My name is Theodore Jeffery Alsson, and I am going to die tomorrow. Two days ago I was more free than anyone else in the city, and now I'm locked in chains awaiting the noose. The other prisoners have been telling me what happens, when they kill you. I've seen men hung, but never close. I avoid it, it interferes with my job. They only caught me because of the girl anyway.

Yes, the girl. I suppose you want to hear about her too. Nice finally talking to someone who will listen, but really, what choice do you have. Poor mute. But yes, the girl. It was right before they caught me, I was running away from all of them. The guards, the merchants, everyone who is always after me. All for a bit of bread. It is amazing what men will object to. They hang boys for starving. It is pitiful. But anyway, as I was running I ducked into a doorway, and they missed me thankfully. But then I saw her, the girl. I don't know her name, and I never will now, but she was there. And we just stared at each other. And I took a step forward into one of the guards running past me. That's when they got me.

But I wonder, even now, what became of her. I am only fifteen years old, but I know it was love, that feeling. You don't believe me, I am sure, but it is true. It was the most magical and enchanted feeling I have ever felt in my life, and if I didn't know better I would say she was a sorceress. But it cannot be, because I know the feeling. And by your eyes I can tell you know it too. I wish you could speak, tell me why you are here, really talk to me. Did you have someone you loved? Did you do anything to deserve this? I know I didn't. And it is fitting with my luck that I should die for love. Never seeing her again. But, it is possible, perhaps she truly was looking back at me, and feeling the same thing. She saw them take me away. But all I can hope for is to see her face at my death, watching me jerk and die on the end of a noose.

Hardly having yet lived, I die. It is sad, for me and everyone else. You look as though you have lived a long life, but it can't have been a pleasant one. Anyone living in this city has a horrible life. I should have left when I had the chance, but it is too late now. You know what they say, sight is sharpest when it is hindsight. Ah, you have been here long. I bet many more prisoners than I have come to you to spill their hearts before death. I thank you for listening. And I think you have help me decide upon my word tomorrow. The girl, she is gone, but the feeling when I looked in her eyes remained. It is true love, to be broken by a loaf of bread an a taut rope. But my last word shall be to her, Love. Someday I will be united with this girl I never had the chance to meet, and though she caused my death I shall look upon her face with joy, that we have met at last.

My friend, once again I thank you for your ears, and your patience with me. I know that while tomorrow brings everlasting darkness for me, to you it is just another story, another day. I pray you too shall one day find freedom friend, and you make your way back to those you love. As I will, eventually.