Humanity lost behind the razor wire

Does anyone know?
If everyone knew,
Would anyone care?
When Humanity is lost,
So is hope

Barbed wire doesn't only trap people
It locks up hope
It hides a future
It hides the truth

A child is not a danger
Then why lock one up?
Why lock anybody up?
They are locked up through
A Stigma, Through Fear

If someone is different
People don't trust them
How sad has this world become
Where religion divides the world
Like another Berlin wall
Cold and foreboding, inhumane
Like the people in charge

Pumping fear into our veins, all of us
So they can be our saviours, against what?
Humanity is forgotten
Swallowed up by Greed

Ignorance fails to erode the greed
Ignorance is bliss
Only for the ignorant
Other people suffer
Scream for you to know
But people refuse
Wallowing in blissful ignorance

Look! Learn! Care!
Humans just like you and me
All of us in search of freedom
They run from it
And right back into it
But now it is someone
They thought would care
But they are different
And no one seems to care
Seems to follow blind hysteria
And bypasses humanity

So let the humanity erode,
Erode behind the razor wire
With the humane