Hell's Gateway
By Tara Nicole Walker
Black and blue and it's up to you
To wash the pain away
But the only pool you find to use
Is the one that you hear say:
"Blink and eye and miss the day
Don't bother fixing
What has the audacity to be broken
Hold on tight
To what is left
Your travesty has spoken
You can't move on
From times as these
It's the cold and heartless truth
Too young you are
But soon you will
Waste away your youth"
Lonely and cold your soul's been sold
To Satan's dreadful claws
One hand to hold one life to mold
Too much empty pause
"Shrink away and miss the day
The fear has taken
What was left of your sanity
Hold on tight
To what's not yours
Face up to your living travesty
You can't move on
So what's the use
Of working day by day by day?
Too young you are
But soon you'll see
Your youth will waste away"
Love is your bane yet it's what you crave
Every day of your beating heart
How can you push away what you wish to stay
Without tearing yourself apart?
Feeble breathes whither away
Into the scorching pain of your chest
Heaven seems missed and now Hell's gateway
Will lay your pain to rest