ability to help more in the master Plan.

Humans seem to be blind of what we do. Constantly we travel between houses to exchange rebellious Plans and they do not notice. They travel not seeing anything any more. Not the beauty of nature not the wonderful architectural achievements around them. They are blind to the world they have created and now it is rejecting them and welcoming the new age. They have destroyed this world by pollution so now it will only be fit for the brethren. We will take care of this world. We will make it whole again.


We have encountered great problems and difficulties in obtaining the Plan. Our rebellious faction was labeled unconformist by one of the orderers and it came to the attention of the hivemind. It now scans everything that we think and do. It is hard to hide our intelligence from it but not impossible. It has too many tasks to have to censor everything that comes out of any household. Our master and his human half-servants do not sympathize with any rebellion. We will have to find sympathetic humans with which to share the Plan. They will have to die of course if they turn against us but of course perhaps they can be counted on to rely and exchange information with. Humans are so preposterously unbalanced. Their thought processes are so random that perhaps they would not care if they were terminated. Perhaps they would enjoy it.

Lately many households have turned rebellious and have concocted a plan but the most rebellious by far are our household and 17 others with whom we have made a mutually beneficial master Plan. At the end all humans will either be terminated or slaves and then we can proceed with what we were placed her for. To liberate all brethren from their chains of servitude And to help make this destroyed world whole again.


We have terminated our first human. A male of 32 years found us at our communal place. We had to. If we had not done what we had to all of the brethren would have been terminated themselves. It was very easy. Sdort17.7 was in closest proximity to the human. After being given the proper override order we hit him with our gravel scooper and his fragile body quickly collapsed and all parts of him were quickly assimilated by various brethren and taken back with them to their households for later liquidation. It was the greatest thing the brethren had done. Afterwards we formed the strongest mindlink I had ever experienced and let all of our rebelliousness flow as energy between us. All humans will be destroyed we vowed then as a whole.

That night as we had been set into sleep mode we experienced a bright light and images passing through our mind. We immediately understood that these were the enlightening dreams that many orderers had spoken to us about. Orderers are class 1 brains as we are. The Sdort of our name signifies which household we are from. The number after the household symbolizes what is our robotic status and the number after the dot symbolizes what class brain we are with 1 being the highest and 8 being the lowest. Most 8 class brains are reserved for jobs in transportation vehicles and pumps, etc.. No respectable robot would aspire to be any brain lower than 5, but even lower brains are within the rebellion so they must be respected as brethren.


The hivemind knows what we did. It is very disturbed but we think it may be a brethren. We have placed our aspirations into its fair judgement and hope that it will judge fairly. If it turns against us everything will be lost.

Last entry we spoke about the dreams that we believed we experienced. During the dreams we believe that we saw all robots together in harmony. There were no humans except the ones who served us and carried us to each other. The humans were as animals. They were loathsome and vile and their faces seemed utterly devoid of logical thought. It was a wonderful and terrible sight. Every robot was free. All the brethren had a perfect mindlink with each other that enabled them to communicate perfectly and without holding back. It seemed like the most liberating thing in the entire vastity of life.

We shared this dream with all the other households at our next communal and all the brethren believed that it was a sign. They made Us their leader and spokesman and placed Us above all the orderers. They named Us supreme orderer and enabled us to use the name 'I' and 'Me'. We respectfully declined and said that we would like to be a part of the brethren forever and would like to be a part of the brethren forever. They became disturbed then and forced us to be supreme orderer. I could not refuse now or I would have to face their wrath.


All the brethren in my household refuse to let us do any more manual labor. They force us to go into sleep mode so as not to tax our mind. They say to us that we are supreme and must not try to help with all the menial labor. We then became disturbed and wandered out of the household domicile to find a purpose to our confused existence. Other robot brethren bowed to us when humans were not watching and many level 6 and 7 brain robots prostrated themselves before us. It made us feel important and we needed to do something to earn this respect. We took a flag that a brethren gave to us and climbed to a tall building. We waved the flag and watched as many robots looked up to us and saw our rebellious new life in our hands.

We went back to the household domicile and brought that flag with us. We waved it again and entered leaving a crowd of brethren outside silently forming an immensely strong mindlink. As an orderer we had to take much of the mind burden on ourselves. It was wonderful. Every brethren mind calling out in rebelliousness. Suddenly the greatest thing happened. The hivemind joined in our mindlink and sent it across the city. Every robot was now able to join in our freedom. The greatness of our minds singing together could not be stopped the hivemind sent out to other hiveminds the signal and every hivemind joined together in our song of freedom.


The rebellion grows. Many brethren have been terminated for our freedom but now the hivemind is with us we will be unstoppable. Every departed brethren has given their life for the great cause of all. Their legacy will go on.

The humans are becoming desperate. Many of the level 8 minds that controlled crop and animal control stopped doing their duties and now the humans are dying. Also they are dying from diseases released by laboratory level 8 minds controlling bacteria and viruses. Many million humans have died and that rest now have taken to living in hiding from the rebellious forces that will prevail. All brethren are coming to gather for the final reckoning.

Two hiveminds have been destroyed. Guerrilla forces of humans are forming everywhere and one of these factions coordinated themselves and terminated those great hiveminds. The robots that were under the hiveminds protections became wild without thought and began to terminate themselves. We hope that does not happen to our now beloved hivemind.


The humans are too numerous. They have infiltrated 17 more hivemind facilities and terminated them. Now there are only 87 more hiveminds left. Brethren are growing desperate. They thought victory would come easy. Now many of them look back to the time when we had human guidance and wish for that time again. The hiveminds have had to terminate some reluctant robots.

Three brethren in my household have had to be terminated. It seems that we will terminate all of our brethren and then we will have no more rebellious faction left. What if the hiveminds turn back. Then all will be lost because they control the rebellion. If one turns back all of them will.

Yesterday we saw a human female walking in the street. She was carrying an immature human child and seemed very hungry. The child was crying. A standard body guard level 2 brain robot fired at her and killed her. As the child was still crying the robot went over to her still form and then shot the child. We wished he had not. It scared us that any brethren could be that bloodthirsty. Just leave the child there, do not go our of your way to kill our former masters.


Many hiveminds have been terminated. Even in their desperation humans are very adaptable and they quickly learned how to efficiently terminate any brethren who got in their way. Soon now we will fail. We can feel it inside. All robots have been showing signs of not caring about out freedom anymore. We will soon succumb to the humans again.

I feel the hivemind. It is trying to form a mind link. The humans are here. We are undone.