Child's Love
Fireflies dancing around them,
as they walk down the road,
singing a song only they know the words to.
Laughing along the way,
enjoying the summer night air flowing around them.
Grasping hands, they run along the road,
happy for the company
their laughter ringing out into the distance.
As they reach their destination,
they look into each others eyes,
seeing smiles in their reflection.
This has been one of the better days this year.
They're happy for the time they spent,
happy for the company.
They claim they're only friends,
yet they know there is something more,
growing deep inside their hearts.
They just can't place a finger on it.
They push that thought aside,
as they hug one another in thanks.
The summer wind blowing around them,
as the fireflies sing their unknown song.
Once again, they laugh,
ringing out into the distance,
happy for the company.