Do You Ever Wonder.?

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Chapter Two: Do You Ever Wonder. if your dreams will come true?

Everyone has a dream. Weather it be big or small. Most of us, if we are being honest, will remember having the dream of being an international football player or marrying the perfect prince. Well that was when we were around five or six years old. right?

I think as we grow up and we lose our innocence that was presented to us at birth. We also lose that hope, that determination to be what we have always wanted to be. Something escapes us through the years and I, for the life of me, cannot put a name to it.

Kids grow up wanting to be the president. And for . haven't got the exact figures in front of me at this moment so I'm going to take a stab at it and say a lot of people will be left disappointed.

And its not just kids that get there hopes crushed. It can happen to anyone. Dreams can be shattered in a split second. If were not paying close attention.

For the longest time now I have wanted to be a forensic scientist. Now that's not a big dream, but it was mine. So when I had to choose my subjects to take in my leaving cert I chose biology and chemistry. Which are the requirements for the college I wanted to go to.

After my fifth year exams I receive a 'D' in chemistry and a 'B' in biology. When I talked to my careers teacher, she told me that I should drop to pass in chemistry and get an 'A' rather that get a 'D' in honors. I did that.

I am getting A's in all my tests but the college I wanted to go to needed me to get a 'C' or higher in honors chemistry. I cannot get that now since I missed some of the course and can't catch up. There is no way I can get into the college of my choice now. That dream has been shattered into a million pieces.

Nobody can stop themselves from dreaming. But when those dreams are so close that you can nearly touch them, it's heartbreaking to see them dashed because you received the wrong information. Some of our dreams may be taken away from us because of the lack of money or a drunken night with your boyfriend.

You shouldn't stop dreaming or even lower your expectations of life because it may take longer to get to the place where you have always wanted to be. Obstacles are put in our way to test us. To see if really want it.

I want it. And I'll be dammed if I'm going to let a low grade squash my dreams. It might take me a little longer to get there but I will. There's no stopping me!

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